Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Camp Tranquil -- Coco wants OUT!

Probably one of the best defensive men to patrol centerfield at Fenway Park has expressed his desire to be traded - rather than share his duties. Coco Crisp has done a fine job for the Sox in his tenure, but he feels slighted and wants to play every day. He said to the media at Ft Myers that he would rather be moved in a deal than share with rookie phenom Jacoby Ellisbury.
I am shocked the Sox have not made a move by now. Crisp is not a fit in their 2008 plans. The "trio" have never felt attached to any player. This may have something to do with their inability to obtain equal value in return for Crisp.
The MLB market is low for men who are just a "glove" in the outfield in the 21st Century. You have to produce with the lumber in order to fit into any lineup. Crisp has proven that his bat can be weak and inconsistant at times.
It would seem prudent for Theo to get off his ass and move Coco - now. The Sox do not need any distractions this spring. Unhappy players just do not fit. They disrupt the juggernaut. Crisp is likeable and a great fielder. Cut to the chase -- Theo. Take the Deal from the highest bidder!

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