Friday, August 31, 2007

Courageous Red Sox Nation Business

As the Pennant race HEATS up in September we see a courageous member of Red Sox Nation posting this road sign. I wish I knew where this was -- I would do business with this guy!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yawkey Players on MLB Climb!

Mike Rigazio (Somerville - YBL) on the pump for the Charlotte Red Fish.

Matt Cooney (YBL - Medford Mad Dogs) shown at Fenway Park in 2004.

Great news for Yawkey League players who have made the jump to MLB! Nice stories on Matt Cooney (Medford Mad Dogs) and Mike Rigazio (Somerville):

Red Sox Promote Chiefs Matt Cooney to Single A Greenville--Greenville, SC- Former Medford Maddogs and YBL All Star catcher MattCooney was promoted to Single A Greenville of the South Atlantic League late Saturday. Cooney was hitting .148 with a homer and seven RBI's in20 games with the Rookie League Gulf Coast Red Sox after signing a freea gent contract with the Boston Red Sox on June 30. To follow the progress of Matt Cooney please check the Greenville Drive website at <> .

Somerville's Rigazio Completes 1st Season with Charlotte County Red Fish

Mike Rigazio, a Somerville Alibrandis Baseball player from 2006-2007, signed a professional contract this past summer with the Charlotte County Red Fish in Port Charlotte, FL in the South Coast League. Mike joined the team in July and just finished his first season, with the Red Fish who are managed by former Detroit Tigers All-Star Cecil Fielder. To learn more about the Red Fish and the SCL please click on the headline link.

YAZ in '67 -- A Clutch Season. A Hero for the ages!

Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame Out Fielder - Carl Yastrzemski. Go to:

YAZ at 65 in 2004. I took this pic of Yaz with the late Charlie Wagner and the first Gold Glover at 3B - Frank Malzone at the Red Sox Spring Training Camp.

The magical 1975 Red Sox Team led by its Captain #8 - YAZ.

Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees Class of 1989. YAZ 2nd from right next to Johnny Bench.

Rivals in the 1975 World Series, but linked in their pure hitting ability. YAZ & Pete Rose.

Charlie Hustle - Pete Rose smiles with Yaz.

Yaz with Mr. October - Reggie Jackson.

Yaz & TW - you do not need to say the entire name. Every New Englander knows these two men. Both Triple Crown Award winners. Both went to the World Series to suffer the same Game 7 dissatisfaction. BUT, YAZ & Teddy ball game will live in our hearts forever.

Carl Yastrzemski led the Boston Red Sox to the World Series in 1967 - 40 years ago! The drive to the Pennant began in late August with a 10 game winning streak. The greatest race in the history of baseball called for 4 teams to go to the last 2 days of '67 to determine who would play the St. Louis Cardinals in the Series.

YAZ bat was the sounding board for the success of the Sox thru the last day of the season against the Twins. He led the Sox to a Game 7 at Fenway Park, only to lose 7-2 to Bob Gibson.

YAZ returned to the Big Series in 1975 and was the last person up after Joe Morgan shot a single into center field to plate the lead run in a 4-3 Sox loss to the Big Red machine.

We remember the great things Yaz accomplished on the field. His long-time affiliation with the Sox has endeared him to many generations of Sox Fans.

The Boston Baseball Heads dedicate this segment to the memory of the 1967 Red Sox and Carl Yastremski - THE MAN THEY CALL YAZ!


Carl Michael Yastrzemski, better known as "Yaz" or "Captain Carl", was born on August 22, 1939 in Southhampton, Long Island.

The son of a potato farmer, Yastrzemski grew up in the small town of Bridgehampton, Long Island.He attended Bridgehampton High School, where he set numerous records in basketball, football and baseball. As a basketball player, he set the all-time individual conference scoring record of 628 points. As a baseball players, Yastrzemski hit .512 for his career at Bridgehampton High.

