Monday, June 23, 2008

Schill Should Go To Hall!

Curt -- That SOCK fits nice in the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Many thanks for the great summers in Boston. Also, thanks for what you do off the field to help those in need!

Operation today -- ends your days in a Boston uniform. We were blessed to have you play your last games for Red Sox Nation.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are the Play Offs at the end of the Rainbow for McKay Club Beacons?

Ross Field in Hyde Park - June 20.
McKay Club Beacons - 3
East Boston Blue Fish - 2
Thunder - lightning heavy steady rain - then a beautiful rainbow. All part of the pre-game festivities at Ross Field in Hyde Park on Friday night. Will we play? Can we play?
Everything settled down and the Beacons v Blue Fish game that followed should have been the game of the Week on Comcast. Comcast was taping the braves vs South Boston Game at Ronan that was a 13-12 mess. This game was a masterpiece. Excitement, great pitching and a come-from-behind -- last at bat 2 run 7th for the beacons to defeat the high flying Blue Fish.
This has been a wild and crazy season for the McKay Club. We began with a core of 5 players from our 2007 squad. Many guys jumped ship after the disappointment of not making the playoffs with 19 wins. Others left for military service and injury.
Whatever the case, we are better off. This team is better than 2007 and even stronger than the team that went up against Somerville in 2000 YBL Championships. The beacons are younger, stronger and faster than any team in the YB right now. They have some solid pitching - with a bull pen. That was demonstrated by the emergence of Adam Kulis 2-1 as a strong YBL starter this year. Adam was good in 2007 (5 wins to lead the team), but he is smarter and more secure on the bump. He defeated Revere (#2 seed in 2007 playoffs) and went up against a Blue Fish team that demolished his mates in their early game in 2008. Big baby Jon Pelletier was the man who went up against Blue Fish the first time. he got roughed up in that game pretty bad. Baby came in for relief in the 6th Friday and shut the door. The 19 year old from Quincy was the beneficiary of Jack Owens & Joe Baressi RBI singles to put the team ahead in the 7th. Jon won his 1st YBL Game!
Many changes and adjustments have been needed to fine - tune this ball club. Are they going to the Finals - I do not know. But, I know one thing - they beat Somerville pretty bad last week. the defeated revere and Blue Fish 3-2 and have won 5 games in a row and are in 2nd place in the Tarpey Conference right now.
The playoffs are on the horizon for the Beacons. Now they have to capture that Pot o Gold. It is all in their hands. Just WIN!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

McKay Club Beacons - 9 Somerville - 5

Beacons 9 Somerville 5 @ Ronan Park!

The Somerville Alibrandi Club with 10 YBL Rings and their usual swagger -- strutted their stuff to Ronan Park on Wednesday night. The team that has set a standard for behavior between the white lines in this league for 11 years was stunned by an upstart TEAM. The McKay Club beacons took it to the Champs in style on home turf.

Somerville pitcher Steve Szathmary has difficulty on dirt surfaces according to assistant manager, Rob McDonough. His usual success on the grass infield at Trum was negated by the fast bald concrete surface at Ronan. Steve was hit for 6 early (1 in first & 5 in 3rd) innings. It was tough for Somerville to recover after that.

The beacons had nothing but respect for Alibrandi’s, but they were not in awe of them. The youngsters on this team – new to the YBL – just did what they do best play good baseball. Now a new contender for play off competition has emerged over the past 4 games. The beacons have that 4 game win streak going now and feel comfortable against the Iron of the YBL.

Jack Ownes has been huge in the lead-off spot and he leaned into one to lead off the contest. He then scored on a Connor Reinfurt (League leading 16th ) RBI. Jackie was 2 for 3 with 2 runs scored and a stolen base. The Captain, who wears his beacon Heart on his sleeve was very happy after the game. He said, “I do not want to get to high about this – but this was a huge win”.

Owens led the 5 run 3rd with a solid single. He advanced to second on Ray (we are glad to have ya) Oshima’s single. Oshima has been a tremendous addition to the Club. Since he jumped on board the middle infield situation has settled the team down and solid D is the watchword. “The Brad Gerbus Show” walked to pickle the pads. Reinfurt was robbed of extra bases by a tremendous circus catch by the left fielder Davis. The runners held. But, Andy McAllister walked after a long battle with Szathmary to force Happy jack over the dish. The story of the young season is the UMass connection. Drew Tambling has climbed the YBL Batting leader ladder the past week. He smashed a double to plate Oshima and Gerbus. The man who has matured most on this team since he was moved over to 2B is Jake Souto. Jake has been solid at second and he has been hitting in the clutch. Jake knocked in Andy & Drew for the 4th & 5th runs of the inning.

