Saturday, August 4, 2007

Yawkey Baseball Dream Race 2007!

The long hot summer of 2007 has just gotten hotter. Never before in the long history of the Yawkey Baseball League have so many teams offered enough talent to make a run for the Post Season with just three days left. It has been fun, frustrating and exhilarating for the teams struggling to make a GO for 8 play off spots.
Also, the Tarpey Conference Championship race has four teams at or near the top of the pack. Al Thomas, West Roxbury, McKay Club are tied at 36 Points. South Boston has 34 and South End has 34 with a chance at the title and playoffs.

Here are the standings in the race for a Play off Spot in the YBL:

#1 - SOMERVILLE: 28-5-1 WITH 57 POINTS. Alibrandis has completed their regular season and rest awaiting an opponent.

#2 - REVERE: 25-8-0 WITH 50 POINTS. Revere has one more game to complete their season.

#3 - AL THOMAS: 18-13-0 36 POINTS. The A's are tied in points with two other teams and keep the #3 seed for today. They have 3 more contests and anything can happen here.

#4 - MEDFORD: 20-11-0 40 POINTS. The Mad Dogs got mad after an awful start. They have climbed the ladder to overtake the Brewers in a tight race for #4 - #5. Mad Dogs have 3 games left to play.

#5 - BRIGHTON BREWERS: 20-11-0 40 POINTS. the brew Crew have lost a few the last couple weeks BUT they are solid and have made the play offs. Brewers have 3 games left.

#6 - EAST BOSTON: 19-13-1 39 POINTS. Blue Fish have had a great 2nd half. They are solid in the play offs now with a completed regular season schedule.

#7 - WEST ROXBURY: 18-14-0 36 POINTS. Devils are in a war with Al Thomas, McKay club and South Boston for the Tarpey Conference and a play off spot. They have 2 huge games left.

#8 - MCKAY CLUB: 18-15-0 36 POINTS. Beacons have shot themselves in the foot all year long. BUT, they are completing their season strong. They MUST beat Brookline tomorrow in order to clinch a tie for a spot.

On The Cusp:

SOUTH BOSTON: 17-15-0 34 POINTS. Saints have 2 games remaining. They could be in or out and or win a Conference Championship. Go figure!
SOUTH END: 16-15-2 34 POINTS. Astros have 1 game remaining and seem out of the race at this point.

MALDEN 16-15-1 33 POINTS. Bull Dogs have had a huge first year. They have 2 big games left.

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