Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tim White - Yawkey Hall of Fame!

Tim White - McKay Club Beacons Enters YBL Hall of Fame!
Tim White was a pure hitter. In Little League, Babe Ruth, RBI, the Yawkey League - Tim made pitchers scratch their heads every day. A pure sweet swinger from the left hand side of the plate.
His 10 years in the Yawkey League will be remembered as the leading Designated Hitter on a very talented McKay Club which he led to the Championship Finals in 1998 & 2000. Tim's teams were at or near the top of the Tarpey Conference each summer. Baseball was always fun for this gifted young man.
He was the league leading hitter 4 times from the time he joined the YBL at 17 years of age. The last time Tim won that batting title was 2004 with his Savin Hill neighborhood team.Although he drifted away from the McKay Club for two years, Tim came home to complete the cycle and his stroried career.
He left baseball to care for his real pride in life his new family. Time White HITTER is inducted pridfully into the Hall Of Fame by his McKay Club team mates and admiring opponents this evening.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Barry Bonds - A HUGE JOKE!

Hammer'in Hank A CLASS act and one of the Greatest -- EVER!

The SULTAN of Swat! Tha - BAMBINO - Tha Masher --- The MAN who MADE BASEBALL!!!!!!

Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron will always be remembered as THE HOME RUN KINGS!

In their era - each was a monster batter and a huge baseball figure. It is so very sad that the wonderful record(s) achieved by BOTH SULTANS OF SWAT will fall soon at the handes of a diabolical cheater!

Barry Bonds disgusts me! He is without a doubt a disgrace to the GAME he rips off every single day he dons a uniform. The best thing for all of us to do is ignore this idiot and move on.

He diminishes the tremendous careers of his God Father and Dad. BOTH were true Hall of Famers. I saw them both play ball and was honored to have that opportunity! I saw Mickey Mantle, Roger Marris, Harmon Killabrew, YAZ, Mr. October, Hank Aaron, A ROD, Manny, Tony C, Al Kaline ect -- ect ect ect......

NONE of these guys were JUICED! Barry is and was and I am sad to know that he will break that tremendous record broken by a tremendous person!

So - when you think Home Run -- think AARON. In his day one of the most prolific and astounding batters ever to take a piece of lumber to the dish!

When you think about OLD School Baseball - remember the BABE --- WOW what a man!

BUT, when you look at the record that will soon be set by this unadulterated -jerk who plays baseball in San Francisco - think - CHEATER!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

North Shore Spirit Welcome Yawkey League!

95 Yawkey Baseball League players and wonderful guests traveled to the home of the North Shore Spirit on Wednesday - June 13. It was soooooo cold -- the attendance at the New Frazer Field was down, not not for the YBL. Although -- 180 YBL players & guests were anticipated - this night was a memorable one. The guys & gals who recked to Lynn had a ball.
The game was a close 4-3 encounter won by the Spirit.
Enjoy the pics I took that ae posted above!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Guess What? McKay Club Beacons are for REAL!

Congratulations - Josh McDonnell on his recent marriage. Josh has garnered a lofty .313AVE (5 for 16) while continuing his serious and positive attitude on the field!

Dana Levensaler (right) - tied for 4th in YBL .469BA; 15 for 32; .514OBP & .534 SLG

Rob Linn - 15 for 31; .469BA; .514 OBP and .534SLG

Captain Chris Deane - 10 for 29; .379BA & 4 SB.

Dan Ciocca - 10 for 27 .370BA & team leading 9RBI

Ryan Thomas - 0.00ERA; 3-0 record; 16IP and 13K's

Sean Sullivan - 3-2; 0.48ERA; 29IP and 35K's

McKay Club take over First Place in Tarpey Conference

It has been two years in the making, but the McKay Club Beacons have taken a giant step back to become one of the top entries in the 2007 Yawkey Baseball League. The Beacon's have gotten off to a jump start and are 8-4 and sit atop the Tarpey Conference in the wood bat YBL.

Ronan Park has been the location of most Beacon games in '07. Last night was just another example of the reality - McKay Club IS back. The bats and pitching have led the way! Sean Sullivan and Ryan Thomas are at the top or near the top of every pitching category in the YBL. Two McKay Club batters - Dana Lavenselar and Rob Linn are in the top 10 in the hitting department. Also, the team is second to Somerville in wins (tied with SE) at 8. The only defect is the defense. Errors plagued things in the early going, but things have improved. the addition of Shawn Raposo at 3B has stabilised an infield that made all of the 17 errors in the season.

Part One - McKay Club Pitching Leaders

Sullivan advanced to the hill against the potent (.324 second in the league - batting average) Malden Bull Dogs last night. He shut down the offense - halting rallies in all but the 1st & 7th innings. His shut out provided Sullivan with the 14th shut out inning in a row. Sully K'd 6 Bull Dogs bringing his total to 35K's over-all. His 0.48ERA in 29IP & 3-2 record have come against some tough competition. He pitched a no hitter against Cambridge as well.