After graduating from high school in 1957, Yastrzemski went on to attend Notre Dame University with a scholarship to play both baseball and basketball. While still in his first year at Notre Dame, his seemingly limitless potential on the ballfield led him to sign a baseball contract with the Boston Red Sox.After signing with the Red Sox, Yastrzemski was immediately assigned to Raleigh of the Carolina League. In 1959, as a member of the Raleigh club, he led the league in batting with a .377 average (64 points higher than his nearest competitor). He was also named the league's Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year. In 1960 he moved up to the Red Sox Triple A Minneapolis team, where he fell just short of winning his second batting title in as many years.In 1961, Yastrzemski finally arrived in the Major Leagues as the heir apparent to the legendary Ted Williams in left field. For 23 years, Yastrzemski proudly wore his famous "#8" for the Red Sox, with his extraordinary batting style and his unmatched skill in patrolling the grounds in front of the Green Monster.

In the Red Sox' 1967 "Impossible Dream" season, he won the American League Triple Crown and was named the A.L.'s Most Valuable Player. At the time of his retirement, Yastrzemski was the all-time American League leader in games played (3,308) and was the only American League player to amass 3,000 hits and 400 home runs (finishing with 3,419 and 452 respectively, to go along with 1,844 RBI).

A seven-time Gold Glove winner, Yaz earned the honor of 18 All-Star Game appearances, and is generally considered one of the finest defensive left fielders of all-time.Yastrzemski officially retired after the 1983 season, taking his memorable final lap around Fenway Park. Elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot in 1989, Yastrzemski is now a roving instructor with the Red Sox. “Yaz did it all the time. We'd be on the road and he'd call, 'C'mon, we're going to the ballpark.' I'd say, 'Christ, it's only one o'clock. The game's at seven.' He lived, breathed, ate, and slept baseball. If he went 0-for-4, he couldn't live with it. He could live with himself if he went 1-for-3. He was happy if he went 2-for-4. That's the way the man suffered.” — Outfielder Joe Lahoud

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rob Crawford - Yawkey Hall of Famer - RED SOX NATION PREZ!

Thomas A. Yawkey League Hall of Famer - Rob Crawford and his family at Red Sox Nation President's Candidate Night! Vote for ROB CRAWFORD @

Here is a letter from the Presidential Candidate:

Dear Friends and Citizens of Red Sox Nation,

Rob Crawford here. How are you? I'm writing with a sense of urgency, as I am one of 25 finalists in the race for President of Red Sox Nation (no really, I'm serious), and I really, really need your support if I'm going to make it to the final 10 candidates after online voting from August 30 to September 9, at

I wrote and recorded a smash hit Red Sox song entitled, "I'm A Member of Red Sox Nation," and it was played over the Fenway Park loudspeakers during the fifth inning of the July 18th game vs. the Royals, the same day I performed the song live on the Red Sox pre-game show on New England Sports Network (NESN). To hear this Grammy-worthy song, or to download it directly to your iTunes for free, go to my blog at Also at my blog, you'll also get to read my presidential platform, as well as stories of some of my best baseball memories (goosebumps guaranteed).

Pretty exciting, isn't it? There are many ways you can help:

1) Between August 30 and September 9, vote for Rob Crawford up to ten times (per email address) at

2) Email all your friends, family, and co-workers - tell them about the song at, tell them about the online voting from August 30 to September 9, and tell them what a spectacular Red Sox Nation president Rob Crawford would be. Use any networking sites of which you're a part, as well. And once you have downloaded the song, you can email that to people, as well.

3) Do you have any connections at local radio stations? Urge them to play my song! Do you have any connections at newspapers, TV stations, or other media outlets? Think creatively about how you can use these to promote my candidacy.

4) When you go to Red Sox games the next few weeks, bring a sign in support of "Rob Crawford for President" and hold it proudly above your head. The Red Sox and NESN want to promote this campaign big-time - they'll be looking for signs to show on TV.

5) Think of other original ways that YOU can spread the word about my
candidacy and my song - then go for it!

Thanks a lot - this should be a fun ride - drop me a line and tell me your campaigning stories!

Go Sox!

Rob Crawford

song and blog at:

vote 8/30 to 9/9 at:

Monday, August 27, 2007

GUILTY AS SIN! A ConVICtion!!!!!

