Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bonds Gets It Done. Anyone Wanna Buy His Rookie Card from Me?

Available to the HIGHEST BIDDER! Bary Bonds Rookie Card - in mint condition. I am sure now that he is the Home Run King, this card will bring down the house in bids. Come on folks show your pride in this basher. Hit me up with your offers and I will send it to you, but only to the highest bidder.
Bonds breaks Aaron’s markBy Associated PressWednesday, August 8, 2007 - Updated: 01:09 AM ESTSAN FRANCISCO
Barry Bonds hit No. 756 over the right center field wall last night, and hammered home the point: Like him or not, legitimate or not, he is baseball’s new home run king.
Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s storied record in the fifth inning, connecting on a 3-2 pitch from Washington’s Mike Bacsik. Three days earlier, Bonds tied the Hammer with a shot to left center in San Diego.
Conspicuous by their absence were the commissioner and Aaron himself.
Bud Selig was on hand for the tiebreaking homer, deciding to put baseball history ahead of the steroid allegations that have plagued the San Francisco Giants slugger. On this night, he sent an emissary, Major League Baseball executive vice president Jimmie Lee Solomon.

As for Aaron, he said all along he had no interest in being there whenever and wherever his 33-year-old mark was broken. He was true to his word, but he did offer a taped message of congratulations.
Absent, too, were the fans who held up asterisk signs, sure that Bonds wasn’t the real deal and that his power came from steroids.
Bonds didn’t face such suspicions at AT&T Park, in front of a loyal, home crowd that included his godfather, Hall of Famer Willie Mays. Bonds has always denied knowingly using performance-enhancing drugs.
Yet even with Bonds at the top of the chart, fans will surely keep debating which slugger they consider the true home run champion. Some will continue to cling to Aaron while other, older rooters will always say it’s Babe Ruth.
“It’s all about history. Pretty soon, someone will come along and pass him,” Mays said before the game.
A seven-time NL MVP, the 43-year-old Bonds hit his 22nd home run of the year.

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