Friday, November 30, 2007

2007 McKay Club - Team Pictures

McKay Club Charter Members
Manager - Dave McKay, IF-P - John Pagel & a player of the future.
We have been together since John played @ Columbus High.
McKay Club celebrates 25th Anniversary in 2008!
Big Mike winds and deals at King Field to clinch tie for playoff spot.

The Boyz from South Boston.
Deano, Brendan & Happy Jack

Team Captain
Christopher Deane

The Barthel Clan!
P - Mike Barthel and son.


The Pagel Clan of South Boston

2007 McKay Club All Stars
P - Sean Sullivan, OF - Rob Linn, OF - Chris Deane, OF Dana Lavensaler

IF - P, Danny Ciocca
2007 McKay Club Most Valuable Player
SS - Jake Soto

John with Super Fan Mom!

P - Joe Ceurvels
All the best Joe - as you enter the US Marine Corps in "08!

2B - Josh McDonnell

P - Dean Sandonato

RF - Dana Lavensaler
2005 Yawkey League Batting Champ

Bench Coach "Dollar" Bill Cunningham

1B - John Ratauskas

3B - Shawn Raposo

The Fall River Connection!
Shawn Raposo & Jake Soto

OF - Brendan England
Good luck Brendan, as you enter the Boston Police Academy in 2008!

CF - Gold Glove Award, '07 - Jack Owens

Jack Owen & Brendan England
C - Andy McAllister - '07 YBL President's Award

P - Ryan Thomas
Reliever of the Year in 2007!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

2007 Tony C Award Winner is - Jon Lester!

Comeback kid: Red Sox lefty Jon Lester, who went 4-0 last season after treatment for anaplastic large cell lymphoma, accepts the Tony Conigliaro Award yesterday at Fenway Park.

Santana YES -- Jacoby - NO!

Twins Reportedly Request Ellsbury

Inclusion in Any Deal for Santana

Sox in Aggressive Pursuit

By Michael Silverman -- Red Sox Notebook -- Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Boston Herald Sports Reporter

The Red Sox [team stats] are actively engaged in trade talks with the Minnesota Twins about Johan Santana and plan to aggressively pursue the two-time Cy Young Award winner, a baseball source said yesterday.

However, finding the right blend of prospects and major league talent that will satisfy the Twins and not deforest the Red Sox farm system, then working out a five- or six-year contract extension for Santana in the neighborhood of $120 million-$150 million, remains a tall order.

Although no one in the system has been deemed as an “untouchable,” the Red Sox are loathe to part with rookie center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury. Instead, they would prefer to package Coco Crisp [stats] in a deal with the Twins, who, in addition to Ellsbury, have asked for starter Clay Buchholz and other real prospects. The Sox would like the Twins to accept a proven major league center fielder, Crisp, to help fill the hole left behind in Minnesota when free agent Torii Hunter signed with the Los Angeles Angels.

The Twins’ talks with other clubs, including the New York Yankees and Mets, are expected to pick up steam in in advance of next week’s winter meetings.

Either Way, Red Sox OK

By Rob Bradford -- Thursday, November 29, 2007

Boston Herald Sports Reporter

Have been around the Red Sox since interning for New England Sports Network during the Butch Hobson managerial years, stopping at such media outlets as The Salem News, The Gloucester Daily Times, The Lowell Sun, and, most recently, The Eagle-Tribune Publishing Co. Along the way wrote the book Chasing Steinbrenner, which focuses on the front offices of the Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays throughout the 2003 season.

It could still happen, but if it doesn’t the Red Sox [team stats] are ready.

Sources last night suggested that the Sox were still in the running for Minnesota pitcher Johan Santana, with the team waiting to see if its combination of players and money can satisfy both the Minnesota Twins and the two-time Cy Young Award winner.

The challenges facing the Sox as they continue to work on a trade for the left-handed ace:

1. Not giving up center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury.

2. Convincing the Twins that a package involving Coco Crisp is better than one involving Yankees outfielder Melky Cabrera.