Glory and Shame! The career of Michael Vick comes to a halt today. Vick is a convicted man of his own volition. he admits his guilt and throws himself on the mercy of public opinion and the courts. A contrite Vick appeared on national TV to apologise for his actions. The only bright light of his comments were the words that asked young people to look at his foolishness as an example. That example is - if God gives you Glory - do not turn it into a disaster and SHAME!

Vick plead out in his Dog Fighting case today. NOW - someone needs to show some BALLS! Throw him out of the NFL for LIFE! YES - LIFE! A sentence of FIVE YEARS of hard time needs to be adjudicated. Otherwise - this will be another slap on the wrist to a man who squandered his talents and the public trust.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Justice Prevails - Michael Vick Jury Pool

It will be the DOG DAYS for Michael Vick when he appears in court. No verdict will punish this Unadulterated JERK for the harm he has done. His ignorance and arrogance is a shame on ther NFL and the major league sporting community. A Ban For Life on Vick must be instated by the NFL - no appeals.

It's too bad this cartoon could not be a reality. The despicable acts perpetrated upon canines by Vick and His Posse should bring down heavy fines and huge jail time!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Salute to Tony Alibrandi!

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Alibrandi relaxing at the 2007 Yawkey League Banquet in June '07. These folks have much to be happy and proud of this day. Tony's Somerville Highlander Alumni Baseball Club defeated Brighton Brewers 7-6 on August 25th to win his 10th Yawkey Baseball League Championship.
It appears that there is Somerville and the rest of the Yawkey League once again. No team can knock them off in the playoffs. They come prepared every year. Tony makes sure his management team produces the best talent for Somerville and surrounding communities.
The Boston Baseball Heads salutes the MAN behind the Champions - Tony Alibrandi!!!!!

Somerville 2007 Yawkey League Champs and A Note of Thanks!

Congratulations to the Somerville Alibrandi Club for garnering their 10TH Yawkey League Championship!Somerville defeated Brighton Brewers on Saturday to win the championship Finals 4-1 in games. The 7-6 win came after Alibrandis fought back and scored 3 runs to clinch the Championship at steamy Trum Field.
Our best regards go out to the management and players on the Brighton Brewers. They comported themselves with dignity during the playoffs and made Somerville play hard in order to win.My sincere thanks go out to our players, coaching staffs and league administrators. We put together a great year on an off the field.
I would also like to thank the staffs at: City of Boston, Milton, Somerville, Medford, Malden, Revere, Chelsea and Cambridge Park Departments for their cooperation and dedication to helping us develop quality amateur baseball.Our thanks are expressed to Comcast and its Crews for making the YBL the talk of the Town. Boston and Brookline Comcast customers get YBL Regular Season and All Star Games each week. They also have an opportunity to see the Boston Baseball Heads Show, which covers amateur baseball in our region.
We are also thankful to the HERALD & GLOBE Sports Department for publishing our scores, standing and schedules every day.Many thanks to the Yawkey Foundation and all of our other sponsors.We created a new partnership with the North Shore Spirit in 2007. Our gratitude is expressed to the ownership and staff of the Spirit for inviting us to play our All Star Game at Fraser Field this summer.
It was tremendous for us to have an opportunity to play the US Military All Stars at the outset of this season. We look forward to having them back in 2008 and hope to play that game at Fenway Park!
It is going to be difficult not having Yawkey Baseball until next May. Rest up - enjoy the down time and let's return and make it another tremendous season.
David J. McKayPresident - Thomas A. Yawkey Baseball League

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Boston Padres win Park League Championship!

Boston Park League Championship Manager - Ed Neal!

The 2007 Boston Padres have clinched the Park League Championship. This is a dream come true for Ed Neal. It is gratifying after many years that ED becomes the MAN in the Park League. Neal and his Championship Team have their roots in the Yawkey/Junior Park League. His team was the last one to accept an offer to move to the Park League once it won a YBL Championship.

Maybe - Ed and the Padres will "come home", now that HIS Dream has been completed.

You never know!!!!!

