Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Steroids IS B12 Now according to the Rocket Man!

B12? Rocket --- B12? Get off it. That was steroids your trainer injected into your fat Texas ass! The press conference held in Texas by Roger Clemens was just another shame on his storied career. The pitcher, who sold his soul to the devil for an opportunity to win a World Series with the "Damnable Yankees" is making his lie bigger by the day. He and his mouth pieces orchestrated an outrageous taped - phone call with his estranged trainer on Friday. They opened the Press Conference with that call. Both Clemens and his "accuser" bantered back and forth about nothing at all. The Court of Public Opinion has already passed judgment on you Roger. You should have admitted to your crime against baseball and its fans. Giambi stepped up -- even your born-again Texas Cousin Andy came forward and admitted to using steroids. Why are you above the truth? Say you did IT - Say you lied and get out of our lives. We have had enough of you and the likes of you in OUR game. You may not give a damn about the Hall of Fame today - but wait until 5 years from now when you are NOT inducted on the first ballot. How will you feel on THAT DAY? LIAR!!!!!!!

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