Thursday, July 31, 2008

On Again - Off Again -- Deal IS DONE IT IS OVAH Manny is Outtta Here!

Manny joggs OUTTA Bean Town
No More Manny Being Manny In a Sox Uniform!
He is off to LA-LA LAND - a good place for him.
Sox Deal Ramirez, Moss & Hanson - plus $7 million in cash to seal the end of the Manny Era in Boston. The Red Sox after 8 years of turmoil and upheaval with the Dominican Slugger said "Adios" on Thursday - July 31 @ 4PM. Jason Bay, the 29 year old outfielder for the Pirates joins the Sox. Hanson and Moss go to the Pirates along with 2 other Dodgers. The Sox dump the disgruntled #24 and pay rest of his $7 million '08 pay-check to the LA Dodgers. This historic - epic trade mirrors the deal made in 2004 when the Sox dumped a disgruntled Boston Icon - Nomah!
Here is the View from the Enemy in NYC. Taken for the NY POST


Manny Ramirez is finally out of Boston, out of the AL East and no longer a Yankees New York Yankees nemesis in 2008 -- unless the Dodgers and Yankees reach the World Series.

Ramirez, who used to torture Joe Torre, is now joining Torre's Dodgers. He was part of a blockbuster, three-team deal consummated just before Thursday's 4 p.m. non-waiver trade deadline.

"When a player like Manny becomes available, I don't think there's a manager in baseball who wouldn't say they're interested," Torre said after the trade was announced. "It was something that happened very quickly, obviously."

Disgruntled Ramirez was sent to the Dodgers with the Red Sox agreeing to pay the remainder of his contract this season. The Red Sox would receive Jason Bay from the Pirates with the idea the righty slugger would offset the production of Ramirez.

The Pirates receive four prospects: third baseman Andy LaRoche and righty Bryan Morris from the Dodgers, and outfielder Damien Moss and former St. John's reliever Craig Hansen from the Red Sox.

Ramirez, the MVP of the 2004 World Series, remains one of baseball's best hitters and has enjoyed plenty of big moments in October. But his relationship with the Red Sox soured - again - in recent months, prompting the All-Star outfielder to agree to the deal.

The Dodgers began the day one game behind first-place Arizona in the NL West, and were seeking a big bat. Boston, in the middle of the AL East race and chasing a second straight World Series title, wanted a productive hitter in return and got that.

The last-place Pirates were looking for young talent. LaRoche, Moss and Hansen will join Pittsburgh and Morris will go to Single-A Hickory.

Even before landing Ramirez, Los Angeles had a crowded outfield. Torre has been juggling Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Andruw Jones and Juan Pierre.

"You wish you had the DH," Torre said. "We didn't plan in advance how to move things around."
Ramirez, 36, was hitting .299 with a team-leading 20 homers and 68 RBIs for Boston. He hit his 500th career home run this year and is one of just eight players to hit at least 20 homers in 14 consecutive seasons.

Ramirez is in the final guaranteed season of an eight-year, $160 million contract. It also contains club options at $20 million each for 2009 and 2110.

Wednesday, Ramirez criticized his team, telling ESPNdeportes: "The Red Sox don't deserve a player like me."

"During my years here I've seen how they have mistreated other great players when they didn't want them to try to turn the fans against them," he said.

The often contentious relationship between Ramirez and the Red Sox included him requesting trades after the 2005 and 2006 season.

We ALL Need Mental PEACE! Adios Manny!!!!!

Manny is all alone on this one Boys and Girls.

"The Red Sox did the same with guys like Nomar Garciaparra and Pedro Martinez, and now they do the same with me. Their goal is to paint me as the bad guy," Ramirez added. "I love Boston fans, but the Red Sox don't deserve me. I'm not talking about money. Mental peace has no price, and I don't have peace here."

