Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rob Crawford - Yawkey Hall of Famer - RED SOX NATION PREZ!

Thomas A. Yawkey League Hall of Famer - Rob Crawford and his family at Red Sox Nation President's Candidate Night! Vote for ROB CRAWFORD @


Here is a letter from the Presidential Candidate:

Dear Friends and Citizens of Red Sox Nation,

Rob Crawford here. How are you? I'm writing with a sense of urgency, as I am one of 25 finalists in the race for President of Red Sox Nation (no really, I'm serious), and I really, really need your support if I'm going to make it to the final 10 candidates after online voting from August 30 to September 9, at www.redsoxnation.com/president.

I wrote and recorded a smash hit Red Sox song entitled, "I'm A Member of Red Sox Nation," and it was played over the Fenway Park loudspeakers during the fifth inning of the July 18th game vs. the Royals, the same day I performed the song live on the Red Sox pre-game show on New England Sports Network (NESN). To hear this Grammy-worthy song, or to download it directly to your iTunes for free, go to my blog at http://www.crawdaddycove.com/. Also at my blog, you'll also get to read my presidential platform, as well as stories of some of my best baseball memories (goosebumps guaranteed).

Pretty exciting, isn't it? There are many ways you can help:

1) Between August 30 and September 9, vote for Rob Crawford up to ten times (per email address) at www.redsoxnation.com/president.

2) Email all your friends, family, and co-workers - tell them about the song at http://www.crawdaddycove.com/, tell them about the online voting from August 30 to September 9, and tell them what a spectacular Red Sox Nation president Rob Crawford would be. Use any networking sites of which you're a part, as well. And once you have downloaded the song, you can email that to people, as well.

3) Do you have any connections at local radio stations? Urge them to play my song! Do you have any connections at newspapers, TV stations, or other media outlets? Think creatively about how you can use these to promote my candidacy.

4) When you go to Red Sox games the next few weeks, bring a sign in support of "Rob Crawford for President" and hold it proudly above your head. The Red Sox and NESN want to promote this campaign big-time - they'll be looking for signs to show on TV.

5) Think of other original ways that YOU can spread the word about my
candidacy and my song - then go for it!

Thanks a lot - this should be a fun ride - drop me a line and tell me your campaigning stories!

Go Sox!

Rob Crawford

song and blog at: http://www.crawdaddycove.com/

vote 8/30 to 9/9 at: www.redsoxnation.com/president

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