3. Coming up with an extension for Santana comparable to a contract he might receive as a free agent if he reaches the market after next season, which would allow for the left-hander to waive his no-trade clause.

Even though, as one major league executive said last night, “The Twins are in a bind. They have to trade Santana,” and the Red Sox remain as one of a handful of teams with the prospects and financial resources to get the job done, completing a deal will be one of the current Sox regime’s biggest challenges to date.

If, however, that challenge can’t be met, falling back on the arms of Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester [stats], whose names have been thrown around in the Santana rumors, is a pretty good security blanket, judging by offseason reports.

Lester was at Fenway Park [map] yesterday to collect the Tony Conigliaro Award, presented by the Boston Baseball Writers’ Association to a major leaguer who has overcome adversity through the attributes of spirit, determination and courage that were trademarks of the former Sox outfielder.

Santana might be on the horizon, but until a deal is done both Buchholz and Lester appear fit for potential spots in the rotation.

“I don’t even worry about it,” said Lester of his name popping up in trade talks. “If that happens it’s something that you have to deal with at that point. Most of the time it’s just speculation. It’s just hearsay that your name is involved. Until Theo (Epstein) calls me and says, ‘Hey, you’re no longer a Red Sox,’ we’ll worry about it then. But I want to be a part of this organization as long as I can, and hopefull I will be.”

Lester, who has been working out in Atlanta while moving into a new home, joined Buchholz and a smattering of other pitchers in coming to Fenway to undergo physicals. Buchholz, who was shut down in September because of a weakened pitching shoulder, displayed significant improvement in his tests since leaving for Texas at the end of the regular season. He has been working out, along with pitching prospect Michael Bowden, at a Dr. James Andrews-sponsored facility in Pensacola, Fla.

“There have been gains from a physical standpoint,” said pitching coach John Farrell of Buchholz. “In retrospect, looking back to what did take place, it was certainly the right decision to deactivate him, for lack of a better term, at the time. He is making progress. He’s still got some work to do, particularly as we project 180-185 innings for him next year. There’s still some work to be done to build that foundation, to endure that load.”

Buchholz will return to Pensacola for a few more weeks before coming back to town for the organization’s rookie development program in January.

For Lester, the opportunity to come into camp in February without the lingering effects of six months of cancer treatments will be a welcome opportunity. The Sox starter in the World Series clincher is up to 218 pounds after weighing in at 200 for spring training.


Yes to Santana -- but NO to sending Jacoby to the Twins! No way! Coco is the odd man out. Ellsbury is the star of the future. Do not mortgage the future Star for Santana. Crip and "other pitching prospects" must be the deal or NO DEAL! Period --- end of conversation.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Gift Idea for Sox Fans

"A Season To Remember"
Here it is Red Sox Nation! After working around the clock since the Red Sox won the World Series, I have finished my newest and most exciting lithograph to date! See all of your favorites such as David Ortiz, Mike Lowell, Josh Beckett and many, many more!

Re-live the most memorable moments:

Clay Buchholz's "No-Hitter", Kevin Youkilis's homer off the Coke Bottles in the great come from behind series against the Indians to win the pennant. Manny Rameriz's first "Walk-off Homer" as a member off the Red Sox against the Angels in the divisional series and much more!

This gorgeous standard size 22 x 28 inch lithograph captures the magical 2007 season.
You'll see where the Sox hit a record 4 consecutive home runs vs. The Yankees, Where the 'bullpen drum corps' drummed up their rally beats, you'll see where Jonathan Paplebon danced with the Dropkick Murphy's after capturing the American League Pennant.

This is the perfect gift for ALL OF RED SOX NATION!

Hand signed by myself, Sports Cartoonist Frankie Galasso.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nacona Finds Home in Red Sox Nation!

Gov Patrick & Friend at Ground Breaking of Nacona in Fall River

The Boston Baseball Head was on hand this morning for the ground breaking of a new wood bat manufacturing site owned by the famed Nacona Comp[any in Fall River. Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick came to the breaking with high hopes for the future of this baseball factory and tourist destination. Located right off Route 24 - Nacona will welcome new members to its "Wreaking Crew" of bat owners. One of the huge features of this experience for serious baseball players will be for them to come down order their own bats - pick out the wood and set specifications on cite. They will also have the opportunity to test out the product on an open field batting cage and playing surface to be build in the Industrial Park.

