Thursday, November 20, 2008

Co Co WILL Be Missed

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The Red Sox parted ways with one of the classiest kids they ever had in their uniform today. Co Co Crisp ran into walls and made catches in the out field that many other guys would never be able to make. The Sox have a HUGE 'prospect'! They gave up on Crisp because he had sub-par offensive seasons and they made an economic decision to move him before he would become a huge money bench player.
Baseball business aside -- I loved to see this young man run the green grass at Fenway. If Iwas in the tight box seats or in a more comfortable setting in Dorchester (at home or in the gin mill). We Sox Heads were treated to nothing less than 100% dedication - hard play and balls!
I hope Co Co hits 30 homers and steals 30 bases in 2009! he is going to a more relaxed market and may become a super star at 29. he won a ring and almost delivered another to us in '08! Good luck and have fun doing what you do best --- PLAY BALL & PLAY HAHD!

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