Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DLowe Return?

Mets don't expect to outbid Red Sox, Yankees for Lowe
The Mets "don't expect to outbid either the Yankees or Red Sox for (Derek) Lowe, if it comes to that, especially with agent Scott Boras putting out the word that he's looking for a five-year deal in the $15 million-$16 million a year range," according to the New York Daily News. ... According to Boras, numerous teams have contacted him about Dodgers free agent pitcher Lowe, writes the Globe's Adam Kilgore. "There is a very aggressive market for Derek," Boras said. "A widespread number of teams are interested. Certainly, when there is a pitcher in this free agent market who has established a pattern of durability he has for four years in Los Angeles, that's going to be there. ...From's Ken Rosenthal: "[Scott] Boras, according to executives with two different teams interested in Derek Lowe, is telling clubs he wants 'a Zito-type contract' for the free-agent right-hander. That's Zito, as in Barry Zito, as in seven years, $126 million... Boras could not be reached Tuesday night, but he has called Lowe 'the safest bet' of any free-agent pitcher." ...While confirming the team's offer to C.C. Sabathia, Yankees co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner also said his team was prepared to make offers to Derek Lowe and A.J. Burnett. "Yes," Steinbrenner said when asked if an offer was made to Sabathia. "And we're prepared to make offers to Burnett and Lowe."... According to the Globe's Tony Massarotti, Derek Lowe is among the most probable targets for the Red Sox and the team has already asked agent Scott Boras about the 35-year-old righthander: "With regard to this year's [free-agent] market, in particular, a major league source has confirmed that the Sox have inquired with agent Scott Boras about Lowe, interest deemed sincere enough that Boras has equipped the Sox with one of his famed marketing portfolios, or 'books,' on the player's value." Massarotti writes that Lowe "has never has been shy about declaring his fondness for Boston and East Coast baseball -- largely because he is the safest and most reliable option, assuming the Sox can get him for what they would term "value." (Nonetheless, he won't come cheaply -- plan on at least $15 million a year.)" Lowe has made Boston his No. 1 preference according to the Globe's Nick Cafardo. More from Lowe's agent Scott Boras via's Alex Speier: "A lot of New York teams hope to be there. Boston teams hope to be there annual. When you sign players, I think the caveat there is that you’ve really got to look hard at the postseason resume to determine if those players will be beneficial." ... Cafardo also reported that the Mets are going after him strong and have the resources to land him. The Mets also employ Lowe's personal trainer, Chris Correnti, but Lowe, who wants to play for a winning organization in a place where he's comfortable, may not see the Mets fitting his criteria. St. Louis, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit might be better fits, writes Cafardo.

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