Congratulations old friend. Barbara is smiling tonight!

Congratulations to The Padres the 2007 Boston Park League Champions!!! The Padres beat Stockyard 6-3 in Game 7 of the finals on Tuesday August 21st at Fallon Field in Roslindale.

The Padres won their last 11 games of the regular season to qualify for the last playoff spot. They then went on to beat top seeded Palmer Club (the regular season champions and winners of 4 titles in the last 5 years) in 5 games. Padres were down 3 games to 2 in the final series against Stockyard, but battled back to win the last 2 games to win their first title ever after more than 20 years in the league.

Kudos to Manager Ed Neal and the players of the Padres whose performance was outstanding.
Some stats from game 7...Padres got 12 hits, 3 each by Darwin Mesa & Manny Sota. Mesa scored 2 runds as Sota drove in 3, including a key triple in the 5th inning to score 2 runs. Jose Beltre limited the Stockyard to 2 hits, but was in constant trouble walking 11 batters. Beltre Struck out the 5 for the Padres.

Once again, Congratulations to The Padres for winning the championship, and also to Stockyard for such a terrific series.

Walpole Little League Magic comes to an End!

Walpole Little League celebrate after their 8-1 loss this afternoon in South Williamsport, PA. Congratulations on a great season and for the pride you brought to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!
Walpole Massachusetts - 2007 New England Little League Champions.

Mike Rando and the Walpole All Stars celebrate one of the greatest victories of the Little League World Series. These memories will last a lifetime.

Pitcher, Kyle Donnelly of Walpole will have many great stories for his class-mates once school begins in a few days.

A CATCH for the ages. Mike Rando snags a long fly ball DEEEP to center field. He grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat. One of the most spectacular game saving catches in LL World Series history.

Being there is all that counts! Wolpole Little League lineup for our National Anthem at the Little League World Series. Every Little Leaguer's Dream Come True!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Salute to the American Troops!

God Bless America --- God Bless and protect our Troops all over the Globe!
There would be no baseball. There would be no laughter. There would be no Freedom without our Troops. God Bless those who gave their lives and those who continue to serve and protect us.

In Memory of the 16 young men who gave their lives today in a tragic helicopter crash in Iraq.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sox All Stars Celebrate on John Henry's Jet

Manny right where he belongs - #30,000 feet in the air having a glass of wine with Okie Dokie!
Mr. & Mrs. Josh Beckett. My goodness that is a pretty lady!

Jonathan & Mike enjoying a "cold one". It would be great news to hear that Lowell was resigned by the Sox - SOON!

Mr. & Mrs Big Pappi on the jet ready for action in San Francisco.

Yanks FOUR Back of BOSOX!

The Fenway Faithful wake up this morning in a huge panic. Do Not JUMP! Hang in there. The Sox have a soft touch 10 game road trip while the Yanks go to difficult venues. The Bronx Boys hit the road against the LA Angels - a team with the best home record in baseball. Then they travel to the Tiger's Den. Our Sox start things off with Wake 8-0 in Tampa and it gets better from there. White Sox & O's can help. BUT - the huge ending of the 10 game trip comes in the Bronx with a 3 game mid week series.
That ledge may get crowded, but keep your kewl and wait -- before ya take that leap.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mike Rigazio Takes a Major Step!

Former Yawkey League and Somerville Alibrandi player (above) - Mike Rigazio has taken a major step in his baseball career. Mike is now pitching in an Independent league called the South Coast League. His new team is the Charlotte City Red Fish in Florida.

You can follow Mike on the Red Fish web-page:

Good luck to one of our own - Mike Rigazio!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurls -- We hardly Knew Ye!

Former McKay Club All Star Center Fielder - Sean Hurlihy is pictured at Fenway Park before the Monster Seats were built. Hurls in living in Columbus, Ohio now and chasing skirts all over the USA. Sean was one of the top fielders/hitters in McKay Club history. His good nature and great athletic abilities were admired by all.
I had a moment to speak to Hurls by phone last night and he sends his best to all of his YBL buddies. It is his goal to return back to Boston to work and get back to the "best baseball program in America". Hope this can happen in 2008! That has been a bit of a pipe dream, but ya never know.
We miss you buddy and know you tune into the Baseball Heads every once in a while. Be happy and safe!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Time to Donate to JIMMY!

