Sunday, January 13, 2008

Virtual Waiting Rooms = Virtual HELL!!!!

MLB Teams have put their Spring Training tickets on sale by way of the Internet recently. The Red Sox feeding frenzy for tickets began two weeks ago on a cooooold January Saturday @ 10AM. I was on line for tickets waiting in a virtual hell hole called "Virtual Waiting Room" for almost one hour. When I was allowed into the inner sanctum of Red Sox Ticket Mania ALLLLL THE FRIGGIN SEATS WERE GONE! YES GONE! I had to settle for standing room in the RF Pavilion Deck. Those tickets were not cheap either.

My point here is there must be a better way to sell tickets. Scalpers have the inner edge. I was speaking to friends who go to The Time Out Tavern on Edison St. right down the street from City of Palms Park. They said folks were lined up for Sox ducets for two days. YES - 2 days! Those people were scalpers, who are going to rake in huge profits from the sales for the ill gotten tickets. This is not about sport or about a love of Red Sox Nation - it is all about greed. The Sox buy into it because they could care less. As long as the park is full every day - why should they.

I also had the unfortunate experience of waiting for 2 hours for Twins v Sox tickets on Saturday - January 12. I got seats this time, (March 3 v Reds, March 1 v Red Sox and March 12 v Red Sox.) -- but lost out on an opportunity to get tickets for the Twins v Yanks game on March 9th. These games are scheduled at beautiful Hammond County Stadium just down the road from the Sox home in Ft Myers. The Yankeee tickets were sold out in 10 minutes!

In all - I will attend 23 Spring Training games in Ft Myer and Central FLA from March 1 - 31, 2008. It is a great vacation -- all baseball -- but you have to wait in HELL in order to get there!

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