Monday, July 30, 2007

The CLASS of Baseball Inducted into Cooperstown!

A star baseball and basketball player in college, Tony Gwynn opted for the diamond and fashioned a stellar 20-year career with the San Diego Padres. Gwynn's mastery of slapping the ball between the third baseman and shortstop, what the lefty called the "5.5 hole," propelled him to 3,141 career hits, a lifetime .338 batting average and eight batting crowns, an NL record he shares with Honus Wagner. A true student of hitting, Gwynn was an early advocate of using videotape to study his swing, while his five outfield Gold Glove Awards, 319 career stolen bases and 15 All-Star Game selections attest to his superior all-around play.

“He was one of the best players I ever saw, and he was probably the smartest and most dedicated.” — Bruce Bochy

Cal Ripken Jr. gave new meaning to the phrase "everyday player." From May 30, 1982 through September 19, 1998, the lanky shortstop played in 2,632 straight games for the Baltimore Orioles, shattering Lou Gehrig's "unbreakable" mark of 2,130. Beyond "The Streak," however, Ripken methodically put together a remarkable career, notching 3,184 hits, 431 home runs, 19 straight All-Star appearances, and two Most Valuable Player Awards. Though his solid, steady play earned him hero status throughout America, Ripken also had a flair for the dramatic, homering in both his record-setting 2,131st game and his final All-Star contest.

“I know that if Lou Gehrig is looking down on tonight's activities, he isn't concerned about someone playing one more consecutive game than he did. Instead, he's viewing tonight as just another example of what is good and right about the great American game.” — Cal Ripken Jr.

They did not play for the Red Sox, BUT I WISH each did at some point in their storied career. Cal "The Iron Man" Ripken, Jr. & Tony "The Hitting Machine" Gwynn were inducted with the elite at Cooperstown on Sunday.

San Diego and Baltimore were blessed to have these two Classy Baseball Men play their entire careers in each city.

I send out a Boston Baseball Heads Salute to both men as they venture into immortality!

Manny IS Manny AGAIN!

Manny was just "chillin-out" and visiting old pals in Tampa Bay this past weekend!

Our good old pal - Manny is BAAAACK! The long awaited arrival of the OLD Ramirez is unfolding. While Big Pappi recovers and struggles in the "power department" Manny IS being Manny again and is on a rip!
The Sox - Hall of Famer - to be is now batting a respectable .303 has smashed 18HR and is responsible for driving in 68. Those are much more comfortable numbers for Red Sox Nation. Now that Manny is back. We hope that Big Pappi can make adjustments and belt out a few game winning bombs in the stretch run.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Boston Park League Hall of Famer and good friend - Josh Powel wearing his classic LA Dodger uniform. Josh currently is umpiring games in the Yawkey League for the SSUA.

Yawkey League Hall of Fame Member, Brian Carey in his Cleveland Indian Classic Jersey.

Former McKay Club and Yawkey League All Star, Brendan Smith (right) in his Classic Red Sox uniform. Brendan plans to return to the YBL in 2008!

Former McKay Club and Yawkey League All Star, Joe Orlando in his Alaska Gold Panners Uniform.

Len Merullo and Johnny Pesky will manage the 2007 edition of the Oldtime Baseball Game.


Former major-league infielders Johnny Pesky and Lennie Merullo will be back in uniform at the 14th Annual Abbot Financial Management Oldtime Baseball Game, to be played Wednesday, August 15 at 7 p.m. at St. Peter’s Field on Sherman Street in North Cambridge.

The Oldtime Baseball Game is a celebration of our national pastime, featuring college and high school players participating in a modern-day baseball game while wearing dazzling old-style uniforms. Players represent schools from throughout the area, and from the Yawkey League, Park League, Intercity League, New England Collegiate League, Cape Cod League and other summer leagues. This year’s game is being played as a benefit for the C2 Mission, which was created to benefit children and families affected by cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis. The C2 Mission will earmark funds from the Oldtime Baseball Game to its Pick Me Up Program, which provides financial assistance for families in need affected by these diseases.

