Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Media Day Brigs Out -- Super Idiots!

Two good: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady gives the ‘hang loose’ sign as he mugs with receiver Randy Moss during the filming of a TV spot yesterday in Glendale, Ariz.

MEDIA DAY was held in Tempe, AZ yesterday. the serious and the idiots were allowed into the stadium. A beautiful babe proposed marriage to Tom Brady. Another screw ball asked Brady if he stole his sister's friends panties when they had over-night visits. What bunch of fools. Brady and Company took things in stride and had some fun with the numb skulls and their outrageous questions. That's the price you pay for fame and success in the NFL. No one is bothered. the alternative is making Oreo Cookie Commercials with your Mommy & Daddy - Payton.

PLEASE GAWD! Let the game begin. can they play it today. I am sick of the hype and all the stupidity that is taking away from the true excitment and sport of the Super Bowl. It is all commercial. Money - money - money!!!!!!!

Jacoby Happy - Red Sox Nation Thankful!

Ellsbury Glad To Be Staying Put

Red Sox outfielder finally rid of Santana trade rumors
By Ian Browne /

Mets agree to conditional Santana deal
Red Sox's Ellsbury glad to be staying put
Santana deal may reshape races
Deposition postponed for Pettitte
Young core intact after Yanks stand pat
More MLB Headlines

BOSTON -- After months of seeing and hearing his name on the rumor mill in a proposed deal for two-time Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana, Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury is now all but certain that he won't have to pack his bags for Minneapolis.

The Twins and Mets reached agreement on a deal that will send Santana to New York, assuming the lefty agrees to a contract extension and passes a physical.

"I think when you have a pitcher of Johan's caliber, pretty much every prospect is going to be mentioned in a trade at some point in the talks," said Ellsbury in a telephone interview. "It was pretty flattering to be even considered in the trade, but I'm happy with what happened. I'm happy to be a Red Sock. I'm happy that I wasn't traded at his expense, and it's nice to know where I'm going heading into the season."

Santana Traded to METS!

Reports out of NYC state that the Mets have acquired Johan Santana. New York has him - but not the Yankees. I seem to feel both the Yanks and Sox did the right thing letting this one go. Santana would have come a huge price in players and money. Too many years - too much money - too many prospects and budding stars = disaster. Good job Theo --- taking a pass on this one!

Twins Agree to Trade Santana to Mets

From the Globe's Gordon Edes (1/29):
Red Sox sources confirmed that pitcher Johan Santana is headed to the New York Mets, ending their pursuit of the two-time Cy Young Award winner. USA Today broke the news of the deal, in which the Mets are sending four prospects to the Twins and now will have 72 hours to sign Santana to a contract extension.

From USA Today's Bob Nightengale (1/29): "The New York Mets have agreed to a trade for two-time Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana, giving up four prospects to acquire the left-handed ace of the Minnesota Twins, according to two high-ranking Twins officials with knowledge of the talks and a person close to Santana. The deal is pending the Mets and Santana reaching agreement on a six- or seven-year contract extension and that Santana passes a physical."

Friday, January 25, 2008

Baseball Heads Kick Off 2nd Season

The Boston Baseball Heads TV Show aired on Boston, Brookline and Revere Comcast Network taped its first three shows of the 2008 season at the Comcast Studios in Cambridge last night. What an extravaganza of baseball talk and music. Yes - Music!

These shows will premiere in the next week. Each one will run for 2 weeks every evening at 7:30PM on CH 12 Boston Brookline Community Access. Revere will post the shows at times TBA. Rick Promise of revere Comcast has also informed me that all 2007 Yawkey League Games taped will be rebroadcast beginning the day after the Super Bowl in a Hot Stove format.


