Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sometimes You do not really Know your Players, until...

Connor, Drew's and Grant's Field Trip to the Gay Pride Parade

“Sometimes you really do not know your players.”

Being eclectic individuals - men of men -- the Bay Street Buddies paid an unannounced visit to Gay Pride Day Celebrations in Boston on Saturday. MMMMMMM...that is interesting! These robust young collegians from UMass Boston and Virginia were stuck like Charlie on the MBTA Saturday afternoon. Their normal trek on the streets of our fair city is to haunt the female persuasion, but today they got a look at “the guys who bat for the other team”. They were tossed out onto Boston's downtown streets where the Annual Gay Pride Festivities were unfolding.

Connor was so inspired by the "spangled and tantalizing Transvestites", he went four for four and had an RBI against the Brighton Sox hours later. He also made a key pick off of a pissed off Ted Tracy to end a potential threat.

Drew was amazed at the "Colorful Drag Queens". He was so inspired he belted a solo Home Run over everything in right. Later on in the game we would save runs with an antelope-like catch of a far reaching fly ball. It was his line drive down the left field line that rolled for a mile which dazzled his mates. Drew ran like mad and sent two runs across with that inside the parker.

Grant Derflinger had no idea what was ahead of him as he gazed onto the "chiseled-chested body hunks" on the floats. He did not have a Beacon uniform and had never pitched in the YBL. But, it would be this day - Gay Pride Day - that Grant would mount the hill at Rogers and try to save the day for the McKay Club.

Ohh well -- all a matter of a Happy Day for the boyz who wear blue for the Beacons. Nice job and do not tell your Gal Pals where you were on Saturday afternoon!!!!! Your "secret" IS SAFE with me!!

A bit of "pride" and just a big win!

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