By Associated Press - Tuesday, November 27, 2007

FALL RIVER - The company that makes bats for Red Sox [team stats] slugger David Ortiz [stats] broke ground on a new factory in Fall River yesterday.

Big Papi didn’t make the ceremony, but Gov. Deval Patrick provided the heavy-hitter presence at the site of the new plant.

Nokona “Demolition” bats are made by hand using maple wood.

The company was founded in Nocona, Texas, in 1926.

The plant will be located in the city’s industrial park and employ at least 12 people when it opens in April.

Managing partner Buddy Lewis says he decided to locate a new plant in Massachusetts while vacationing recently with Patrick.

Lewis said he expects the facility - which will have a baseball diamond, a batting cage and a cafe featuring “ballpark” food - to eventually become a tourist attraction.

The Fall River site is part of a Nokona expansion fueled by what the company says is a need for more wooden bat production.

The Business of Baseball: World Series Shares DOWN from '06.

World Series share money declines

By Associated Press - Monday, November 26, 2007

NEW YORK - A full World Series share was worth $308,236 for the Boston Red Sox [team stats], down from the record $362,173 set by the St. Louis Cardinals last year.

Boston’s split of the postseason players’ pool was $18.89 million, down from the $20.02 million the Cardinals shared when they won the title. The Red Sox voted 47 full shares, 14 partial shares and 11 cash awards.

NL champion Colorado, swept by the Red Sox, voted 44 full shares of $233,505, five partial shares and 45 cash awards. Mandy Coolbaugh, the widow of Rockies minor league coach Mike Coolbaugh, was voted a full share. Mike Coolbaugh was killed when struck by a foul ball during a game in July.

Last year, a full share on the Detroit Tigers was worth $291,668 after they lost to the Cardinals in the Series.

World Series ticket prices were basically unchanged this year, and revenue was down because of the success of the Red Sox — Fenway Park [map] has the smallest capacity among major league ballparks.

The players’ pool dropped to $52.46 million from a record $55.60 million. The pool includes 60 percent of ticket money from the first four games of the World Series, the first four games of each league championship series and the first three contests of each division series.

Full shares for the league championship series losers came to $139,460 for the Arizona Diamondbacks and $107,45 - 8 for the Cleveland Indians.

Among first-round losers, full shares were worth $31,594 for the Los Angeles Angels, $28,058 for the Philadelphia Phillies, $26,304 for the New York Yankees and $24,508 for the Chicago Cubs. For second-place teams that didn’t make the playoffs, full shares were worth $11,404 for Milwaukee, $10,611 for Detroit, $9,411 for the New York Mets and $9,112 for Seattle.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

WEW -- Pat's STILL Perfect...AFC East Champions!

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady(12) drops back to pass during the first-half of New England's game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Gillette Stadium on November 25, 2007.

Tom Brady & his Pat's won the AFC Easter Division Championship in the 12th Week of the season. Buffalo lost this afternoon to the Jaguars.

The Patriots have won the AFC East division championship today, by virtue of the Buffalo Bills losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars, 36-14.

The Patriots have now won five straight division titles, and have captured six of the last seven crowns. The five straight division titles set a record for most consecutive division crowns in AFC East history.

The Patriots tie for the earliest division clinch since the NFL established the 16-game schedule in 1978. Three other teams clinched their division during the weekend of their 11th game since 1978 -- the 1985 Chicago Bears, the 1997 San Francisco 49ers and the 2004 Philadelphia Eagles.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yawkey League Invited to Partner with Nacona Baseball!

Nacona Baseball has invited the Thomas A. Yawkey League of Boston to partner with them in promoting new baseball equipment products. Known for their top quality baseball gloves, Nakona has chosen to expand into an entire line of baseball goods. Nakona will open a baseball bat factory in 2008 in Fall River, Massachusetts. Ground breaking will take place on Monday - November 26 at 10:30AM.

