Sunday, November 4, 2007

Manny Stars on NBC Late Night

Manny WAS Funny and articulate as he met with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show Friday Night. Manny's interview was fun and enlightening to those who never understood him. he espoused a sincere interest in completing his career in Boston. He also projected very well in comparison to some interviews where he seems so very aloof and shy. That was not the case on The Tonight Show - way to go Manny Man!

Manny Ramirez on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:
"...Boston now, is one of the best cities ever, because now that we won, BC's doing great, the Patriots are winning, and the Celtics, they got a great team out there [editor's note: poor Bruins]...
"Let me tell you, we didn't believe in any curse at all, I think that's just the press trying to make a big deal out of it, but, the new management that came to the team, they did an awesome job out there. We got Papi. We got Beckett. And that's a really big key out there. And you know me, Manny being Manny, that's what it is... "It is a huge deal now, because now Boston is like a dynasty, it's like the Yankees when they won before.
I won two World Series in seven years, and I think that's great... no, we're not cocky, we're not cocky, but I think the city needed the happiness....
-- On his comments during the playoffs that "winning wasn't the end of the world, who cares?" "I think a bunch of people was upset, but I did it because I want to take some pressure from my teammates. And then when I said that, we won seven in a row [applause]. And hey, I just told the truth."
-- On the play in Game 3 of the World Series in Colorado, when his helmet fell off his head after rounding second, helmet kicked, then he was called out at the plate. "No, I took it off, because my helmet was so big, I got seven years with the same helmet, I don't feel like... no, I'm not superstitious, but I got this for you [Manny presents Leno with helmet], I got a helmet for you, but I don't know if this one is gonna fit your chin... I also got a question for you Jay. Are you related to Kevin Youkilis? Because you guys got the same chin..."[Back to the play in Colorado] I was safe, but... OK, let's show it [show replay]. Look at my hand...yeah, I think I was out."
-- On Manny being Manny"I think Manny being Manny means that I'm myself. I don't try to be a person that I'm not. That's not myself. That's what my dad and my mom teach me. To be yourself, and I don't want you to try to be some person that you're not. Because sometimes you see people on camera, and they're another person. Then when you see those people outside, they're another one. So, I try to be myself, and that's what it means."
-- On his hair, and if anyone on the Red Sox asked him to get it cut "Not in Fenway, not in Boston, because everybody got the different attitude, and all they want you to do is just play the game hard, and when we're winning, everything is great, and we love it. It's like I said, Boston is the place to be right now."

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