Johnny Pesky, who turns 88 in September, is well-known to Red Sox fans, having served the club in a variety of capacities, from player to manager to broadcaster, for more than 60 years. He played shortstop for the Red Sox in the 1946 World Series. Lennie Merullo, a native of East Boston, played seven seasons in the big leagues, all with the Chicago Cubs. He was the Cubs’ shortstop in the 1945 World Series. Merullo, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday, will be honored in a special pre-game ceremony.

What makes the Oldtime Baseball Game so special is its glittering array of oldtime uniforms, used just once a year for the game. The old-style flannel uniforms represent just about every era in baseball history, from the 1901 Baltimore Orioles to the 1969 Seattle Pilots. Such long-ago teams as the Boston Braves, St. Louis Browns and Brooklyn Dodgers are represented. The old Negro Leagues are also included, with uniforms from the Homestead Grays, Kansas City Monarchs and Baltimore Elite Giants. Such long ago minor-league teams as the San Francisco Seals, Oakland Oaks and Roswell Rockets are represented. The game features uniforms from Alaska (Alaska Goldpanners) to Cuba (Cienfuegos Elephantes). The Oldtime Baseball Game even features the uniform of a team that never actually existed: The York Knights, for whom Robert Redford’s Roy Hobbs character played in “The Natural.”

Prior to this year’s game, a banner will be unveiled in memory of former Red Sox infielder and Boston College baseball coach Eddie Pellagrini, who passed away last October. Eddie coached in the Oldtime Baseball Game from 2000 to 2002.

Admission to the Oldtime Baseball Game is free. Fans are asked to bring a beach blanket or chair and camp out along the foul lines, as it is the crowd that makes the evening so electric.

The rain date for the Oldtime Baseball game is Monday, August 20, also at 7 p.m.

For more information about the Oldtime Baseball Game, visit our web site at or email us at



Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A GOOD GUY in Baseball!

Larry Johnson - famed Sports Cartoonist hales the return of Jon Lester to the bump for Sox!

Jon Lesters' long 11 month journey back to baseball was accomplished at the Jake Monday night! Whattaguy!!!! Lester pitched 7 strong and allowed a 2 run Homer, but was otherwise brilliant as we won his 8th Major League game. His Mom & Dad and hundreds of thousands of members of Red Sox Nation were there to cheer him on. Jon is a strong addition to an already solid pitching staff, which has helped bring the Red Sox to the top of major League baseball.

I am so thrilled to see this story unfold in light of all the BAD NEWS that generates in professional baseball and sports of late. Jon Lester has a long career ahead, but this event in his personal history will be one Sox Event we will not soon forget.

The BAD GUYS of Sports!

NBA Ref - Tim Donaghy resigned due to FBI allegations he bet on basketball games in which he officiated during the 2005-2006 & 2006-2007 seasons.

Micheal Vick of the Atlanta Falcons is the disgraced quarterback, who is under indictment by the Federal Government for Tax Fraud and for running an illegal Dog Fighting enterprise in Virginia. NFL has suspended Vick for these allegations for the pre-season.

Barry Bonds - "The Steroid King" of Major League Baseball is poised to break the great Hank Aaron's All Time Home run record. Bonds is under investigation for federal Tax evasion and steroid use. He lied to the Grand Jury and in statements to the US Congress.

THE Baseball Heads View: it is a very sad day in sports - July 25, 2007! I watched Sports center and the News is bad in three of our major sports. Major League Baseball has been tarnished by a running steroid scandle. The NBA has always been questioned for point shaving and fraud. The NFL is full of off-beat and notorious people. "Money is the root of all evile!" these greedy men who have disgraced their sports and professions make me sick at my stomach.
Donaghy, Vick and Bonds are a total unadulterated disgrace to their respective sports and those who they serve - the loyal high paying FANS! Shame on you. it is my firm hope that justice will prevail and all three will lose their jobs and spend time where they belong - IN JAIL!

Friday, July 20, 2007

There is something VERY WRONG about this picture!!!!

