Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The BAD GUYS of Sports!

NBA Ref - Tim Donaghy resigned due to FBI allegations he bet on basketball games in which he officiated during the 2005-2006 & 2006-2007 seasons.

Micheal Vick of the Atlanta Falcons is the disgraced quarterback, who is under indictment by the Federal Government for Tax Fraud and for running an illegal Dog Fighting enterprise in Virginia. NFL has suspended Vick for these allegations for the pre-season.

Barry Bonds - "The Steroid King" of Major League Baseball is poised to break the great Hank Aaron's All Time Home run record. Bonds is under investigation for federal Tax evasion and steroid use. He lied to the Grand Jury and in statements to the US Congress.

THE Baseball Heads View: it is a very sad day in sports - July 25, 2007! I watched Sports center and the News is bad in three of our major sports. Major League Baseball has been tarnished by a running steroid scandle. The NBA has always been questioned for point shaving and fraud. The NFL is full of off-beat and notorious people. "Money is the root of all evile!" these greedy men who have disgraced their sports and professions make me sick at my stomach.
Donaghy, Vick and Bonds are a total unadulterated disgrace to their respective sports and those who they serve - the loyal high paying FANS! Shame on you. it is my firm hope that justice will prevail and all three will lose their jobs and spend time where they belong - IN JAIL!

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George said...

On E.S.P.N. this morn Skip was talking with his co host about barry an why Giambi has not been persecuted to the extent that poor barry has been, is it racial he asked? I think it may be that Giambi said sorry, with tears in his eyes,he was genuine, where bonds acts as if he is a victim.He should be banned from baseball before he breaks that record. I didnt capitalize his name because he is not even a real person in my eyes.Poor hank and all of baseball, that goes for the homerun record too.