The batting party would not be over. Oshima was pesky in his 3rd at bat and worked a walk to lead the 3rd stanza. Gerbus, who has been the YBL leading hitter for the season struck a solid single to the “other side” in LF. Reinfurt smashed one right at Dave Scioli at short for the easy 6-4-3 DP. BUT --- Andy McAllister sounded the attack and struck a single to plate Oshima and Dan Ciocca also chipped in with a single to plate McAllister.

The beacons added one more in the 6th for insurance. You never have enough runs against Somerville. Reinfurt hit a tumultuous double with one out. His UMass buddy Tambling sent him home for his 3rd RBI of the night. Tambling stole 2nd and 3rd in this sequence. His total stolen bases on the game were 3.

Mike Barthel went 5.2 solid innings. He was left in for 124 pitches. Barthel was touched up for a line drive HR by Justin Crissafuli in the 3rd and cruised along until the 6th. Somerville never quits and put a scare into the beacons plating 4. Ryan Thomas is smooth under pressure. He shut the door for the rest of the way to help his team to victory once again.

The beacons are a TEAM now. Much work and many challenges appear on the horizon as they take the “one game at a time” approach to this season. It is great to win – but even better when a team that no one expected anything of in the beginning of the season – can defeat the top notched Alibrandi Club of Somerville.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtics Light One UP for RED!

The Truth - Play Off MVP!

Game 6 -- Celtics 131, Lakers 92

It's a Garden party! Celtics clinch 17th title in blowout fashion
Now another generation has stories to tell. The Celtics ran roughshod over an overmatched Lakers team tonight at the Garden, winning Game 6 of the NBA Finals 131-92 to capture the 17th NBA tite in franchise history. Once again, the Celtics are on top of the


The Boston Celtics went from worst to first in one short season. The winners of only 24 games in 2007 the Celtics rebuild and refurbished a franchise that was crashing to the lower depths of the NBA. Celtic green lit up the NBA of 2008 with the league leading 66 wins and played the most playoff games in NBA history 26.

On the 17th day of the 6th month of 2008 - The Boston Celtics won their 17th Championship an NBA record at the Boston Garden. They defeated their arch rivals - LA Lakers and celebrated on the floor named in honor of the late Red Auerbach.

Paul Pierce was the leader of his soldiers in green. Finals MVP - The Truth is now a house-hold name around the globe!

Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge build one of the most awesome team in Boston sports history. They demolish LA tonight 130-92. The largest NBA clincher - ever.

Red was there in spirit. Johnny Hondo, Big Bill, Jo Jo, KC, Max, Danny and the Trooper - Tommy "POINT" were there. All Champions - some 10 times over. LA had their glitz and glamour. Boston had the "hard core winners of the past" in the stands to root these kids on to victory.

What a night for Boston. What a night for Celtic Nation. Thanks to the fans to stuck by the "green" during the tough times. We who used to ask for the barman to turn the Celtics off the past few years salute you.


So -- "light one up for Boston and light one up for RED"!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sometimes You do not really Know your Players, until...

Connor, Drew's and Grant's Field Trip to the Gay Pride Parade

“Sometimes you really do not know your players.”

Being eclectic individuals - men of men -- the Bay Street Buddies paid an unannounced visit to Gay Pride Day Celebrations in Boston on Saturday. MMMMMMM...that is interesting! These robust young collegians from UMass Boston and Virginia were stuck like Charlie on the MBTA Saturday afternoon. Their normal trek on the streets of our fair city is to haunt the female persuasion, but today they got a look at “the guys who bat for the other team”. They were tossed out onto Boston's downtown streets where the Annual Gay Pride Festivities were unfolding.

Connor was so inspired by the "spangled and tantalizing Transvestites", he went four for four and had an RBI against the Brighton Sox hours later. He also made a key pick off of a pissed off Ted Tracy to end a potential threat.

Drew was amazed at the "Colorful Drag Queens". He was so inspired he belted a solo Home Run over everything in right. Later on in the game we would save runs with an antelope-like catch of a far reaching fly ball. It was his line drive down the left field line that rolled for a mile which dazzled his mates. Drew ran like mad and sent two runs across with that inside the parker.

