Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Buddy Is Gone!

MAX 1997 to 2007

My Buddy is Gone

You have all either known or heard me speak about my Buddy Max. Max left me Saturday. He was so very ill. For three and a half months he battled cancer in his intestines. A disease that could not be cured, but was treated well by his Vet, Steven Martinez. Joanne was his dedicated dietician - who concocted anything and everything to keep Max interested in eating. I was the bad guy and injected him with steroids and jammed the pills into him. But we all did this to help him survive. The medication and diet helped him remain with us for that time period. The past few days were devastating for us. Max deteriorated and I was forced to bring him to Angel Memorial on July 7 for a final good bye. This was the only way we could eliminate his suffering.

I will try hard not to remember Max during the last few days. I will work hard to continue to remember the good times and fun I had with him. He was 100% Lab. His coat was almost pure white. He looked glorious in winter against the snow piles. His vibrant nature added so much to our home. Max was the center piece of 31 Ely Road from 1999 until yesterday morning. He had a wild side and was so sweet without being slurpy. Max never left my side – during good and bad times. He hung out with me during every episode of Law and Order and watched 162 Red Sox games and countless others over the years. He would get aggravated when I yelled at the Sox for not doing well or when I would shout at that imbecile Joe Morgan on ESPN.

He was there in the morning to greet me after a night at City Hall and he was the last one I saw on my way to work or when I went out of the house. He guarded our home by letting every passerby know – this is my street. Visitors to our home were greeted with a big jump and sometimes a huge Max hug. He stood as tall as an average man. He was so powerful, Joanne was forced to stop walking him.

I learned the true meaning of “unconditional love” from my best buddy – Max! He was never judgmental or critical. His attitude towards me was generated in loyalty and trust. I met him on “death row” at the Animal Rescue League on a spring Saturday in 1999. He was the best dog in the adoption center and I fell in love with him at first sight. The affection was mutual. Mine was the last face he saw – that is the way it should have been.

Max is gone, but my memories of him will remain strong. Our house seems empty today on this gloomy – rainy Sunday evening -- as I sit at the computer “without him at my side”. The sadness will go away and I am sure we will find a new companion. BUT – none will take the place of this glorious animal. His name fitted him to the MAX! I have been blessed with four glorious dogs in my life – none would equal this boy’s personality.

Max is in the fields running strong now. Man could he gallop! He is free from pain and the restrictions of being a house pet. I pray that his soul will drift into the heart of another wonderful canine companion who is awaiting adoption. But for now - good night my good and sweet pal. I will always love and respect your contribution to my life.

I will miss you but will always have great memories of you.

Your best Friend!

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cuz stu said...

Dave, you already know how I feel about our beloved family MATES...Its just such a tough difficult thing when we go through what just happened to you. Obviously I've been through it within the last year myself with Howard the cat and about 20 years ago with Bebe/Chien the french poodle. If there is anything, anytime that can soothe your pain, please let me know and I'll be there for you...Cuz