Comments made by the king of arsholes - Manny Ramierez to ESPN The Spanglish Wing. Now, if anyone needs Mental peace it is Red Sox fans from around the Globe. I saw the havoc this man caused on the field in Houston a few weeks ago. I was at batting practice right behind HP taking shots of the Sox as they hit. Manny struts out of the dugout and a stream of players and coaches approach him with anger as he leans against the batting cage. He was confronted by: The Captain VTeack, Tim Wakefield and Kevin Youkillis. Then Titto came out and was pointing in his face and he was heard to yell -"WHY? WHY? AND WHY?" -- then it was over Brad Mills rushed Manny off the field for 15 minutes.

YOU know what he did that day. He took a fit because Jack McCormick did not get him 20 free tickets to the sold out game at Minute Maid Park. Why the hell did not manny BUY the damnable tickets and put the free loaders up in a private BOX?

WELL - I paid. I traveled over a thousand miles to see the 3 game set. Why was MY ticket not paid for by the almost billionaire. Let's all jump on the free bee wagon.

This guy has been a disruption since day one. he went on the DL for the first two months of his Sox career with his "phantom" hammy problem. YES _ I was there too in Spring training 8 years ago when he came up lame in RF and that was it - HE NEVER played RF again. Strange huh.

My sister and I traveled to the MLB All Star game in 2003 to see Manny, VTeck, Pedro and Nomah. Well - YOU KNOW Manny killed off another grand mother and so did Peetie.

ESPN reports the trade for Manny with Pirates and Marlin's is all but dead at 3:10PM on Trade day.


Reports: Manny to Marlins Deal Off

Three-team blockbuster deal is dead involving slugger
By Ian Browne /

Red Sox Headlines
Reports: Manny to Marlins deal off
Beckett's Sox roughed up by Angels
Red Sox hope for turnaround at Fenway
Red Sox avoid no-no, but lose to Halos
Recent home-field slump haunts Sox
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Source: Griffey OKs deal to White Sox
Reports: Manny to Marlins deal off
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Yanks fill catching need, acquire Pudge
Moves await as Deadline nears
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'Just when it seemed disenchanted Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez was on the verge of being dealt to the Marlins, early afternoon reports surfaced just hours before today\'s 4 p.m. ET Trade deadline that the proposed three-way deal which also involved the Pittsburgh Pirates was nearly dead.';

BOSTON -- Just when it seemed disenchanted Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez was on the verge of being dealt to the Florida Marlins, early afternoon reports on and surfaced just hours before today's 4 p.m. ET Trade deadline that the proposed three-way deal which also involved the Pittsburgh Pirates was nearly dead.

A fixture in the middle of the Red Sox's batting order since 2001 and a core member of two World Series championship teams, Ramirez was the centerpiece of a proposed, three-way deal between Boston, Pittsburgh and Florida that was discussed at length by the clubs on Wednesday before continuing into today, when stumbling blocks got in the way.

Reported disagreements over how much money the Marlins would receive from the Red Sox and which prospects would switch hands were said to have put a major dent into making the blockbuster transaction a reality.

The major portions of the deal would have Ramirez going to the Marlins, Jason Bay moving from Pittsburgh to Boston and 24-year-old outfielder Jeremy Hermida going to the Pirates.

Even if that deal didn't resuscitate as the deadline closed in, there was still the possibility the Red Sox could try to find another taker for Ramirez, who has become increasingly disenchanted in recent weeks. Similarly, the Pirates are reportedly still working with other teams on a possible deal for Bay, including one with the Tampa Bay Rays and perhaps the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Boston Herald, citing a baseball source on Thursday morning, said that the deal did pick up momentum overnight, but the chances of it being consummated were still "less than 50-50." The newspaper added that there were still some members of Red Sox's upper management who weren't convinced that trading Ramirez was the best move for the team.

Ramirez, as a 10-5 man (10 years in the Major Leagues, five with the same team), has the right to veto any trade. A few days ago, Ramirez told reporters he would approve any trade that would benefit both himself and the Red Sox.

According to, Ramirez did approve a trade to the Marlins, but that was before the teams had actually agreed on a trade.