Nacona VP - Big Pappi - David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox will help kick off the event. NESN will cover the ground breaking, which will be MC'd by Tom Carron & Glenn Ordway (WEEI - Big Show). YBL President, Dave McKay has been invited to take part in the event. Also - any member of the Yawkey league is invited to take part in this event. Contact Dave McKay at: for details.

It is hoped that the YBL players and teams will take advantage of becoming "a banner organization" in the Nacona Family. Nacona is the sponsor of the US Military All Star Team, which visited Boston and faced the YBL All Stars in 2007.

Details of this "partnership" will be announced at a special Meeting of Members of the Yawkey League on November 29th at the McLaughlin Youth Center in Dorchester. New England Regional Rep of Nacona, Mike Friere will make a presentation to membership at that time.

Ortiz & Vlad Guerrero of the California Angels are spokesman for the new Nacona Baseball Brands.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lowell Still in Massachusetts!

Mike Lowell Autographed "07 WS MVP" Trophy Celebration 8x10 Photograph Boston Red Sox third basemen Mike Lowell helped lead the Red Sox to the 2007 WS Championship. On his way he picked up WS MVP honors. This 8x10 photographhas been hand signed by Lowell himself

IF INTERESTED CONTACT: James Kaus Account Executive The Highland Mint 888-560-2727

#1 Third Baseman rides with the #1 Mouse in the World at the Magic Kingdom.

Boston Red Sox Third Baseman - Mike Lowell

By Jimmy Golen
AP Sports Writer / November 19, 2007

BOSTON—World Series MVP Mike Lowell is staying with the Boston Red Sox, meaning the reigning champions will try to repeat with all their key players from 2007.

The Red Sox and their popular third baseman reached a preliminary agreement Monday on a three-year, $37.5 million contract, according to two people familiar with the negotiations who spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal had not been finalized.

While the sides have reached the outline of the deal, there are still minor issues to be worked out and as of Monday evening there still was not a signed letter of agreement between the team and Lowell's agents. Team spokesman John Blake declined comment.

In the three weeks since winning their second championship in four seasons, the Red Sox have re-signed their two biggest free agents, Lowell and pitcher Curt Schilling, and picked up options on Tim Wakefield and Julian Tavarez.

Lowell, a 33-year-old third baseman who made $9 million this season, was seeking four guaranteed years and might have gotten it elsewhere.

"How cool is that? Leaving years and dollars on the table to come back here for three more years, good stuff," Schilling wrote on his blog, "Congrats to Mike and I've already spoken with a few guys on the team and suffice to say we're all" ecstatic.

Boston's remaining free agents are backups, middle relievers and injured starting pitcher Matt Clement.

A high-priced castoff of the Florida Marlins who was dumped on the Red Sox in the Josh Beckett trade, Lowell moved into the fifth spot in Boston's powerful lineup behind David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. Lowell hit 21 homers this season while reaching career highs with a .324 average and 120 RBIs.

Lowell batted .400 (6-for-15) during Boston's four-game Series sweep of the Colorado Rockies, with four RBIs, three walks and a team-high six runs to earn MVP honors. Red Sox fans were still celebrating at Coors Field when they began chanting for management to re-sign Lowell and ignore the temptations offered by AL MVP Alex Rodriguez, alternating chants of "Re-sign Lowell!" with chants of "Don't sign A-Rod!"

During the team's victory parade, Ramirez also cast a vote for the incumbent: "Forget about A-Rod," he yelled, "we've got Mike Lowell in the house!"

A four-time All-Star, Lowell was the honorary grand marshal at a Disney World parade last week.

"Mike is a heck of a teammate. I just saw him down in Disney World," teammate David Ortiz told on Sunday at an event to raise money for victims of Hurricane Noel. "Mike helped us out so much, and hopefully they can get everything done with him and have him back for years."

The other remaining Red Sox free agents are backup outfielders Bobby Kielty and Eric Hinske, shortstop Royce Clayton, relievers Eric Gagne and Mike Timlin and backup catcher Doug Mirabelli.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Undefeated!

