Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtics Light One UP for RED!

The Truth - Play Off MVP!

Game 6 -- Celtics 131, Lakers 92

It's a Garden party! Celtics clinch 17th title in blowout fashion
Now another generation has stories to tell. The Celtics ran roughshod over an overmatched Lakers team tonight at the Garden, winning Game 6 of the NBA Finals 131-92 to capture the 17th NBA tite in franchise history. Once again, the Celtics are on top of the


The Boston Celtics went from worst to first in one short season. The winners of only 24 games in 2007 the Celtics rebuild and refurbished a franchise that was crashing to the lower depths of the NBA. Celtic green lit up the NBA of 2008 with the league leading 66 wins and played the most playoff games in NBA history 26.

On the 17th day of the 6th month of 2008 - The Boston Celtics won their 17th Championship an NBA record at the Boston Garden. They defeated their arch rivals - LA Lakers and celebrated on the floor named in honor of the late Red Auerbach.

Paul Pierce was the leader of his soldiers in green. Finals MVP - The Truth is now a house-hold name around the globe!

Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge build one of the most awesome team in Boston sports history. They demolish LA tonight 130-92. The largest NBA clincher - ever.

Red was there in spirit. Johnny Hondo, Big Bill, Jo Jo, KC, Max, Danny and the Trooper - Tommy "POINT" were there. All Champions - some 10 times over. LA had their glitz and glamour. Boston had the "hard core winners of the past" in the stands to root these kids on to victory.

What a night for Boston. What a night for Celtic Nation. Thanks to the fans to stuck by the "green" during the tough times. We who used to ask for the barman to turn the Celtics off the past few years salute you.


So -- "light one up for Boston and light one up for RED"!

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