If the deal for Bay indeed has fallen through, it's hard to imagine the Red Sox would be able to find a better bat to replace Ramirez.

Bay is hitting .282 with 22 homers, 64 RBIs and a .519 slugging percentage. Ramirez, who is having what is basically a par year by his standards, is hitting .299 with 20 homers and 68 RBIs.

The Red Sox, who have lost five of their last six games amid controversy over Ramirez, are eager to see the matter reach a resolution one way or the other.
Boston next takes the field on Friday night against Oakland, by which time Ramirez's fate for the rest of 2008 will finally be settled.

"If he's out there Friday, then Friday on, this is who we're going to be," said Red Sox shortstop Alex Cora. "If he's not, we'll see. We don't decide that. If he's here, we're going to pull for him the same way he pulls for us."

Despite the tense situation, there have been some light-hearted moments. Shortly before Wednesday's loss to the Angels, Ramirez was spotted on NESN holding a sign that said, "I'm going to Green Bay for Brett Favre straight up."

Ramirez is in the final season of an eight-year, $160 million contract. The Red Sox hold $20 million options on Ramirez for 2009 and 2010.

In some ways, going to the Marlins would have been the easiest short-term move for Ramirez. For several years, Ramirez has owned a home in South Florida.
"Oh yeah, Marlins. Tax-free. Stay at home," Ramirez playfully said in the clubhouse before Wednesday's game.

The only reporter to talk in depth with Ramirez over the last couple of days has been Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes.

"Nobody has called me from Boston, and neither has my agent [Scott Boras]," Ramírez told Rojas by phone on Thursday. "The only thing I know of a possible trade is what I've seen in ESPN."
All along, Boston's players were skeptical that Ramirez would actually get traded.
"Every year it's like this," said Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek. "This is so out of our hands. Even this year, it's out of our hands. I just think that this team needs to take a step past that and focus on playing baseball."

While all was well between Ramirez and the Red Sox for the first couple of months of 2008, things have taken a sour turn in recent weeks.

As for the most recent rift between Ramirez and the Red Sox, it seemed to start on June 28 in Houston. That was the day Ramirez pushed traveling secretary Jack McCormick to the floor following a spat over tickets. Though the Red Sox never went public with their discipline, it's believed that Ramirez was issued a fine that went to charity.

At the All-Star Game, Ramirez, in an interview with the Boston Herald, criticized the Red Sox's ownership and front office, saying they haven't been straightforward with him regarding their future plans with his option. Red Sox principal owner John W. Henry said the next day that Ramirez's remarks were "personally offensive."

Another controversy started when Ramirez told the Red Sox he couldn't play against the Mariners on July 23, and again against the Yankees two days later, because of right knee soreness.

Before sending Ramirez out for an MRI on both knees -- which came back negative -- members of ownership and the front office, as well as manager Terry Francona, held a closed-door meeting with the seemingly disgruntled slugger.

Reportedly, the Red Sox were pondering disciplinary action if Ramirez again made himself unavailable in the second game of the series against the Yankees, but he returned to the lineup that day.

A few days later, Ramirez told NESN analyst and former Red Sox player Jerry Remy that he still hoped to be traded so that he could have some "peace."
What the Red Sox want more than peace is closure, and they will get by the time today's deadline expires.

Ian Browne is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Manny Not Gone Yet!

Slow burn: Disgruntled Sox slugger Manny Ramirez heard the boos after he didn’t run hard on this seventh-inning ground out during last night’s 6-2 loss to the Angels at Fenway.

A trade of Manny Ramirez [stats] continues to be more fantasy than fact.
The New York Post blogged that the Dodgers and Red Sox had held “substantive” talks regarding Ramirez, but the report suggested a trade of Ramirez would be prelude to the Sox getting Teixeira in a complicated three-team scenario.

We Hope (Ramirez) gets traded - don’t know how bad it really is over there but we’ve hoped for years that he’d get traded out of here,” said one AL East executive. “They won’t be better without him. Their team rules will be obeyed, but what the hell does that mean?”