The first show taped last night was a review of the success of the Revere Rockie Team in the YBL. Led by 2007 YBL Manager of the Year Award winner - Brian Cooper and Bart Lawyer (Assistant Manager). Topics included a 14 year history of the Rockie Franchise dating back to the Boston Baseball League and present 5 year YBL history. The Rockies have made the playoffs every year in their YBL run. they had the 2nd best record in the league in 2007, but suffered a stunning elimination at the hands of South Boston Saints 3-0. A complete statistical analysis of the team on the field was prepared by Executive Producer - Arlen Showstack and YBL Statesman - "Cuz" Stu Sclaver.


The long-awaited appearance of Yawkey League Hall of Famer - Rob Crawford was taped. This 1/2 show was not enough time for the Crawford reflection on his YBL Years and his run for President of red Sox nation in 2007. Rob was appointed VP of Sox nation by Jerry Remy, because of his strong second place showing in the balloting. Rob took some time to talk about his years with the Avi Nelson Club. He also brought a great picture of him tossing the pill from the bump at Fenway Park in 1993. That was the very first YBL All Star Game. Crawford became emotional during his interview. His love of the Game and his connection with the reality of being a strong force in Red Sox Nation. The highlight of the show was when rob sang two of his tremendous Red Sox songs. The best is my favorite Red Sox song of All time: I'm a Member of Red Sox Nation. This young man is a gem of an individual and one of the best guests I have had on the BBHS in our year and a half on the air.


The YBL Guru of Stas - Stu Sclaver joined me for our third taping. We had some fun announcing all of the Award Winners from the Thomas A. Yawkey league for 2007. these presentations will be made at the Hall of fame Awards Banquet in June.

Stu made a great appearance presenting his usual plethora of stats and info on each of the: Silver Slugger, Gold Glove and Special Awards - MVP, Rookie of Year, Top Pitcher & Hitter recipients. He also has slimmed down by 42lbs since the end of the 2007 season. Great work!

A list of when these shows will air will be posted here as soon I i get it from Executive Producer - Arlen Showstack.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New England Patriots Celebrate 2008 AFC Championship!

Tom Brady raised the Lamar Hunt Trophy after winning the AFC Championship game.
(Getty Images Photo / Al Bello)
Bob Kraft (right) congratulated Bill Belichick (left) after the game.
(Reuters Photo)

Tom Brady walked on the field after the game.
(Globe Staff Photo / Matthew J. Lee)

Ellis Hobbs celebrated on the field after the game.
(Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Pats RB Laurence Maroney celebrated on the field after the game.
(Getty Images Photo / Jim Rogash)

Patriots DB Asante Samuel celebrated on the field after the victory.
(AP Photo)

Tom Brady celebrated on the field after the game.
(Globe Staff Photo / John Tlumacki)

Tedy Bruschi yelled in celebration after the Patriots defeated the Chargers 21-12 to win the AFC Championship and a trip to Super Bowl XLII.
(Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

Brady Gets Boot?

In this photo taken outside the New York apartment of girlfriend Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady appears to have a protective boot on his right foot. ( Photo)

OH NOOOOOO! This pic is not what the doctor ordered after the hangover on Monday. Tom Brady has a broken "something". People do not wear boots like this unless there is a problem with their foot. Brady has some type of injury. As usual Patriot nation is tight lipped about this. Tom does have two weeks to get ready for the Super Bowl -- so do not press the panic button. Sit back relax and hope that his sweetie -Gisele can massage IT and make it better!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Patriots SUPER Once Again!

New England Patriots v New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

Tom Brady - Super QB of the New England patriots is MVP & Sportsman of the Year in 2007. Now he leads his team to its 4th Super Bowl in 7 years. A fourth RING awaits Tom terrific and his squad. He is limping a bit after his AFC Champion Patriots defeated San Diego on Sunday. BUT - you can bet the mortgage money that Tommy Boy will be up and about for their run against the new York Football Giants in Arizona.

The New England Patriots are the 2007 AFC Champions. They have defeated San Diego 21-12 at Gillette Stadium to earn a birth in Super Bowl on February 3.
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Friday, January 18, 2008

Bumper Stickers Say It All!

