Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Pappi Goes to Washington with Mates

Hail To The Chief: ‘Regular’ Rob Crawford, left, Jerry Remy, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, John Henry and Larry Lucchino get together to swear in Jerry and Regular Rob as president and vice-president of Red Sox Nation down in D.C. yesterday

The "Captain" gives the Prez a Red Sox jersey with the year 2007 on the back.

Rob Crawford - VP of Red Sox Nation (Yawkey League Hall of Fame) with the President of Red Sox Nation - Jerry Remy leave the US Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC after being sworn into office.

World Series Champs Visit White House

WASHINGTON -- David Ortiz once again drew a big cheer from Red Sox Nation on Wednesday. He just did it in a different place.

Big Papi delighted a large group of Red Sox fans by holding up the World Series championship trophy while standing on the Truman Portico at the White House. President George W. Bush had just honored him and his teammates for last fall's World Series victory -- their second in four seasons -- and Ortiz wanted to show the fans the beloved trophy one more time.

Bush, a former owner of the Texas Rangers, appeared with Vice President Dick Cheney and the Red Sox on the South Lawn of the White House on a cold and windy afternoon to congratulate Boston. Oritz showed off the hardware to the large group of fans who showed up -- many of whom were wearing all different kinds of Red Sox hats, shirts, jerseys, ties and more.

"This was a club that was wise enough to maintain a core of players that knew how to win," Bush said. "[Jason] Varitek, [Doug] Mirabelli, Ortiz, [Manny] Ramirez, [Curt] Schilling, [Kevin] Youkilis, [Mike] Timlin and [Tim] Wakefield were all members of the 2004 championship team, and they provided the nucleus to bring some new players and some young players along."

Manager Terry Francona, players, coaches and staff were accompanied by principal owner John Henry, chairman Tom Werner, president/CEO Larry Lucchino and members of the Red Sox's ownership group and front office.

Bush went up and down throughout the Red Sox roster, talking about the things that each player did to help win, but emphasizing several times the strength of the franchise is both on and off the field.

"I'm real proud for the Red Sox baseball club, its players, the players' families and all those associated with this unbelievably successful franchise," Bush said. "You know ... Red Sox Nation extends beyond the South Lawn, extends beyond New England -- it obviously goes to the Caribbean and even the Far East."

"It's another exclamation point on some real special things we were able to do," said World Series MVP Mike Lowell. "I think [President Bush] was completely thorough and funny. I think it helped that he's a former owner."

Varitek -- who presented President Bush with a Red Sox jersey reading "Bush 07" on the back -- said afterwards how much he enjoyed getting a chance to do this once more.

"This was a little more fun than [last time]," Boston's captain said. "It's an honor to be recognized. It's just an honor."

There even was a Manny moment, even though the slugger didn't make the trip: "Manny Ramirez isn't here, I guess his grandmother died again," Bush joked.

The fans responded by going, "Oooooooh." But Bush laughed and said, "Just kidding."
The nine-minute ceremony had some other light moments, like when Bush joked about pitchers Daisuke Matsuzaka and Jonathan Papelbon.

"I'd like welcome Dice-K to the White House South Lawn," Bush said of Matsuzaka. "His press corps is bigger than mine."

Bush then paused.

"And we both have trouble answering questions in English."

As for Papelbon, the free-spirited closer who's shown a tendency to do postgame celebratory infield dances in tight shorts, Bush gave him a compliment.

"And how about Jonanthan Papelbon?" Bush asked. "The guy pitches almost as well as he dances. And I appreciate the dress code. Thanks for wearing pants."

With World Series trophy in tow, the Red Sox then left the White House for a trip to nearby Walter Reed Army Medical Center to visit wounded soldiers, something that was very emotional for many of the players who went in 2005.

Varitek said going there touched many of the players back then, and he expected the same thing to happen once again.

"It's a very humbling experience," he said.

2008 Boston Youth Baseball Challenge

The 3rd Annual Boston Youth Baseball Challenge will be held Friday - May 23rd thru Monday - may 26th, 2008. The event is sponsored by Play on baseball and the Boston Bronco's. it is a Premier 16 and under baseball Tournament in the Boston area.