Before the game Ramirez was icing his left shinbone, just below the knee. Ramirez was icing the same spot on his right leg last week in Seattle just before he asked to be rested because of soreness.

The club ordered MRIs on both his knees on Friday and the results came back clean.

Ramirez may be battling a case of tendinitis in one or both of the knees, but he is gutting out the discomfort and staying in the lineup.

Ramirez was greeted by a slight smattering of boos when introduced before his at-bats last night, and did nothing further to silence his detractors, going 0-for-3 with a walk.

A source close to Ramirez said the enigmatic slugger is content - for now - with his unsettled contract situation, and that he would not shut it down for the remainder of the season, which some have suggested as a possibility.

According to the source, Ramirez believes he will receive a four-year, $100 million deal should he become a free agent. But Ramirez understands a lucrative deal is contingent upon him being a productive hitter and happy camper for the rest of the season.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

City Parks Announce 2008 Sox Talks & Fenway Challenge

Mayor Thomas M. Menino and the Recreation Division of Boston Centers for Youth & Families invite Boston youth to meet players and coaches from the Boston Red Sox organization and compete in a baseball skills session at the annual Red Sox Talks/Fenway Challenge during July and August.

Hosted by Boston Centers for Youth & Families in conjunction with the Boston Parks Department, the Sox Talks/Fenway Challenges are sponsored by the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Police Activities League. Registration each day is at 9:00 a.m. followed by the Fenway Challenge, a skills competition in running, hitting and throwing for boys and girls ages 6-14.

At the completion of the Fenway Challenge, a member of the Red Sox organization will arrive and speak with the crowd. It’s always a surprise; only the Red Sox know who will be present at each event but last year’s Sox Talks included Dustin Pedroia, Manny Delcarmen, Javier Lopez and others. The schedule is as follows: Tuesday, July 8th at Billings Field in West Roxbury, Friday, July 11th at Playstead Park (adjacent to White Stadium in Dorchester,) Tuesday, July 29th at Iacono Playground in Hyde Park, Friday, August 1st at Jim Rice Field in the South End, and Wednesday, August 13th at Puopolo Park in North End.

The winners of each Fenway Challenge competition will be recognized at Fenway Park before a Red Sox game later this season. For more information or to register, please call Boston Centers for Youth & Families at 617-635-4920 x2145.

Camps and summer programs are welcome to attend.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Now, he has made an enemy - ME! I have gotten the message and have given up on this man. I tried real hard during his tenure to appreciate and love this kid. BUT - ENOUGH! He makes $20 friggin million. He plays 162 baseball games out of 365 days a year. He gets free travel and free meals. He is nurtured and coddled and loved and is going to the MLB Hall of Fame. He would never have won a World Series in Cleveland. He won TWO with the Red Sox. He made over $120 million in Boston. He has been a HUG pain in the ass every year for his entier tenure in this City. NOW IT IS OVAH!

Good bye to a huge cancer on a tremendously talented ball club. Good bye to this man - who has huge personality issues. Good bye to YOU MANNY --- I am sick of YOU BEING MANNY!!!

Talk all you want about the money mongers who run Baseball Nation at Yawkey Way. YOU and they will destroy our team and our love for baseball sooner than later. What is going to happen when we have a sub .500 season. Will the ticket prices be SKY HIGH like they are now? Will beer be $7.25 or MORE. Will ONE hot dog cost you twice what it costs for one package at Stop n Shop? END THIS CRAP!

I am done! No more -- if I was in charge -- this guy would be traded to the Pirates or the Washington whatever they are called ---- TODAY! YES - for absolutely NOTHING. I would take a bat boy for this JERK! NSA!

Give me Brandon Moss, Jacoby, CoCo, Nancy Drew, Jeff Bailey, Chris Carter or Jonathan Van Every. DUMP MANNY NOW!