The WEEI & NESN Radio/Telethon on behalf of the Jimmy Fund is ongoing. I have donated $25.00. that is not a huge contribution, but it is what I can afford. Take a moment in the next two days to make a small or large donation that will assist the Cancer Clinics at the Dana Farba Institute in Boston.
The total is near $2 Million at the start of the 2nd game of the Angels v Sox doubler-header.
Give a call to: 1-877-738-1234. Match or exceed my donation.

BREAKING NEWS - Somerville's Winning Formula Revealed!

Breaking News:

This just the wires. It is not DesRoches pitching and bat. It is not the solid pitching staff of Rogers, Szathmary, Morse and Bates. It is not the brilliant management of Mike Powers. The 9 time Yawkey League Champions have a "secret weapon" -- Rob McDonough.

In this revealing picture provided by Rigazzio Press of East Dalton, MA, McDonough shows how he uses his "many talents" to persuade the UMPS to make things "go Alibrandis' way".

Question here is: "Rob was this picture taken before or after?". More film at 11PM.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Brighton Brewers & Somerville SWEEP to Yawkey League Finals!

Somerville Alibrandis have defended their honor once again. They have swept their way thru a Semi Final Round against a charged up South Boston team. Southie - the Cinderella Team of the '07 season ran out of gas against the YBL Champs. Congratulations to the Saints and their Manager of the Year Candidate Jon Tenney! So -- here we go - Brewers vs Somerville. Should be fun and very interesting!
Scott Rogers came up largefor the Alibrandi Club. He tossed a complete game 6 Hit shutout. Scott allowed only 6 scattered hits and struck out 6 Saints.

The ever-present clutch bat of Marc DesRoches led Somerville tonight. Marc struck a HR and had another hit for 3 RBI. He was assisted by Justin Crisafoli's multiple hit attack to help out at Town Field.

Brighton Brewers swept the East Boston Blue Fish last night to gain their first YBL Championship Final Slot. The Brew Crew are on fire. They scored 20 runs in the last 2 games. Congrats to both teams on a fine series. The Blue Fish never quit all season long. After a 9-10 start they ran thru many teams and gained a playoff slot and defeated the Al Thomas A's in 3 games.

Jeremy Dalton was on the bump for 7 IP. He garnered his 2nd playoff victory. Dalton allowed 4 ER and struck out 1 for the big clinching victory.

YBL 07 - Triple Crown Award Winner and possible Carl Yaz MVP - Marc Hordan led the hitting attack. Hordan struck his second HR in two nights. Marc had a true grand slam on Wednesday and added 6 RBI tonight to his playoff leading totals.

Sunny Last Sunday At King Field

Dave McKay, John Pagel, Sr & Pags, Jr. John Sr. is a Charter Member of the McKay Club. He joined the Ball Club in 1984 and has not skipped a beat. Pags is a certain YBL Hall of Famer. His patching, fielding and hitting is legendary.

The Pagel Clan. Nana Pagel has attended more YBL games than many players will participate in during their lifetime.

King Field in the shadow of the Dorchester Heights Monument along the shores of Carson Beach.

Captain Deane - ever the recruiter. Working on John Pagel, Jr. - Class of 2025.

Mike Barthell had two huge wins for McKay Club Beacons. He defeated Somerville 7-1 earlier in the '07 campaign. On Sunday, August 5th he pitched one of his best games in a Yawkey League uniform. Mike shut down the Brookline Dodgers 2-0 with a 2 hitter. He saved the Beacons an opportunity to tie for a play off spot. Unfortunately, the Club met its demise at the hands of the Devils 9-1 in a "play in game" two days later.

Mike B - proud of his happy son after a huge 2 hit shut out of Brookline Dodgers.

The Barthell Clan from South Boston and points North - South- East and West.

The Barthell Ladies visit King Field to Cheer Daddie on to victory.