Monday, August 27, 2007

GUILTY AS SIN! A ConVICtion!!!!!

Glory and Shame! The career of Michael Vick comes to a halt today. Vick is a convicted man of his own volition. he admits his guilt and throws himself on the mercy of public opinion and the courts. A contrite Vick appeared on national TV to apologise for his actions. The only bright light of his comments were the words that asked young people to look at his foolishness as an example. That example is - if God gives you Glory - do not turn it into a disaster and SHAME!

Vick plead out in his Dog Fighting case today. NOW - someone needs to show some BALLS! Throw him out of the NFL for LIFE! YES - LIFE! A sentence of FIVE YEARS of hard time needs to be adjudicated. Otherwise - this will be another slap on the wrist to a man who squandered his talents and the public trust.

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