Grant Derflinger had no idea what was ahead of him as he gazed onto the "chiseled-chested body hunks" on the floats. He did not have a Beacon uniform and had never pitched in the YBL. But, it would be this day - Gay Pride Day - that Grant would mount the hill at Rogers and try to save the day for the McKay Club.

Ohh well -- all a matter of a Happy Day for the boyz who wear blue for the Beacons. Nice job and do not tell your Gal Pals where you were on Saturday afternoon!!!!! Your "secret" IS SAFE with me!!

A bit of "pride" and just a big win!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Bitter Sweet Night at Yawkey League Banquet!

Yawkey League Hall Of Fame Banquet
IBEW Hall - Freeport Street
Dorchester, MA
June 13, 2008

The 2008 Yawkey League Banquet drew its largest crowd. 350 people came to the IBEW Hall on Freeport Street in Dorchester by the Sea to pay tribute to 6 men who made it good in the organization. 32 folks represented the McKay Club as well. It was a bitter sweet experience for this writer.

McKay Club Hall of Famers: Dick Sexton, Brian Yanovitch, Jay Malley, Dan Kazmouski, Ray Muise were in attendance.

I was proud to sponsor two friends, who played ball for me since they were kids. They are still kids in my mind today - Mike Kazmouski & John Pagel.

Kaz & Pags played ball for me since they were 14-15 respectively. Kaz in the old Mill Stream Little/Teen League and Pags was with me on my JV Ball Club - the Columbus High Friars. Both gents baseball career mirrored the development of the McKay Club into a solid franchise in the old Junior Park now Yawkey League.

I speak of both together because their dedication to me as a coach and their love of the game could never be matched. Each a different player - who made quite different contributions. Kaz was a pesky - clutch hitter with blazing speed in his late teens to mid 20's. Pags the crafty - rubber armed legionary pitcher & one of the best fielder/hitters in YBL History.

Johnny Pags & Mike Kaz were there at the very beginning of this segment of my 40 year baseball journey. It was tough to "see them go" last night. I can not imagine the McKay Club without them. Every step of the way each man was dedicated to winning with class. Kaz favorite saying - there is "NO I IN TEAM" needs to be heard by all who continue to play the game. Unselfish play and self sacrifice helps to build champions. Look at Somerville in our league and the new Red Sox here in Boston. Players come to the park with an objective - win as a team.

John Pagel SPOKE last night. I do not know if I have heard him speak so much in the same time frame in our 26 year friendship. This MUST have meant something to him. He was gracious and eloquent!

Kaz brought the house down. His speech was tremendous. The culmination was a duel tribute with him & his "best friend - son Evan" doing a tribute to Nana Barbara, who passed away 6 years ago.

I laughed a cried a bit last night. It is good to know that I have done something right in this league. Each of the guys who spoke last night paid me tribute - that was sweet. BUT, remember, this is not a one man show. The McKay Club & Yawkey League was built by other dedicated men. Paul Buzzell, TJ Burke Sr, Billy Cunningham and George Edwards - have all had an impact on the development of this team. The members of the YBL Board and its coaches make sure that every player in our League is afforded the best opportunities available in amateur baseball.

As I bid these two players farewell - I look at the bright new energetic players I have recruited this year. Take the message from these two Yawkey League Hall of Famers. Love the game. Respect the game and the game. Wear your unifomrs with pride. Give as a team mate not an individual AND! The Game will be good to you!

Thanks Kaz & Pags - you have my deep respect and affection!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dave McKay Governor of Red Sox Nation

My Hat is In the Ring!
Today I have entered the race for Governor of Massachusetts Red Sox Nation!
It is my hope that you will take the time to endorse my candidacy by going to: Click on Red Sox Nation. Once at that location you can endorse my candidacy by clicking on the form provided.Those of you who know me -- understand my love of the Red Sox and everything they stand for in our great area.
I hope to be your voice at Fenway Park. There will be opportunities for the Regular Person -- like us to speak our concerns to those who make policy at the Old Ball Yard. My 40 years of coaching and administrating local amateur baseball programs and a life-time as a Red Sox Fan -- qualify me for this position.
To Endorse my candidacy please go to:
*Click on Red Sox Nation.*Click on Red Sox Nation Endorsement Form.
*When you get there just put my name Dave McKay & my email address: Also, select Massachusetts as the State.
*You will have to place your personal info below, but if you do not want to be placed on MLB's mailing list just uncheck the box and your email address will not be shared.You do not need to be a member of Red Sox Nation to vote. You can also vote as many times as you like.
Please help me out by sending this email to as many people as you think of on your email list. It is the only way that we can get the Boston Baseball Head - ME elected Governor of Red Sox Nation!
Vote Early - Vote Often - VOTE DAVE MCKAY - Governor of Massachusetts Red Sox Nation.
Many thanks and I appreciate your help in this election.
My Favorite Red Sox Moment

This is a very difficult question to ask a 55 year old Bostonian, who lives close to Fenway Park and has been to hundreds of Sox games at home and on the road.

