Monday, July 7, 2008


Robert Donald Correia
Red Sox Nation is in disgrace over the idiot and his pals who attacked a group of folks with NY Plates in Falmouth over the weekend. I am sure this kid is not a real bad guy - but he took IT TOO FAR.
I am sick and tired of the BS between Yankee and Sox Fans.
We who LOVE Baseball are tired of the negative Yankees/Sox SUCK crap.
I watched as much of the game tonight (Sox loss in 10 innings) as I could before I went to work. There was not one fan who pitched a pitch. There was not one fan who hit a pitch. There was not one fan who made an error or hit the RBI to win the game in the bottom of the 10th.
Fans should cheer. Fans must be aware that this is all for fun and it should never be taken to the point where you assault and batter an innocent person because of your passion for "YOUR" TEAM.
Be careful Red Sox Nation and those who have jumped on this "band wagon" for the short term. The evil force who take baseball and the game beyond its boundaries are a disgrace to the purity of the Game. I am sick at heart to see young punks use "sports and teams" to express their perfunctory aggressions outm on others. Shame on you and those who support IT!
Our Red Sox Team and its management could care less about your riotous actions. The players deplore your ignorant support.
REAL BASEBALL FANS hate what you stand for and express. Go away.....leave the sport we love alone. All of us will be better off for your departure from Red Sox Nation!

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These kids are jackasses.

I hate the Yankees just as much as everyone else but this is unneeded