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throws against the Buffalo Bills during the second quarter of their NFL football game at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, N.Y., Sunday, Nov. 18, 2007.

Make IT 10 Down and 8 to Go!

New England Patriots matched their highest scoring mark ion history Sunday as they defeated the hot - Buffalo Bills at home 56-10. My goodness! This train is motoring on over-drive.

Tom Brady connected for 5 TD Passes & 373 yards. Tom Terrrific's favorite target Randy Moss is becoming a New England sports legend as we speak. Moss caught a 43 yard Brady pass in the first quarter for a TD. Randy received: a 16 yard; 28 yard and 35 yard pass from Sir Thomas in the 2nd stanza.

The Pats scored 21 unanswered points in the 2nd quarter. Buffalo was undefeated in their last 4 games, but ran into the "obstruction of football justice" which is New England. The Pats scored the most points in the NFL (56) by a road team since 1973 when the Raiders scored 62 against New Orleans.

The Patriot winning tradition in the NFL is scary. No team can touch the type of product this franchise has assembeled in 2007. Now it is time to take a shot at an UNDEFEATED season. Yes - the Pats could be and should be undefeated in 2007-2008. They also are the odds on favoite right now to win the Super Bowl.

Let's all just sit back relax and enjoy the ride on the Patriots Express!

Patriots Rout Bills, Keep Heading for Records

AP Football Writer

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) The New England Patriots were unstoppable again, making an unbeaten season seem almost inevitable.

Scoring touchdowns on their first seven offensive possessions and getting the eighth on a turnover, the Patriots won their 10th straight game, routing Buffalo 56-10 Sunday night. Tom Brady and Randy Moss, themselves ready to rewrite the NFL record books, led the romp.

Brady was 31-of-39 for 373 yards with five TD passes, four to Moss, as New England became the 10th team since 1970 to start a season 10-0. The way they played, they appear unbeatable, and barring injury are an excellent bet to become the NFL's first perfect team since the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

It was the ninth time in 10 games New England won by more than 17 points and the ninth time it scored more than 34 points. The Patriots did it coming off a bye week after their only close game of the season, a 24-20 win in Indianapolis in which they came back from 10 points down with less than 10 minutes left.
They also did it against a Buffalo team that came in 5-4 with four straight wins.
Brady, who has yet to throw fewer than three touchdown passes in a game, increased his TD passes to 38, just 11 short of Peyton Manning's single-season record, set in 2004. Moss' four TD catches gave him 16 for the season, six short of the record set by Jerry Rice in 1987.

"They are magnificent. They really are," said Buffalo president Marv Levy, who coached the Jim Kelly-led Bills that went to four Super Bowls between 1990-93 and, at the time, set the standard for offensive excellence.

Friday, November 16, 2007



Arrogant Slugger’s Ego Ultimately Does Him In!!!

By Tony Massarotti Friday, November 16, 2007

And so after all of that, after the clear and the cream and the charades that were a series of record pursuits, Barry Lamar Bonds will be remembered as that basest of all things.
A liar.

Of course, Bonds is a lot of other things today, in the wake of a federal indictment that lacked in one area only: It came down just a little too late. With any luck, Bonds might have been indicted years ago, months ago, even weeks ago. Instead, one of the most insultingly arrogant performers in American history got to play out his fraudulent life on stage, to shameless cheers in his home arena, before being caught like a common criminal.

So now, it looks like the feds finally got him, albeit in the roundabout way they got Capone. Big Al went down on tax evasion; Barry is up on perjury. This is what it has come to for the man who has hit more home runs than any other player in major league history: He now has more in common with a legendary gangster, or maybe just Mike Tyson, than he does with Henry Aaron.
Before anyone points out the obvious difference in the crimes committed by Capone and Tyson, let’s all acknowledge the similarity. Somewhere along the line, all too often, powerful people actually start to think they are bigger than the earth on which they walk. They think they can say or do anything, and they think they can get away with it, and their vulnerabilities and mortality never occur to them until it is far too late.

