Sunday, June 17, 2007

Barry Bonds - A HUGE JOKE!

Hammer'in Hank A CLASS act and one of the Greatest -- EVER!

The SULTAN of Swat! Tha - BAMBINO - Tha Masher --- The MAN who MADE BASEBALL!!!!!!

Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron will always be remembered as THE HOME RUN KINGS!

In their era - each was a monster batter and a huge baseball figure. It is so very sad that the wonderful record(s) achieved by BOTH SULTANS OF SWAT will fall soon at the handes of a diabolical cheater!

Barry Bonds disgusts me! He is without a doubt a disgrace to the GAME he rips off every single day he dons a uniform. The best thing for all of us to do is ignore this idiot and move on.

He diminishes the tremendous careers of his God Father and Dad. BOTH were true Hall of Famers. I saw them both play ball and was honored to have that opportunity! I saw Mickey Mantle, Roger Marris, Harmon Killabrew, YAZ, Mr. October, Hank Aaron, A ROD, Manny, Tony C, Al Kaline ect -- ect ect ect......

NONE of these guys were JUICED! Barry is and was and I am sad to know that he will break that tremendous record broken by a tremendous person!

So - when you think Home Run -- think AARON. In his day one of the most prolific and astounding batters ever to take a piece of lumber to the dish!

When you think about OLD School Baseball - remember the BABE --- WOW what a man!

BUT, when you look at the record that will soon be set by this unadulterated -jerk who plays baseball in San Francisco - think - CHEATER!


cuz stu said...

We usually agree on most subjects. Not this one. Barry Bonds should, but won't, because of the narrow-mindedness people in the world (or just plain HATERS) out there, go down as one of the top five players in the HISTORY OF BASEBALL. A five tool candidate, Bonds, had it all, even before all this controversy even began. The 30-30 seasons, the gold gloves..there was and is not a thing that Barry can't do.
Now, Dave, calling Bonds a huge joke is like calling Marc Hordon a huge joke...look at his nothing stats over the last three years and this year in Yawkey. The difference here is that we know Marc and that he is a NICE GUY and not an ASS like Barry.
But, lets go back in time. You talked about the Babe. Lets face it, he was probably the biggest, cockiest jackass in the world...but everyone loved him, why, he was white and a yankee. Put Barry with the Yanks, change his color and hes Cal Ripken.
Anyway, put my vote in FOR Barry Bonds for the greatest player UP TO THIS POINT that this guy has ever seen. Cuz

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's why everyone is pissed at the cheater. Because he's black. Not the fact that he cheated. That he had to juice himself.

Yeah, it was a race thing.