This Tournament is held in memory of Richard T. Dever. Rickey was tragically killed in Boston attempting to protect its citizens. he will always be remembered by his family, friends and community. The Dever Club was formed in his memory and has played local RBI baseball in the area

Coaches Randy Brooks and Julio Bello have worked to develop this quality tournament. Several local teams participated in the '07 Event: Boston bronco's - EMass AAU; Dever Club; Canton Bull Dogs; South End Astros; North End Knights; Curtis Hall Angels and the cedar Grove Baseball - 15 and under team.

Entry Fee is $250 per team which includes: umpires; game balls; 3-5 games and trophies for the finalists.

Location are Garvey Park in Neponset; English HS in Jamaica Plain and Healy Field in Roslindale.

Umpires are donated by the South Shore Umpires Association.

This charity has raised $7,000 to families in need. last year over $3,000 was donated to help the Kaiser Family.


Randy Brooks: 617-315-2308 or 617-288-0308
Julio Bello: 617-201-5861

Monday, February 25, 2008

'08 Red Sox Hall of Fame Announced

Mo Vaughn won the American League MVP in '95, when he led the Sox to the AL East title.

Eight selected to Red Sox Hall of Fame

Eight individuals have been selected for induction into the Red Sox Hall of Fame, according to a press release from the team. They are:

Wes Ferrell: Pitched for the Red Sox from 1934-37 with a 62-40 overall record in that span.

Mike Greenwell: Played his entire career with the Red Sox from 1985-96, serving as the team’s regular left fielder for most of that period.

Bill Lee: Pitched for the Red Sox from 1969-78 with a 94-68 record and 3.64 ERA in 321 games.

Everett Scott:Was Boston’s regular shortstop from 1914-21, playing on three World Series winners (1915,16,18).

Frank Sullivan: Posted a 90-80 record in 252 games with the Red Sox from 1953-60.

Mo Vaughn: Was one of the league’s top offensive players in his 8 seasons with Boston from 1991-98.

George Digby: Served as a Red Sox amateur scout for 50 years from 1944-1994.

Edward Kenney Sr. : Served as a Red Sox executive for over 40 years.

Sox Sign Insurance Policy...Colon

2005 Cy Young Award winner, Bartolo Colon limbers up at Ft Myers on Tuesday. Will he help the Sox in '08? I think his signing was a great idea. No lose situation for him or the BoSox!

Report: Red Sox to sign Colon

Minor League deal designed to add insurance to rotation
By Ian Browne /

Red Sox Headlines
Red Sox extend manager Francona's contract
Report: Red Sox to sign Colon
Sox notes: Beckett overpowering in BP
Adjustments have Drew prepared for '08
Sox notes: Kielty ignores numbers game
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Knee surgery to keep Lidge out 3-6 weeks
Red Sox extend manager Francona's contract
Clemens likely to visit Astros camp
DeRosa to undergo further testing
La Russa's Bonds suggestion rejected
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'In a move that comes with minimal risk and potentially some reward, the Red Sox, according to a report by, reached a preliminary agreement on Sunday with former American League Cy Young Award winner Bartolo Colon on a Minor League contract.'

Red Sox Feb. 24 photo galleryColon's career statisticsRed Sox extend manager Francona's contractSox notes: Beckett overpowering in BPRed Sox Spring Training coverage

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- In a move that comes with minimal risk and potentially some reward, the Red Sox, according to a report by, reached a preliminary agreement on Sunday with former American League Cy Young Award winner Bartolo Colon on a Minor League contract.
Since winning 21 games in 2005 to cart home his Cy Young trophy, Colon has been plagued by right shoulder woes the past two seasons and ineffective when he has taken the mound.

Pitching for the Angels, Colon went 1-5 with a 5.11 ERA in 2006 and 6-8 with a 6.34 ERA in '07.
Thanks to his injuries and recent lack of success, Colon, 34, had a hard time drumming up interest on the free-agent market this offseason.

The Red Sox have a projected starting rotation of Josh Beckett, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Tim Wakefield, Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz. But with veteran right-hander Curt Schilling out indefinitely with right shoulder woes, the addition of Colon could give the Red Sox some insurance if there are additional injuries, or if one of the young starters struggles out of the gate.
Colon has a career record of 146-95 with a 4.10 ERA in 309 career appearances

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Francona IN the Fold!

FORT MYERS, Fla. - With two World Series titles behind him and a clubhouse full of players always ready to sing his praises, manager Terry Francona has reached an agreement on a three-year, $12 million contract extension with the Red Sox that takes him through the 2011 season.

