Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurls -- We hardly Knew Ye!

Former McKay Club All Star Center Fielder - Sean Hurlihy is pictured at Fenway Park before the Monster Seats were built. Hurls in living in Columbus, Ohio now and chasing skirts all over the USA. Sean was one of the top fielders/hitters in McKay Club history. His good nature and great athletic abilities were admired by all.
I had a moment to speak to Hurls by phone last night and he sends his best to all of his YBL buddies. It is his goal to return back to Boston to work and get back to the "best baseball program in America". Hope this can happen in 2008! That has been a bit of a pipe dream, but ya never know.
We miss you buddy and know you tune into the Baseball Heads every once in a while. Be happy and safe!

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