Sometimes a Bumper Sticker says EVERYTHING WELL!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Follow the Sox to Japan? I doubt it!

The Boston Red Sox open the 2008 MLB Season in Japan.
Will you follow your heroes half way around the world? Here are the details:
Red Sox Destinations is going to Japan
Red Sox Destinations, the Official Sports Travel provider of the Boston Red Sox, will be coordinating the trip of a lifetime to join the Red Sox as they begin their title defense a little early in 2008, with a historic event in Tokyo, Japan, the epicenter of baseball culture in the Far East.
Allow us to do all of your travel planning as you experience this monumental occasion as the Red Sox face the Oakland Athletics in Major League Baseball's Opening Series.Packages will include private charter airfare along with many Red Sox Front Office executives departing on Saturday, March 22 from Boston and arriving in Tokyo on Sunday afternoon, March 23. Our guests will stay at the Team hotel, the luxury New Otani Hotel for four nights, and will receive great tickets to three (3) games - including an exhibition game against one of the teams from the Nippon Professional Baseball League and two MLB regular season games.Guests will also be invited to a private reception with Red Sox players and uniformed personnel, participate in other organized sight seeing opportunities around Japan, and will receive a premium gift bag, 24/7 concierge services from our dedicated staff, and much more. We will arrive back in Boston the evening of Thursday, March 27.
For additional information regarding Red Sox Destinations you can visit our Web site at Please also feel free to contact our staff directly at (617) 226-6400 or e-mail with any additional questions about this unique opportunity as space is limited.

Red Sox Nation Exclusive Discounts: Red Sox Nation Citizens will receive exclusive discounts on the Red Sox Destinations trip to Japan by simply ordering now and mentioning their RSN ID number.Even if you are not currently a Citizen, you can join now for as low as $14.95 and still take advantage of these great discounts.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Virtual Waiting Rooms = Virtual HELL!!!!

MLB Teams have put their Spring Training tickets on sale by way of the Internet recently. The Red Sox feeding frenzy for tickets began two weeks ago on a cooooold January Saturday @ 10AM. I was on line for tickets waiting in a virtual hell hole called "Virtual Waiting Room" for almost one hour. When I was allowed into the inner sanctum of Red Sox Ticket Mania ALLLLL THE FRIGGIN SEATS WERE GONE! YES GONE! I had to settle for standing room in the RF Pavilion Deck. Those tickets were not cheap either.

My point here is there must be a better way to sell tickets. Scalpers have the inner edge. I was speaking to friends who go to The Time Out Tavern on Edison St. right down the street from City of Palms Park. They said folks were lined up for Sox ducets for two days. YES - 2 days! Those people were scalpers, who are going to rake in huge profits from the sales for the ill gotten tickets. This is not about sport or about a love of Red Sox Nation - it is all about greed. The Sox buy into it because they could care less. As long as the park is full every day - why should they.

I also had the unfortunate experience of waiting for 2 hours for Twins v Sox tickets on Saturday - January 12. I got seats this time, (March 3 v Reds, March 1 v Red Sox and March 12 v Red Sox.) -- but lost out on an opportunity to get tickets for the Twins v Yanks game on March 9th. These games are scheduled at beautiful Hammond County Stadium just down the road from the Sox home in Ft Myers. The Yankeee tickets were sold out in 10 minutes!

In all - I will attend 23 Spring Training games in Ft Myer and Central FLA from March 1 - 31, 2008. It is a great vacation -- all baseball -- but you have to wait in HELL in order to get there!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Boston Park League Champs - Boston Padres

Boston Baseball Heads Show now airing on Comcast Ch 12 in Boston, Brookline and Revere, MA features the manager of the 2007 Boston Park League Champion - Ed Neal. Neal (2nd left) is pictured with (L to R) Al Ditulio, Dave McKay & "Cuz" Stu Sclaver. Neal is sporting his Park League and Bosox Championship Trophies which are symbolic of the Padres win in the Oldest Amateur baseball league in America. Ed has worked long and hard for these honors. We wish him and his Boston Padres well in the future.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Steroids IS B12 Now according to the Rocket Man!