My first World Series game was on October 5, 1967. My Dad came to pick me up for an authorized day off at Columbus High in the North End. We went out to lunch at the Kegler Café near Fenway and I had chills walking up Boylston Street into Fenway for Game Two of the Sox v Cardinals at the Old Ball Yard.

This day was memorable because I had an opportunity to spend an entire afternoon with my father – a guy who worked 16 hours a day 6 days a week. I only saw him on week ends. Plus, it was the culmination of a summer of thrills and chills, which will never be matched in Boston Sports History.

The two great heroes of the Sox Impossible Dream stepped up that day. Yaz (’67 Triple Crown & Sportsman of the Year) smashed a Home run and Gentleman Jim Lonborg (Cy Young Winner). The Sox won that game 5-0.

My sister Joanne & I returned for Game 7 and suffered the heart-ache of watching the best pitcher of the era – Bob Gibson toss a 3 hitter – he even hit a homer. The Sox and Lonnie lost that game 7-2. We went home sad, but with memories that devour all others. Seeing my First of Three World Series at Fenway with Dad– yup my Favorite Red sox Moments!

Reasons I Stand Out as a Member of Red Sox Nation

I have been involved in the Game of Baseball as a player, Coach, League Administrator and fan for more than 50 years now! Wow – I can not believe I am saying that. Baseball and the Red Sox have become synonymous with me over the years. People who know me may not know my name – but they know me as the Boston Baseball Head.

I began coaching inner-city kids in the Mill Stream Baseball League in Dorchester when I was 15 years of age – 40 years ago. I was hooked. Never a good player – I was a better teacher. At 19, I became the administrator of that youth baseball program that consisted of 27 teams from 9 years of age to Men’s Amateur Baseball. I continue that involvement now as League President of the Thomas A. Yawkey Baseball League of Boston. This 17 team amateur baseball program for young men has become one of the premier programs in the USA. We are a wood bat league that play a 32 game schedule in Boston Proper and surrounding communities.

I have coached 5 Yawkey League All Star Games at Fenway Park. My team in the YBL, McKay Club was invited to play the Women’s Professional Baseball Team called the Colorado Silver Bullets at Fenway in 1997. We beat the ladies 5-2 – it was their last game ever. Thru my administration the Yawkey League has grown in stature in Boston. We have games of the week televised on local Comcast and I was invited last year to develop my own TV Show on local access television. It is all about Baseball – of course! The Show is called appropriately – the Boston Baseball Heads Show.

I have attended Red Sox Spring Training every year since 1995, Ft Myers has become a second home. I have met so many wonderful friends there and we communicate all year about our Red Sox. I have been very fortunate to follow the Red Sox on the road to: New York, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and Toronto over the years. I will pack my bags June 26 for a trek to Houston for the Sox 3 game series.

I have been very fortunate to attend the 1999 (at Fenway) & 2003 (in Chicago) All Star Games. I attended the 1967, 1975 and 1986 World Series at Fenway Park. Unfortunately – I did not attend either 2004 or 2007 World Series. Well – maybe that was good. The Sox won those – the jinx stayed away!

Currently, I have a 10 game box seat package of tickets to various Sox games. I watch all or part of the entire 162 game regular season games and slyly watch the Yankees every night I can on the MLB package. It is always good to know what your enemy is doing.
It is for these reasons – I believe I will be a prime candidate for Governor of Red Sox Nation in Massachusetts.

Thursday, June 5, 2008




The call to “Play Ball!” will have even more resonance on Tuesday, June 10, as the U.S. Military All-Stars, a team made up of members of all branches of the armed services, challenges Boston’s own Yawkey Baseball League to nine innings of world-class action on the first stop of their 2008 Red White and Blue Barnstorming Tour of the USA at Quincy’s – Adams Field at 7 p.m.