My good friend and team mate - Dana Levensaler (right) is a phony! He is a Damnable YANKEES FAN! Why in the name of all that is HOLY in baseball is this Bronx supporter wearing a RED SOX JERSEY! OMG - my heart and soul is shaken by this travesty!
Yes, Levensaler is one of the top hitters in the Yawkey League! Yes, he is a fine young man and a tremendous team mate! BUT, HE ISSSSS A YANKEE FAN!
OH YEA! Hold on Dana has seen the light! Our Yankee Fan has handed his "pin stripes" in for Red Sox, red, white and blue! Maybe there is a GOD!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A New Look to the Remy Report

The has gotten a huge face lift! The highlight of the reconstruction of The Rem Dog's Page is the tremendous header and easy access to all the fun facts and baseball stuff on the page.
This is a must read for every member of Red Sox Nation. news a reports abound on our Home Town Team. Updates on players, injury info and insight into the Game we love fills your baseball reading time. There are fun facts and cartoons by Larry Johnson every day. A link to the Dirt Dogs Web Page cruises you over to that tremendous vehicle of baseball propaganda.
Ahhh - the Internet! What did we do without it? We read the HERALD and GLOBE. YECH!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thomas A. Yawkey League All Stars At Fraser Field in Lynn

Mike "Fathead" Ryan and Sean Tynan of West Roxbury Devils; Rob Linn of McKay Club; Steve Szathmary of Somerville and Chris Deane of McKay Club. Rivals on the field, but good buddies today as the Tarpey-Stewart Stars meet the Conigliaro Stars at fraser Field.

Dev, Jennifer and Ryan - RIGHT IN THE FRONT ROWWWWW!!! Enjoying pre-game festivities, while everyone else sat in the shade!

Four members of the McKay Club Beacons joined the Stewart-Tarpey All Stars in the Thomas A. Yawkey Baseball League All Star Game at Fraser Field in Lynn on July 15. Pictured left to right are: Starting Pitcher - Sean Sullivan #38; Rob Linn #24 - C/RF (1 for 2 with an RBI & two great pop up catches in foul ground as he caught); Captain - Chris Deane (went 2 for 2 with a run scored as DH) and Dana Levanseler #18 - CF.

THE Boston Baseball Head - Dave McKay helping out with Color-Commentary alongside the VOICE of the North Shore Spirit - John Leahy. John served as the VOICE of the Yawkey League on Comcast before he was hired to call play-by-play for all Spirit games in 2006. Comcast covered the Tarpey-Stewart vs Conigliaro All Star Game at the NEW Fraser Field in Lynn on Sunday, July 15. Tarpey-Stewart Stars won the game 12-2.

That game will be telecast on Comcast CH12 Boston & Brookline in the next week or so.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Buddy Is Gone!

MAX 1997 to 2007

My Buddy is Gone

You have all either known or heard me speak about my Buddy Max. Max left me Saturday. He was so very ill. For three and a half months he battled cancer in his intestines. A disease that could not be cured, but was treated well by his Vet, Steven Martinez. Joanne was his dedicated dietician - who concocted anything and everything to keep Max interested in eating. I was the bad guy and injected him with steroids and jammed the pills into him. But we all did this to help him survive. The medication and diet helped him remain with us for that time period. The past few days were devastating for us. Max deteriorated and I was forced to bring him to Angel Memorial on July 7 for a final good bye. This was the only way we could eliminate his suffering.

I will try hard not to remember Max during the last few days. I will work hard to continue to remember the good times and fun I had with him. He was 100% Lab. His coat was almost pure white. He looked glorious in winter against the snow piles. His vibrant nature added so much to our home. Max was the center piece of 31 Ely Road from 1999 until yesterday morning. He had a wild side and was so sweet without being slurpy. Max never left my side – during good and bad times. He hung out with me during every episode of Law and Order and watched 162 Red Sox games and countless others over the years. He would get aggravated when I yelled at the Sox for not doing well or when I would shout at that imbecile Joe Morgan on ESPN.

He was there in the morning to greet me after a night at City Hall and he was the last one I saw on my way to work or when I went out of the house. He guarded our home by letting every passerby know – this is my street. Visitors to our home were greeted with a big jump and sometimes a huge Max hug. He stood as tall as an average man. He was so powerful, Joanne was forced to stop walking him.