Sox, Francona strike deal
Francona gets extension
White Sox deny surgery report
Francona sets up early spring pitching lineup
Nine Innings with Edes

The Sox have the option to add two more years, bringing the potential total value of the package to $20 million, or an average of $4 million a year. The two option years must be exercised together after the 2011 season. If the options are not exercised, Francona receives a $750,000 buyout, guaranteeing him an average payout of $4 million over the three years.

The $4 million mark is a significant one, placing Francona just behind Joe Torre of the Dodgers (a reported 3 years, $13 million) at the highest level of the managerial salary scale.

"It was important for Tito to be recognized as one of the top two or three managers in the game," said Francona's agent, Pat Rooney, of negotiations that concluded Saturday night, with general manager Theo Epstein informing the players of Francona's new deal before yesterday morning's workout.

The contract also provides for Francona, 48, to receive an additional $250,000 in any year the Sox return to the World Series.

The last year of Francona's current deal calls for him to be paid $1.75 million in 2008. Under terms of the extension, his salary doubles to $3.5 million in 2009, $3.75 million in 2010, and $4 million in 2011.

The Sox first approached Francona about a new deal during the 2007 season, even before they won their second World Series in Francona's four years as manager, but it wasn't until the last week that negotiations intensified.

"In some ways he was born and bred through baseball for this job," Epstein said. "I'm proud to have hired him."

The new deal, if the options are exercised, could keep Francona as Red Sox manager for a decade, an unknown achievement for any Boston skipper in more than 60 years. Joe Cronin guided the Sox for 13 consecutive seasons (1935-47), the only person in team history to manage more than five full seasons consecutively. No Sox manager since has had an unbroken tenure of more than four full seasons.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Manny has Landed on Planet Ft Myers - He SPEAKS!


Posted by Amalie Benjamin, Globe Staff February 21, 2008 10:15 AM

Though he didn't do it in a formalized setting, Manny Ramirez did decide to speak with the media this morning (watch the video here). This could signal that Ramirez will be heading back to the old days, when he regularly talked to members of the media. He used to, but took a hiatus, finally breaking his silence in the 2007 postseason.

Here's a transcription of what Ramirez said this morning:

"This year we've got a great team. Let's go enjoy and see what happens."

How badly would you like to retire in a Red Sox uniform?
"I want to finish my career here, but it's up to them. If that doesn't happen, hey, I'll go and play somewhere else. I know I still can play and what else can I say? It's up to them. I'm not the one who writes the checks."

Does the contract situation give you more determination to show the Sox that you can still play?
"No. They know I play. So I don't gotta come and try to do too much. I'm just going to come, try to be Manny, and do my thing."

How do you look at last year, with the number down a little bit?
"Well, like I said, '07 was great for me. I learned a lot. I would trade those numbers for a World Series ring. So I got the ring again. I'm blessed, man."

Are you going to approach the Red Sox for an extension this spring?
"No, I'm not going to ask nobody for an extension. I'm going to come, play the game. I know my situation. That's it. I'm going to come and play and let them make the decision."

Are you happy here?
"I'm happy, yeah."

You've got two rings. What does that feel like?
"It's great, man. It's a blessing. A lot of people play and they never get one. What can I say, man? So many people played for the Red Sox, Ted Williams, so many guys. Such great players, and they didn't get a ring. I'm just happy to be here and blessed."

There were so many years when you didn't want to be here. What changed?
"Well, I think you start growing up, and mature also. Now I'm here and I want to stay here. But it's up to them."

How has being in Boston compared to what you expected when you started with the team?
"Boston is Boston. Boston is the same. I'm not going to change. This is a job that I've got to do. I'm happy here. I want to finish my career as a Red Sox. But it's up to them."

How much of staying in Boston has to do with your teammates?
"Nothing got to do with them. Got to do with me. I'm the one who's got to play the game. They're not going to come and play for me."

David Ortiz said yesterday that he expects you to have a monster year this year. Why do you think he said that?
"I don't know. I'm just going to go play the game, man. Whatever happens, happens."
When you say "it's up to them," do you mean it's up to them to do something before the season starts?
"No, no, no, no, no. They're the ones, it's up to them to say, 'OK, we're going to pay.' It's not up to me to go into the office and demand a four-year deal, whatever. I'm going to come here to play the game, finish my year. If they want me to come back, I'll come back."