In Bonds’ case, it is difficult to determine exactly where he went so wrong. The man simply has been screwed up for a very long time. But for all that Bonds did during his career as a baseball player, for all that he put into his body in a sad attempt to become the best there ever was, his ultimate downfall may result because he was simply too stubborn, stupid or arrogant - or all of the above - to recognize that he is just another person in just another pair of shoes who has something bigger to answer to.

So what did Bonds do? Granted immunity while testifying before a grand jury in the now-infamous BALCO case, Bonds denied ever using steroids, brand-name or designer. Faced with a government investigation, the guy was actually dumb enough to play dumb, which puts him below even someone like Jason Giambi in the world’s intellectual hierarchy.

Under oath, it’s alleged, Bonds did not merely lie once. He lied over and over again, resulting in an indictment on four counts of perjury (yes, four) and one of obstruction of justice that will go down as one of the darkest days in the history of American sports.

Throughout baseball, the Bonds indictment was met with a predictable response. The San Francisco Giants issued a statement describing Nov. 15 as “a very sad day,” and added that they “look forward to this matter being resolved in a court of law.” Translation: Thank goodness we didn’t re-sign him.

Meanwhile, the Major League Baseball Players Association reminded us all that Bonds “is entitled to a presumption of innocence,” which read more like this: We know this fraud is guilty, too, but we have to make some attempt to defend him.

And then there was baseball commissioner Bud Selig, who issued a backhanded statement that said, “While everyone in America is innocent until proven guilty, I take this indictment very seriously and will follow its progress closely.”

Translation: We’ve been hoping that someone would nail this scoundrel for the last few years. I only wish the feds could have hauled in his butt sooner because I almost spit up on myself when he hit No. 756.

As for Bonds, one can only wonder whether he knows he is in real trouble, the way that Michael Vick finally learned that fame only made him a bigger target, not a lesser one. But then, Bonds allegedly lied to a federal grand jury once and he will probably lie again, all because he is Barry Lamar Bonds and you are not. And if the feds can see this through, if they can nail Bonds the way he deserves to be nailed, one can only hope that they incarcerate him in a poetically just manner.

Welcome to the big house, federal inmate No. 762.

A ROD Back to the Yanks! YES -- IT IS ALL ABOUT THE $$$$

A-Rod, Yanks close to $275m deal
Alex Rodriguez and New York have agreed to an outline of a 10-year contract, a deal that could allow him to earn millions more if he sets the career home-run record.
No one can evah tell me it is not about the money!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sox Open '08 Campaign in Japan

Daisuke Matsuzaka is expected to be a draw in Japan, where he pitched for the Seibu Lions from 1999-2006 before joining the Red Sox.

It's official: Red Sox to open title defense in Japan
But expectant Matsuzaka may have to miss trip

Associated Press / November 14, 2007
NEW YORK -- The Boston Red Sox will open their World Series title defense in Tokyo.

discuss Do you think Japan trip will hurt the Sox?

Following months of negotiations, the Red Sox agreed to a two-game series against the Oakland Athletics in Japan on March 25-26, and the commissioner's office announced the trip early Wednesday.

With Daisuke Matsuzaka and Hideki Okajima, the Red Sox figure to be an attractive draw for the games at the Tokyo Dome. The Red Sox and A's also will play exhibition games on March 23-24 against Japanese teams.

However, Matsuzaka might miss the season opener at the Tokyo Dome. The Japanese pitcher's wife is expecting their second baby around the time of the March 25-opener against the Oakland Athletics, which was announced Wednesday morning. Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said the team and the commissioner's office were aware of the potential conflict.

Success Breeds Higher Ticket Prices

Once again the Trio have raised the tariff at ancient Fenway Park. Many new additions and renovations are to take place during the off season and one of the new additions are higher ticket prices. Today - the Red Sox announced a riase in some basic ticket prices where families sit. Bleacher and Grand Stand (highest in MLB) have been jacked up. This disgraceful practice continues and the sheep (Fans) go to the line and buy - buy - buy. Here are the sorry details:

November 14, 2007
2008 schedule, ticket prices
By Eric Wilbur, Staff

In addition to releasing their schedule for the 2008 regular season -- which opens with a two-game series against the Oakland A’s in Japan -- the Red Sox also today announced some ticket price increases for home games at Fenway Park.