I learned the true meaning of “unconditional love” from my best buddy – Max! He was never judgmental or critical. His attitude towards me was generated in loyalty and trust. I met him on “death row” at the Animal Rescue League on a spring Saturday in 1999. He was the best dog in the adoption center and I fell in love with him at first sight. The affection was mutual. Mine was the last face he saw – that is the way it should have been.

Max is gone, but my memories of him will remain strong. Our house seems empty today on this gloomy – rainy Sunday evening -- as I sit at the computer “without him at my side”. The sadness will go away and I am sure we will find a new companion. BUT – none will take the place of this glorious animal. His name fitted him to the MAX! I have been blessed with four glorious dogs in my life – none would equal this boy’s personality.

Max is in the fields running strong now. Man could he gallop! He is free from pain and the restrictions of being a house pet. I pray that his soul will drift into the heart of another wonderful canine companion who is awaiting adoption. But for now - good night my good and sweet pal. I will always love and respect your contribution to my life.

I will miss you but will always have great memories of you.

Your best Friend!

Friday, July 6, 2007

McKay Club Defeat Two Top YBL Teams!


After a miserable and frustrating 3 games losing streak the McKay Club rejuvenated themselves to once again contend for the Tarpey Division Title and a major role in the post season in the Yawkey League.

The Beacons defeated the two top YBL Teams in the person of Brighton Brewers and Somerville. Each team posed a threat to eliminate the Beacons from the top tier of the playoff contention. Two more loses would have posed a threat to the hopes of McKay Club. BUT - they sounded the attack and came battling back.

It was very satisfying to see the Beacons defeat Kevin Christina (Brewers) and Scott Rogers (Somerville) SOUNDLY! Each pitcher had their most difficult outing of the '07 season against the Beacons. Christina gave up 8 runs in 5 innings pitched allowing 10 hits for the Brew Crew. He also gave up a solo home run to Rob Linn out of Ronan Park. Rogers gave up 7 runs on 10 hits. He gave up two dingers: Linn - a solo job in the first and Dan Ciocca - 2 run job in the first as well. Both were towering shots over the fence at Friendly Ronan Park.

McKay Club pitching on the other hand was solid. Sean Sullivan (4-4) recovered very well after tow straight loses to defeat the Brewers. Sully gave up only 3 hits and 2 earned runs in his 5.2 innings of work. He K'd 8 but allowed 10 free passes. Ever reliable, Ryan Thomas (3-1) came in to shut down a prospective rally in the 6th. Thomas ended the threat by striking out a batter with the bases loaded. he pitched a perfect 7th to seal the deal. Mike Barthell (1-0) returned to glory with a complete game victory over Somerville Barthell a perennial All Star in the YBL for 6 years moved to Houston for two seasons and has returned to help lead his old team. Mike shut down the Alibrandi hitting attack by rolling grounder after grounder. His fielders: Shawn Raposo, 3B; Jake Souto, SS; Ciocca, 2B and John Ratauskis at 1B turned over 4 spectacular double plays to keep Somerville quiet.

Hitting has been the strength for the Beacons all during the 2007 season. These two games were a mirror of the season thus far. The Beacons scored 8 runs vs Brighton Brewers and 7 runs vs the 9 time YBL Champs. The team leads the YBL in hitting: .318 BA. Dana Lavensaler (.509 BA 2nd in YBL) has been at or near the top of the league in hitting all year and Rob Linn (.453 *th in YBL) is knocking at that door. Dana and Ciocca have been the RBI machine for the Club. Dana has 13 RBI (5th in YBL), while Dan leads the team with 15 (4th in YBL).

The defence has been the only flaw that has helped cause 8 tough loses. Yes, pitching always has a hand in a loss - BUT the errors made early in this season have caused two loses to Al Thomas; a loss to Somerville and loses to revere and Brighton Braves. These last two games helped end that horrible defensive slide. it is hoped that solid fielding will aid the pitching staff to take advantage of the tremendous hitting support.
So - the roller coaster ride - which is the 2007 season continues for the McKay Club. Stay tuned!!