You've said you want to be like Julio Franco. How long are you going to play?
"I'm going to go until the wheels fall off. I'm going to keep going. API, they're one of the greats. They're great people to go and work out and I'm going to keep doing it."
If the team came to you and said, 'Forget the options, we want to talk long-term deal," would you listen?
"I'm going to wait and talk to them, what they want to do after the season. I don't want to play the game and listen to that. I want to play the game, finish my year, and whatever happens, happens."

He was then asked about when the team was down 3-1 to Cleveland last season, presumably before asking about his comments at that time. Ramirez said, "No, no, no. That's in the past. I don't want to talk about that. Next year."

That was it for the interview.

After standing up, out of the huge group of reporters and cameras, Ramirez went over to Bob Ryan, shook his hand, and stood talking to him for a few moments. That was it for his press conference.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Camp Tranquil -- Coco wants OUT!

Probably one of the best defensive men to patrol centerfield at Fenway Park has expressed his desire to be traded - rather than share his duties. Coco Crisp has done a fine job for the Sox in his tenure, but he feels slighted and wants to play every day. He said to the media at Ft Myers that he would rather be moved in a deal than share with rookie phenom Jacoby Ellisbury.
I am shocked the Sox have not made a move by now. Crisp is not a fit in their 2008 plans. The "trio" have never felt attached to any player. This may have something to do with their inability to obtain equal value in return for Crisp.
The MLB market is low for men who are just a "glove" in the outfield in the 21st Century. You have to produce with the lumber in order to fit into any lineup. Crisp has proven that his bat can be weak and inconsistant at times.
It would seem prudent for Theo to get off his ass and move Coco - now. The Sox do not need any distractions this spring. Unhappy players just do not fit. They disrupt the juggernaut. Crisp is likeable and a great fielder. Cut to the chase -- Theo. Take the Deal from the highest bidder!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome to Red Sox Nation!

Red Sox Nation President Remy and Vice President - Crawford
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Giants Dump Patriots in Super Bowl!

A tragic end to a fabled season. The New England Patriots were dumped by the NY Giants on Super Bowl Sunday 17-14. The only loss for the Patriots in the 2007-2008 season came at the hands of the hottest team in the NFL. The Giants won 11 games on the road enroute to their well deserved World Championship.

It was a tremendous defensive battle. The Patriots were in the lead with just 2 minutes left. Eli Manning was up to the challenge and led his team on a huge late drive to conquer the undefeated Patriots. What a shock to Patriot Nation. This was not the way any of us wanted to see this season end. But - it is OVAH! Congratulations to Tom Caughlin, a classy football guy! Congratulations to the Giants - a tremendous football team.

Now it's wait until next year and bring on Spring Training!

There'll be no Hub parade on Super Tuesday. No commemorative books about "Path to Perfection." In New England, the church bells all are broken. An 18-0 season dissolved when New York Giants' Eli Manning made a touchdown pass with 35 seconds left. (By Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Dan Tarpey Passes Away - a sad day for Boston Baseball!

Al Thomas (left) pictured with his Best Friend - Big Dan Tarpey
at the 2007 Thomas A. Yawkey Baseball League Hall of Fame Banquet


It is with deep regret and sadness that I inform you of the passing of the Father of the Thomas A. Yawkey Baseball League of Boston.

Commissioner Dan Tarpey entered into rest this morning at 1:30AM.

Dan was surrounded by his entire family at his son Dan's Residence in Cohasset, MA. He is at peace now and his suffering is over.

Our good friend did so much to nurture us as sportsman in the Yawkey League over the years. I am so proud to have been a friend of his and know how much he loved all of you and your players.

Many men younger than Dan had him as a solid a true role model. He was gentle and kind. BUT - he would put you in your place when he thought the time was ripe.

I loved Dan so much. He paid particular attention to me and my team over the years. He knew the gritty inner-city kids I dealt with and tried to straighten out. Every night when he came to the game he would be careful not to spend too much time with us without strolling over to the other side. No favorites with Big Dan. He loved everyone.

Oh - how I am going to miss those visits. How I am going to miss the stories he would tell and the wry humor he espoused.

Dan Tarpey was the best of the Irish Americans. He kept his faith until the end. He raised a vast and wonderful family.

I am sad for those young men who come into our League who will never have the benefit of knowing one of the greatest men I ever knew. He could have lunch at the Erie with his Crew. Pay a visit to a Mayor, Council Person or Congressman in the afternoon and rub elbows with big business leaders.

