Friday, June 6, 2008

Dave McKay Governor of Red Sox Nation

My Hat is In the Ring!
Today I have entered the race for Governor of Massachusetts Red Sox Nation!
It is my hope that you will take the time to endorse my candidacy by going to: Click on Red Sox Nation. Once at that location you can endorse my candidacy by clicking on the form provided.Those of you who know me -- understand my love of the Red Sox and everything they stand for in our great area.
I hope to be your voice at Fenway Park. There will be opportunities for the Regular Person -- like us to speak our concerns to those who make policy at the Old Ball Yard. My 40 years of coaching and administrating local amateur baseball programs and a life-time as a Red Sox Fan -- qualify me for this position.
To Endorse my candidacy please go to:
*Click on Red Sox Nation.*Click on Red Sox Nation Endorsement Form.
*When you get there just put my name Dave McKay & my email address: Also, select Massachusetts as the State.
*You will have to place your personal info below, but if you do not want to be placed on MLB's mailing list just uncheck the box and your email address will not be shared.You do not need to be a member of Red Sox Nation to vote. You can also vote as many times as you like.
Please help me out by sending this email to as many people as you think of on your email list. It is the only way that we can get the Boston Baseball Head - ME elected Governor of Red Sox Nation!
Vote Early - Vote Often - VOTE DAVE MCKAY - Governor of Massachusetts Red Sox Nation.
Many thanks and I appreciate your help in this election.
My Favorite Red Sox Moment

This is a very difficult question to ask a 55 year old Bostonian, who lives close to Fenway Park and has been to hundreds of Sox games at home and on the road.

My first World Series game was on October 5, 1967. My Dad came to pick me up for an authorized day off at Columbus High in the North End. We went out to lunch at the Kegler Café near Fenway and I had chills walking up Boylston Street into Fenway for Game Two of the Sox v Cardinals at the Old Ball Yard.

This day was memorable because I had an opportunity to spend an entire afternoon with my father – a guy who worked 16 hours a day 6 days a week. I only saw him on week ends. Plus, it was the culmination of a summer of thrills and chills, which will never be matched in Boston Sports History.

The two great heroes of the Sox Impossible Dream stepped up that day. Yaz (’67 Triple Crown & Sportsman of the Year) smashed a Home run and Gentleman Jim Lonborg (Cy Young Winner). The Sox won that game 5-0.

My sister Joanne & I returned for Game 7 and suffered the heart-ache of watching the best pitcher of the era – Bob Gibson toss a 3 hitter – he even hit a homer. The Sox and Lonnie lost that game 7-2. We went home sad, but with memories that devour all others. Seeing my First of Three World Series at Fenway with Dad– yup my Favorite Red sox Moments!

Reasons I Stand Out as a Member of Red Sox Nation

I have been involved in the Game of Baseball as a player, Coach, League Administrator and fan for more than 50 years now! Wow – I can not believe I am saying that. Baseball and the Red Sox have become synonymous with me over the years. People who know me may not know my name – but they know me as the Boston Baseball Head.

I began coaching inner-city kids in the Mill Stream Baseball League in Dorchester when I was 15 years of age – 40 years ago. I was hooked. Never a good player – I was a better teacher. At 19, I became the administrator of that youth baseball program that consisted of 27 teams from 9 years of age to Men’s Amateur Baseball. I continue that involvement now as League President of the Thomas A. Yawkey Baseball League of Boston. This 17 team amateur baseball program for young men has become one of the premier programs in the USA. We are a wood bat league that play a 32 game schedule in Boston Proper and surrounding communities.

I have coached 5 Yawkey League All Star Games at Fenway Park. My team in the YBL, McKay Club was invited to play the Women’s Professional Baseball Team called the Colorado Silver Bullets at Fenway in 1997. We beat the ladies 5-2 – it was their last game ever. Thru my administration the Yawkey League has grown in stature in Boston. We have games of the week televised on local Comcast and I was invited last year to develop my own TV Show on local access television. It is all about Baseball – of course! The Show is called appropriately – the Boston Baseball Heads Show.

I have attended Red Sox Spring Training every year since 1995, Ft Myers has become a second home. I have met so many wonderful friends there and we communicate all year about our Red Sox. I have been very fortunate to follow the Red Sox on the road to: New York, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and Toronto over the years. I will pack my bags June 26 for a trek to Houston for the Sox 3 game series.

I have been very fortunate to attend the 1999 (at Fenway) & 2003 (in Chicago) All Star Games. I attended the 1967, 1975 and 1986 World Series at Fenway Park. Unfortunately – I did not attend either 2004 or 2007 World Series. Well – maybe that was good. The Sox won those – the jinx stayed away!

Currently, I have a 10 game box seat package of tickets to various Sox games. I watch all or part of the entire 162 game regular season games and slyly watch the Yankees every night I can on the MLB package. It is always good to know what your enemy is doing.
It is for these reasons – I believe I will be a prime candidate for Governor of Red Sox Nation in Massachusetts.

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