He is a huge cancer on the Red Sox. I have never grown to hate a baseball player as I have in the past few weeks as I have this JERK.

I have known some nice people in baseball. One guy is the 64 year old Traveling Secretary for the Sox. He was tossed to the Club House floor by this unadulterated asshole. Kevin Youkilis was smacked by him in the dugout. He pissed on his fans and the team by taking the ENTIRE month of September off two years ago. GOD DAMIT! GOOOOOOD BYE!

Play any place but on my Red Sox -- Manny! I am sick of you and your bull shit!

I will never forget when you blew off the All Star Game in 2003 when I paid huge money to travel to that event and you blew it off. You are a scar on Red Sox Nation and your cancer needs to be eliminated before it ends any opportunity for us to make the playoffs in 2008!


Monday, July 21, 2008

McKay Club Beacon Candids

McKay Club Beacons host Brooklyn NYC Bonnies - July 6th.
Beacons win in 9 innings 1-0!
Dean tosses some serious heat.

Beacons welcome home an old pal.

Big John comes home for a 4th of July visit.

YES - Jake can pitch.

At the B.U.S. in Houston, Texas

The Texas Ranger Baseball Head - Bo (far right) and Pals.

Bobby D got a RING!

Me with some Houston Baseball Heads.

Adam Kulis - steady on the bump.

The Captain!

Big Baby!

Mike B at 1B.

Ryan large and in charge!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Wild THANG Salutes NYC!

He is a GEM! The last laugh will be on Jonathan and the Boston Red Sox in 2008.
The Sox will progress to the post-season and World Series, while the Yanks will weep and moan in the Bronx! it is nice to be on top of the Baseball World. Red Sox are favored to go to and win the 2008 Series in Vegas!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Massachusetts Governor of Red Sox Nation


Saugus, MA

Age: 19 Occupation: Student

I'm a diehard Red Sox fan and have had a share of season tickets at our beloved Fenway Park since 1997. I love to write and I love the Red Sox so naturally I want to become a sports writer for the Boston Red Sox.
Back in January of 2006 I created SoxSpace (
Since its creation, it has been the home for all of my Sox writing and since has become the largest community of Red Sox fans on all of Along with my blogs, I have used SoxSpace to help raise money for the Jimmy Fund and the Lester Project. I have been in contact with tens of thousands of Red Sox fans since starting SoxSpace and because of this, I finished third in the first election for President of Red Sox Nation.
I could not thank all my supporters enough, once again proving that Boston is home to the best fans in all of sports.
Congrats young man and good luck representing US - THE REAL BASEBALL HEADS - who support Red Sox Nation!

JD Drew All Star MVP!

2008 Boston Red Sox All Stars

JD Drew Rounds bases after his 2 run Homer!

Drew Snares All-Star MVP Honors
Red Sox's right fielder goes 2-for-4 in 15-inning affair in Bronx

By Matthew Leach /

Enlarge video and watch related clips »
Red Sox Headlines
Drew snares All-Star MVP honors
Emotional roller coaster for Francona
Papelbon takes media to task
Schilling fights ALS with campaign
New Sox on the block hit All-Star stage
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MLB Headlines
Night is Young: AL walks off in 15th
Drew snares All-Star MVP honors
Commissioner: No tie in Classic
All-Star Game, Week make history
Cathedral blessed with pregame honor
More MLB Headlines

NEW YORK -- Flags fly forever, and rings soothe all sorts of wounds. Now, add a nice trophy and a free SUV, and J.D. Drew has just about forgotten the first five months of his American League career.

Drew homered, reached base four times and made a catch at the wall en route to winning the Ted Williams Most Valuable Player Award, presented by Chevrolet, following the AL's 4-3, 15-inning victory over the National League in Tuesday's All-Star Game. It was just another step in a career resurgence that dates back to last September.

After finally winning over the fans in Boston, Drew even earned plaudits from Yankee fans with his performance on Tuesday, which started with a game-tying two-run homer off Edinson Volquez in the seventh inning.