While Fenway’s upper bleachers, standing room, and Conigliaro’s Corner seats remain unchanged, lower bleachers will increase from $23 to $26 for 2008; outfield grandstand seats will also see a $3 increase to $26; while the infield grandstand, right field box, and right field roof box will cost $5 more next season, up to $50 per ticket. The new left field pavilion box seats will go for $75 per ticket. Green Monster and Right Field Roof ticket information will be announced after the new year. Overall, the Red Sox said, ticket prices will increase by 9 percent.

Click here for a full list of 2008 ticket prices. Fans' first chance to buy tickets will come on Saturday, Dec. 8, at the "Christmas at Fenway" event. The Red Sox said more details on the event will be announced in the near future.

“We are conscious of the investment that Red Sox fans make in their beloved team,” Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino said in a club release. “That’s in part why there was no increase on non-premium seats last year, and that’s why we continue to hold the line this year on the lower priced tickets throughout the ballpark. That’s also why we are adding more seats along first base and third base for 2008, quality seats that nonetheless should be affordable for most when they come on board.“We recognize what a great demand there is for a small supply; that’s why we continue to invest almost every year in increasing the supply.”
  • Boston will open the season on the road, in Japan, where they will play the A’s at the Tokyo Dome March 25 and 26 (times TBA). The Red Sox will then play another two-game series in Oakland against the A’s, and three-game series in Toronto before the home opener against Detroit on April 8, a home stand that will also feature the first series against the Yankees.
    More tidbits from the schedule, courtesy of the Red Sox media relations department:
  • The Sox and Yankees have three weekend series at Fenway Park, April 11-13; July 25-27; and the final three games of the regular season, Sept. 26-28. Boston travels to Yankee Stadium for a four-game weekend series, July 3-6, and a pair of mid-week series, April 6-17 and Aug. 26-28.
  • Boston’s first home stand, scheduled to run April 8-13, features three games each with the Tigers and Yankees. The Red Sox have a pair of nine-game home stands, June 3-12 with Tampa Bay, Seattle, and Baltimore, and July 25-Aug. 3 with the Yankees, Angels, and A’s.
  • Boston will have 18 games versus National League opponents, hosting Arizona, Milwaukee, and St. Louis for three games apiece while playing three-game series at Cincinnati, Houston, and Philadelphia. It will mark the Brewers’ first visit to Boston since moving to the National League in 1998.
  • The Red Sox have scheduled the majority of their home day games (including Sundays) at 1:35 p.m. for 2008. The exceptions will be the home opener on Tuesday, April 8, with Detroit (2:05 p.m.) and Patriots Day on Monday, April 21 with Texas (TBA). Times for all Saturday home games will be determined once the Fox national television schedule is announced.

The Red Sox do not play at Fenway on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and even Bastille Day and Labor Day.

Click here for the complete 2008 schedule.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sox Fun Zone Stuff

Meet the Simpsonized Sox
How Sox would look if they were in Homer's hometown.
(Click on Highlighted/Underlined script to see your Sox as Simpsons Characters.)

Sing along ...
... to the tunes of Dirty Water, Sweet Caroline, and Shipping Up to Boston.
(Click on highlighted/underlined script for Sox highlights to your Fav Sox Musak.)

Championship wallpaper
Put an iconic Red Sox image on your desktop.
(Click on highlighted/underlined script for Sox Wallpaper.)

Yooks Takes a Shave for Charity

Who is that clean-shaven man? It's Kevin Youkilis after shaving his beard for charity.

