Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The NEGATIVE FACE of baseball in 2009!

The Chief Jack Ass of Baseball - Scott "I am a greedy bastahd" Boros. This man makes the Grinch look like The Blessed Mother! It makes me sick that the young men who play a young boys game and get paid outrageous money to do so - trust this money monster!

Boros is demolishing any real love I have for the players. I have NO sympathy for them at all. they can sugar coat their lives and say they are making a contribution to the community and are real role models. NO they are not1 they are the reflection of their agents. Boros is the prime suspect in this disease that is going to eventually destroy our nation pastime.

The Red Sox Captain's disaster is a real example of how one man and his greed has thrust a team against a beloved player. More money - more years --- MORE! MORE! MORE!

In an era when people are rubbing pennies together to make nickles - these guys do not have a clue.

Boros should be banned from Fenway and every bastion of the love affair between towns and their teams. It is about time that the real fans of Red Sox Nation stand up and be counted.

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