Twenty-five young men from the 17-team wood bat Yawkey Baseball League will be selected to play the U.S. Military All-Stars after nominations from managers. The selection process will be accomplished by the league’s All-Star Committee.

Founded in 1990, the U.S. Military All-Stars have established over 30 military programs in all services around the globe and become the fastest growing, largest, most successful, and only joint armed forces baseball program in the world. Their historic Red, White and Blue Tour of America has earned a reputation as the most popular summer baseball exhibition in the world, attracting over 15 million people annually with over 350 appearances delivering highly competitive, exciting entertainment, and providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience to Armed Forces players with the talent to perform on a national stage.

The U.S. Military All-Stars participate during off-duty time while on leave, cover their own expenses and decline government funding to ensure that all available resources support our men and women overseas. Over 95 percent of the players selected each year have deployed in direct support of the war. They represent some of the most talented athletes in the armed forces selected from thousands of personnel worldwide.

If selected, they earn a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent our nation at exciting events in 23 states. The program is distinguished by a 567-211 overall record of .758 against professional, semiprofessional, and collegiate teams.Adams Field, owned and maintained by the City of Quincy Parks and Recreation Department, is located at South and Robert Streets in Quincy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boston Rallies for Celtics at City Hall TODAY @ 5PM

Mayor, Celtics Hold “Pep”Conference on the Plaza!
When: TODAY, Wednesday, June 4th Time: 5:00 p.m. City Hall Plaza
Come support your Eastern Conference Champion Celtics! Mayor Thomas M. Menino will join Boston Celtics ownership and legends as we celebrate the Celtics making it to the NBA Finals for the first time in 21 years. Having the best record in the NBA regular season, our hometown team will play their first game of the series against the Los Angeles Lakers tomorrow night at the TD Banknorth Garden. Mayor Menino and city officials are very excited the Celtics have made it to the Finals, and are looking forward to a memorable series. Wear your green and support your team!

US Military All Stars v Yawkey League Stars - June 10


The United States Military All Star Baseball Team will visit the Historic City of Quincy on June 10th. The Military All Stars, who represent some of the best baseball talent from all branches of the US Armed Forces, will play a 9 inning game against the Thomas A. Yawkey League All Stars at Adams Field. Game time is 7PM. Pregame festivities begin at 6:45PM – Sharp.

This is the second year that the Military team visited the Greater Boston Area. Last June they defeated the Yawkey Stars at Roslindale’s – Bill Stewart Field by a score of 8-7. The high flying Military Stars come to our region as they kick off the 2008 Red White and Blue Tour of many areas of the nation.

The origin of United States armed forces baseball has been traced back to the Civil War (1860-1865). Over nearly a century and a half, military baseball has been utilized as a successful tool to improve recruiting efforts, increase visibility, and morale of the Armed Services and American citizens.

Following World War I, when major league stars such as Ty Cobb and Christy Mathewson served their country and played on teams overseas and at home, military baseball reached the peak of popularity during WWII (1941-1945). Baseball legends Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Hank Greenburg and Bob Feller headed the list of major leaguers playing for service teams. Military baseball served as a conduit to post-war reconstruction efforts and international relations.

The last official efforts to support organized military baseball occurred during the “Vietnam Era”. Program support was extremely limited in scope during the Korean War (1950-1952) and finally, the Vietnam War (1965-1974), when American politicians and military leaders began the systematic dismantling of our military infrastructure and personnel force strength. Military baseball was phased out and went dormant along with the decline of our armed forces.

In 1990, this country experienced a renaissance of organized military baseball in the “Modern Era”. Determined re-organization efforts by a U.S. Navy program was founded in Pensacola, Florida. That initial Navy program launched nearly two decades ago, led to establishing the growth of successful teams in all services around the world.

The Yawkey League, a 17 team premiere amateur baseball program for young men was established in the 1950’s as the Boston City League and evolved in 1990 into the Yawkey League – named in honor of the former owner of the Boston Red Sox. 25 players will represent the YBL Stars and hope to compete and win in 2008.

Field Manager for the YBL Stars will be Mike Powers of the 10 time YBL Champion – Somerville Alibrandi Club. The Military Stars will be managed by Ivan Cruz of the Cruz Baseball Academy.

There is no charge for admission to this tremendous event. It will be covered by Comcast Cable of Boston and Brookline.

Any media info or requests should be directed to:

Dave McKay
President – Yawkey Baseball League