"It was brief, to say the least," Drew said of the cheers from the New York crowd. "It was a little weird, and I heard about it when I got back out to right field, for sure. Then as the game went along, I think they forgot that I hit a home run and it picked up again."

With the AL trailing, 2-0, in the seventh, Volquez had just about wriggled out of a jam created by a leadoff double. But he left a 2-1 fastball over the plate, and Drew jumped it to even the score. Yankee Stadium celebrated, despite Drew's status as a member of the hated Red Sox.

Drew struck out in the ninth, but in the 11th, he singled to put runners on the corners with one out in a tie game. However, the AL was not able to convert on the chance, and the night ran on. Drew reached on an error in the 13th, but again a potential rally was snuffed out, and he tracked Nate McLouth's ball all the way to the wall in the 14th.

When Drew's walk helped keep the deciding 15th inning going for Michael Young's sacrifice fly, Drew became a less-than-obvious but still deserving MVP. He picked up a trophy and a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid for his efforts.

If the game had stretched on, Drew also might have found himself on the pitcher's mound. The Rays' Scott Kazmir had tossed 104 pitches on Sunday but found himself pitching in the 15th, so Red Sox manager Terry Francona was unsure how long the young lefty would last.

"[Drew] might have been a little more of an MVP if we went a couple more innings," said Francona. "He might have pitched. He's been begging me a long time to pitch, and we almost got close. But we were still a ways away from that."

Drew would have welcomed the opportunity.

"I've given him a hard time for the couple years that I played for him, if he ever runs out [of pitching], just give me a holler out here," said Drew. "We would have seen what happened. But after it started to [become a possibility], I was a little bit nervous to be honest with you."

The award continues a rush that Drew has been on since September of last year. Early in the final month of 2007, he was batting .252 and slugging .378 -- far from what the Red Sox expected when they signed him to a five-year deal. He was being booed consistently at home, never mind when the Red Sox visited the Bronx.

But Drew posted a .393 surge from Sept. 7 to the end of the year, and he enjoyed an excellent postseason. His grand slam in Game 6 of the AL Championship Series vs. the Indians was probably the biggest hit of the year for the Red Sox, and when Drew helped propel Boston to a World Series title, much of the ill will at home was erased.

Follow that up with an outstanding 2008, and things are suddenly very sunny for Drew. And September 2007 seems like a long time ago.

"I don't think it's hard to believe," Drew said. "I've always had confidence in my ability. It just took me a little while to put it together last year, get some experience in the American League. I felt like I had a really nice September, took it into the playoffs, and I just wanted to bring it to this season. It's been a nice little run."

Matthew Leach is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

Monday, July 14, 2008

2008 McKay Club Beacons

#18 - The Captain
Happy Jack Owens
#22 - C - Andy McAllister

Dave McKay & Old Pal Kaz @ Fenway!

The "Brainless Trust"!

Carl and His BOYZ -- we miss u guys!

Blogster, Relief Specialist, Sports Editor and Optomist

YBL All Stars Reinfurt & Gerbus

#44 - Bench Coach - Bill Cunningham

Pick me up Connor......


Part of the UMass Connection

#2 - 2B - Ryan Gibeau

#21 - 3B - Brad Gerbus

#16 - P - Adam Kulis

#23 - P/DH/1B - Mike Barthel

#6 - OF - Drew Tambling

#99 - 1B/DH - Connor Reinfurt

#13 - C - Alva Druker

#12 - OF/P - "PK" Peter Karl

#33 - P - Ryan Thomas

#11 - IF/OF/P - Dan Ciocca

IF - #5 - Jake Souto

#9 - P/DH/1B - "Big Baby" Jonathan Pelletier

SS - #14 Ryan Oshima

#32 - P - Tom Prykucki

P - Mike Barthel

Mr. "Everywhere" Dan Ciocca

RF - Drew Tambling

The Brad Gerbus Experience @ 3B!

Part of the Emerson Connection