Sunday, July 27, 2008


Now, he has made an enemy - ME! I have gotten the message and have given up on this man. I tried real hard during his tenure to appreciate and love this kid. BUT - ENOUGH! He makes $20 friggin million. He plays 162 baseball games out of 365 days a year. He gets free travel and free meals. He is nurtured and coddled and loved and is going to the MLB Hall of Fame. He would never have won a World Series in Cleveland. He won TWO with the Red Sox. He made over $120 million in Boston. He has been a HUG pain in the ass every year for his entier tenure in this City. NOW IT IS OVAH!

Good bye to a huge cancer on a tremendously talented ball club. Good bye to this man - who has huge personality issues. Good bye to YOU MANNY --- I am sick of YOU BEING MANNY!!!

Talk all you want about the money mongers who run Baseball Nation at Yawkey Way. YOU and they will destroy our team and our love for baseball sooner than later. What is going to happen when we have a sub .500 season. Will the ticket prices be SKY HIGH like they are now? Will beer be $7.25 or MORE. Will ONE hot dog cost you twice what it costs for one package at Stop n Shop? END THIS CRAP!

I am done! No more -- if I was in charge -- this guy would be traded to the Pirates or the Washington whatever they are called ---- TODAY! YES - for absolutely NOTHING. I would take a bat boy for this JERK! NSA!

Give me Brandon Moss, Jacoby, CoCo, Nancy Drew, Jeff Bailey, Chris Carter or Jonathan Van Every. DUMP MANNY NOW!

He is a huge cancer on the Red Sox. I have never grown to hate a baseball player as I have in the past few weeks as I have this JERK.

I have known some nice people in baseball. One guy is the 64 year old Traveling Secretary for the Sox. He was tossed to the Club House floor by this unadulterated asshole. Kevin Youkilis was smacked by him in the dugout. He pissed on his fans and the team by taking the ENTIRE month of September off two years ago. GOD DAMIT! GOOOOOOD BYE!

Play any place but on my Red Sox -- Manny! I am sick of you and your bull shit!

I will never forget when you blew off the All Star Game in 2003 when I paid huge money to travel to that event and you blew it off. You are a scar on Red Sox Nation and your cancer needs to be eliminated before it ends any opportunity for us to make the playoffs in 2008!


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