Ryan Thomas is another story. What an improvement. A difficult rookie year in '06 posed some serious challenges for this tall righty. He has generated a 0.00ERA; 16.1IP; 3-0 record and 13K's all in relief. Ryan will have the pill on Monday as the Beacons meet the Revere Rockies 7-1 @ Ronan Park.

PART II - McKay Club Batting - Monday June 11.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Somerville defeats - Brighton Braves 7-0!

It was a PERFECT Day for Marc DesRoches of Somerville. Trum Field was the scene of a Perfect pitching performance Saturday - June 9. It was damp, dark and gloomy - a pitchers delight. DesRoches, the crafty YBL all star and "will-be Hall of Famer", did his thing on the hill.
Somerville has a perfect 10-0 - Best In YBL - record as they defeated Brighton Braves 7-0.Our warm congratulations to this young gentleman, who personifies everything good about the Thomas A. Yawkey League!

2007 Yawkey League Game Summary

Sat, 9 June, 1:00PM, at Trum Field
Somerville Alibrandis 7, Brighton Braves 0
Final 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E
Brighton Braves 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Somerville Alibrandis 0 0 3 2 0 2 x 7 11 0

Can U say "PERFECT".....Marc DesRoches spins a PERFECT GAME for theAlibrandi's Club. DesRoches had 10k's and threw on 73 pitches...Hats off to Marc "Doc" DesRoches on this great accomplishment!

Somerville moves to 10-0!

Friday, June 8, 2007

US Military Invade Boston!

Bill Sandillo - his Boyz & me.

MVP -- Ronnie Stahl

Manager - Bill Sandillo

Ok - I hung out with the

19yo USN from the mid-west Matt Munson. The kid can toss!

OK - Baseball & Beer DO mix!



JUNE 6, 2007


Much will be written and said about the 2007 Military Invasion of Boston. A new type invasion - not guns and tanks and infantry. Baseball players came with beautiful camouflaged uni's to encounter the men from the Thomas A. Yawkey league at Fallon Field. Hundreds were in attendance as the two "new rivals" met as the Military kicked of the '07 Red White and Blue brainstorming tour.

The game was a sea-saw battle. Yawkey Stars went out to a 4-1 lead, but could not hold on when middle relievers Sean Sullivan (McKay Club) and Aiden Powers (Al Thomas Club) lost "control and the lead". It was 4-4 and 6-6 until the Military Stars sounded attack and once again came battling back. Lead off man outfielder Ronnie Stahl drove in Elton Shaw in what proved to be the winning run for the U.S. Military All-Stars (6-1) in their 8-6 victory over the Yawkey League All-Stars in Boston. Stahl was the game MVP!

I have a huge amount of game pics that will be displayed soon, but wanted to post some fun post game pics of the Military guys, YBL Stars and yours truly.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Chief O'Hara makes his RETURN!

Joe "Chief" O'Hara (CENTER)


Yawkey League Vice Prez & Manager of the Al Thomas A's of Milton made a triumphant return to his OLD GLORY at Ronan Park Saturday afternoon. The Chief - Joe O'Hara bailed his boys out by dropping the score-book and taking over his old haunt - Right Field.

O'Hara was "involved" in the final outcome. He was also able to garner a huge base hit and a walk during the affair.

See what happens when you lose 45lbs! Awesome Joe - you give us all something to fight for!!! BUT - do not even think -- that after losing 90lbs this writer will EVER see one single inning of YBL play this or any other year?
No Nay Never!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

US Military All Stars Gear Up for Yawkey Encounter - June 6!

The call to “Play Ball!” will have even more resonance on Wednesday, June 6, as the U.S. Military All-Stars, a team made up of members of all branches of the armed services, challenges Boston’s own Yawkey Baseball League to nine innings of world-class action on the first stop of their 2007 Red White and Blue Barnstorming Tour of the USA at Fallon Field in Roslindale at 7 p.m.
Twenty-five young men from the 18-team wood bat Yawkey Baseball League will be selected to play the U.S. Military All-Stars after nominations from managers. The selection process will be accomplished by the league’s All-Star Committee. Founded in 1990, the U.S. Military All-Stars have established over 30 military programs in all services around the globe and become the fastest growing, largest, most successful, and only joint armed forces baseball program in the world. Their historic Red, White and Blue Tour of America has earned a reputation as the most popular summer baseball exhibition in the world, attracting over 15 million people annually with over 350 appearances delivering highly competitive, exciting entertainment, and providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience to Armed Forces players with the talent to perform on a national stage.
The U.S. Military All-Stars participate during off-duty time while on leave, cover their own expenses and decline government funding to ensure that all available resources support our men and women overseas. Over 95 percent of the players selected each year have deployed in direct support of the war. They represent some of the most talented athletes in the armed forces selected from thousands of personnel worldwide. If selected, they earn a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent our nation at exciting events in 23 states. The program is distinguished by a 567-211 overall record of .758 against professional, semiprofessional, and collegiate teams.

Fallon Field, owned and maintained by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, is located at South and Robert Streets in Roslindale. The park’s history can be traced back to 1899.

Many thanks to Mary Hines - Boston Park Department for this Press Release!