BUT, his place was at home - being a father and grand father. Dan always made time for the Yawkey League. He was there until the end. His last game was the Play In Game: West Roxbury v McKay Club game at Ronan Park in mid August. He was frail but still himself.

I am going to be lost with out him. He tempered me better than anyone. Telling me when he thought I went too far and encourage me to move forward with a good idea or sanction.

In all, Greater Boston will be an empty place without Dan Tarpey. I called Boston City Council President Maureen Feeney when I found out the news. She loved Dan so much and said how proud she was to share the Opening Ceremony of our Militray All Star Game with Big Dan.

Dan is at home now in a place that would resemble the spot he loved so much Ireland.

There are trumpets sounding up above today welcoming a TRUE GENTLEMAN. One of the best men who ever walked this earth Dan Tarpey.

Complete details about Dan's wake and funeral:

Wake at the Al Thomas Funeral Home in East Milton Square - 3PM to 8PM on Monday, February 4th.

Funeral Mass of the Resurection will take place at Saint Elizabeth Church in Milton - 10AM on Tuesday, February 5th - 10AM.

We love you Dan and will miss you so much!


David J. McKay President - Thomas A. Yawkey Baseball League


Daniel F. Tarpey

Milton Daniel F. Tarpey, a 50 year resident of Milton, passed away at his sons home in Cohasset on Friday, February 1. He was born and raised in Boston and graduated from English High School before serving in the Navy during WWII. After graduating from St. Michaels College in 1952, Dan began his 30 Year Boston Public School Teaching Career in Charlestown. He was subsequently appointed to the Faculty at English High School where he spent the bulk of his teaching career. While at English, Dan coached the Swim Team to many city and regional championships. In 1964, the English High School Swim Team won the State Championship, becoming the only Boston Public High School to ever gain that distinction. Many of Dans Swimmers went on to enjoy success while competing at the collegiate level. Additionally for many years, Dan umpired Baseball and Officiated Football at the High School and Collegiate level. He particularly loved Baseball and, in partnership with his friend the late Bill Stewart, helped to develop the Yawkey Baseball League into one of the pre-eminent amateur baseball leagues in New England. At the time of his passing, Dan was serving as the Leagues Commissioner. He was a proud member of the Boston English H. S. Hall of Fame, and the MA Swim Coaches Hall of Fame, as well as the Yawkey League and Kiwanis Halls of Fame. Dan worked tirelessly throughout his life in support of his Alma Mater, St. Michaels College, and was named Alumnus of the Year in 1971. He was the founder & former owner of the Irish Cottage Stores, as well as the founder and late owner of Celtic Monument Co., Milton. Dan was also a late member of the Milton Post #114, A.L., and the McKeon Post, Dorchester. Also, as bespeaks his tremendous pride in his Irish Heritage, Dan was a member the Irish American Veterans and the Donegal Association and actively supported the charitable and civic improvement efforts of the Greater Boston Irish Community. The beloved husband of the late Mary T. (McDonough) Tarpey, he is survived by his devoted children; Daniel F., Jr. of Cohasset, John J., Esq. of Scituate, Michael C., Paul G, and Kevin A. Tarpey, both of Cohasset, his brother Frederick J. Tarpey of Milton, 10 loving grandchildren and his dear friend, Della Costello of Dorchester. He was the loving father of the late Joan M. Tarpey Skinner and brother of the late Mary E. Betty Flaherty. A Funeral Mass will be celebrated at St. Elizabeth Church, Milton, Tuesday at 10AM. Visiting hours will be held at the Alfred D. Thomas Funeral Home, 326 Granite Ave., Milton, Mon. 3 to 8PM. Interment will be at Milton Cemetery. In lieu of flowers expressions of sympathy may be made to the Mary T. Tarpey Scholarship Fund, St. Michaels College, One Winooski Park, Colchester, VT 05439. Alfred D. Thomas Funeral Home Milton (617) 696-4200Published in The Patriot Ledger from 2/2/2008 - 2/4/2008.
Guest BookFuneral home infoFlowersGift ShopCharities

Name that DOG!

It is my practice to keep everything PG here BUT - I could not resist this pic that was forwarded to me by my insane brother in NH. No quiz show here. The dog's name is Monica -- "for a reason".