B12? Rocket --- B12? Get off it. That was steroids your trainer injected into your fat Texas ass! The press conference held in Texas by Roger Clemens was just another shame on his storied career. The pitcher, who sold his soul to the devil for an opportunity to win a World Series with the "Damnable Yankees" is making his lie bigger by the day. He and his mouth pieces orchestrated an outrageous taped - phone call with his estranged trainer on Friday. They opened the Press Conference with that call. Both Clemens and his "accuser" bantered back and forth about nothing at all. The Court of Public Opinion has already passed judgment on you Roger. You should have admitted to your crime against baseball and its fans. Giambi stepped up -- even your born-again Texas Cousin Andy came forward and admitted to using steroids. Why are you above the truth? Say you did IT - Say you lied and get out of our lives. We have had enough of you and the likes of you in OUR game. You may not give a damn about the Hall of Fame today - but wait until 5 years from now when you are NOT inducted on the first ballot. How will you feel on THAT DAY? LIAR!!!!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Is Rocket a Liar or Confused?

The Boston Baseball Heads View

The "greatest pitcher in MLB history" appeared on 60 Minutes last night for a 12 minute diatribe of BS with the AGING Mike Wallace. Wallace pandered to Clemens anger all during the interview. The Rocket twitched, gulped -- espoused sincere utter outrage and anger while he defended himself. I for one did not buy it. I have watched many Clemens Interviews over the years. This one was an outrage to the true baseball talent and accomplishments that this man has accrued over a 24 year career with 4 teams. He is lying! He IS angry at a guy who he helped make a millionaire. BUT - there is no defending what Roger did. He did steroids. I was not there when he was plugged in the ass with the drug. BUT - I know in my heart of hearts that Roger Clemens is a cheater. The Rockets Circus of Interviews and media Exposure continues in Houston today. he will appear in another orchestrated news Conference in his home town.

I have said it once - I will say it again -- I am sad and angry at this Man. A man who I appreciated - no matter what uniform he wore. he was always a talent and a demonic force on the hill. When Roger had the pill - he was God-like! Now he has diminished everything in a heap of dung. Damn - what price fame?

Roger Needs to Take Another Look in the Mirror

"My body never changed. If he's putting that stuff up in my body, if what he's saying which is totally false, if he's doing that to me, I should have a third ear coming out of my forehead. I should be pulling tractors with my teeth." -- 1.6.08, Roger Clemens on 60 Minutes

Deep Pocket Rocket Has Short Arms: The Frugal Multimillionaire Won't Spend a Few Bucks to Clear His Name

"And then everybody's talking about sue, sue sue. Should I sue? Well, let me exhaust. Let me, let me just spend. How about, let's keep spending. But I'm gonna explore what I can do and then I want to see if it's gonna be worth it, worth all the headache." -- Clemens
Don't Hold Your Breath on the Lie Detector Test, Either

  • Wallace: How about a lie detector test?

  • Clemens: Some say they're good. Some say they're not. Do whatever. I mean—Wallace: So as far as you're concerned you would conceivably?

  • Clemens: Yeah. I don't know if they're good or bad.

  • Wallace: Were you to pass a lie detector test, would that help prove that you're telling the truth and help restore?

  • Clemens: Would it?

  • Wallace:I don't know.

  • Clemens: I don't either. -- 1.6.08, 60 Minutes
    And Old Mike Wallace Forgot to Read Roger Page 211 from Canseco's BookRead the Complete Transcript of Clemens on '60 Minutes'And Learn Why He Might Go to Washington to Talk More About ... Vioxx:

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Best wishes for a Happy 2008!

Happy New Year to all of our friends. The Boston Baseball Heads look forward to great success for our Boston Sports Teams in 2008. Here is wishing you and your family enjoy good health and happiness in the year to come!