11/13/2007 8:13 PM ET
Youkilis shaves his beard for charity
Gillette company donates $5,000 for slugger's being shorn
By Alex McPhillips /

Red Sox Headlines
Beckett denied AL Cy Young Award
Youkilis shaves his beard for charity
Sox's Pedroia named AL Rookie of Year
Lowell free to negotiate with other teams
Youkilis to shave goatee for charity
More Red Sox Headlines
MLB Headlines
Sabathia takes home AL Cy Young
Yankees waiting on Rivera's response
Glavine's agent set to talk money with Braves
Marlins' Cabrera would prefer to stay put
Rogers, Hunter on Rangers' wish list
More MLB Headlines

As routes to stardom go, Kevin Youkilis took a different tack. His hirsute forebear, Johnny Damon, was as much defined by his carefree streak as by his long locks. Youkilis had little of either in 2007, sporting a shiny dome and a famous seriousness on the field.':
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BOSTON -- As routes to stardom go, Kevin Youkilis took a different tack. His hirsute forebear, Johnny Damon, was as much defined by his carefree streak as by his long locks. Youkilis had little of either in 2007, sporting a shiny dome and a famous seriousness on the field.

But "Youk," as his fans and teammates call him, took a full page from the Johnny Damon book of tricks on Tuesday evening at the Cask 'n Flagon. In exchange for a $5,000 gift from Gillette to "Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids," Youkilis completely shaved off his goatee.

Nine television news cameras and a host of photographers covered the event. Ed Harding of Boston's Channel 5 News reported live from the scene. There was even an event emcee, local radio personality Greg Hill, who compared Youkilis' goatee against a veritable Boston Hall of Hairstyles.

Carl Yastrzemski's sideburns? Larry Bird's mustache? Roger Clemens' highlights? Manny Ramirez's -- and Bronson Arroyo's -- cornrows?

"Probably by far the most memorable piece of body hair in Boston sports history," Hill said, "would be Kevin's goatee."

That overstatement seemed to fit the occasion, likely the best-attended and most highly publicized shaving of a male face since Damon routinely did it for charity during his four-year Red Sox stint.

Before undergoing the shearing with assistance from local stylists Meaghan Boyle and Michelle Fonzi, Youkilis promised that the clean look would very quickly go the way of his goatee.

"I'll start it up again," Youkilis said, "because a lot of people seem to like it."
Youkilis' decision chagrined at least one fan in attendance, 18-year-old Jonathan Moore of North Andover. Moore wore a Youkilis jersey t-shirt and a thick, brown goatee on his bald head, looking like a pint-sized version of the 6-foot-1 Red Sox star.

"I want to see [the goatee] back next year, definitely," Moore said.

The shaving went without a hitch, despite Boyle's and Fonzi's misgivings about how "coarse" Youkilis' hair was.

"He shaved very well, actually," Boyle said.

"We started with a bigger clip and then we just worked our way smaller," Fonzi said.

They started with his chin. When a fan in the crowd suggested they leave only a "Boogie Nights"-style moustache, Youkilis' fiance, Enza Sambataro, agreed.
"Please?" Sambataro asked her husband-to-be, while looking on from the side. "Just for a picture."

The stylists presented the newly mustachioed first baseman, who, for a moment, looked more like former pro wrestler and governor Jesse Ventura.

"There he is, ladies and gentlemen: Ron Burgundy," Hill said.

Then, they went to work on the moustache. Youkilis shaved off the rest with a razor.

"It feels good," Youkilis said. "It feels nice and clean. The peanut gallery wanted me to keep the moustache. I don't think the moustache would've worked."

Hill closed down the ceremonies, but not before taking care to make an announcement.

"Make sure you're here next week for Big Papi's full-body wax," he said.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Celts on a Roll!

Good look: Celtics Captain Paul Pierce tries to make a pass under pressure from Pacers forward Danny Granger during the second quarter of last night’s game in Indianapolis.

Extend perfect start to 6-0!!!
Now that the dust has settled from the World Series hysteria, we have a moment to look at what the winter sports teams in Boston have in store. The Boston Celtics are undefeated too boys and girls! Yes - the Celtics! The Pacers fell to the juggernaut C's last night. It seems like we are going to have some fun watching the Causeway Street B-Ball Team in the winter of 2008!