Monday, January 12, 2009

Rice to the MLB Hall at 2PM today!

Jim Rice gets into the MLB Hall of Fame today. That is final. i have a very good feeling that the left fielder who dominated baseball in all MLB batting categories from 1975 to 1986 MUST be called to the Hall by the Baseball Writers of America in his last year of eligibility.

Rice was never loved by fans and writers enough to get to the hall before today. Listening to the crap I heard from many writers online and on national TV these last few days amazes me. There is a huge problem. many of the guys who have a vote -- NEVER saw Jim Ed play baseball.

That is wrong. That is unfair and stupid! Just as stupid as an 8-8 team getting a chance to play for the AFC Championship in the NFL next week. Rules are rules and the writers have the vote. BUT<>

I can just see Bob Ryan, Tony Maz and Sean McAdam stand up to the [plate as Rice did many years ago. Mush mouths all! Each "reluctantly" voted for Rice this time out. Assholes all - especially Ryan. A long-time idiot, who gets paid to speak his opinion about sports. most of the time his opinion stinks like a baby diaper! Maz is not far behind and McAdam is the only one of the 3 who speaks clearly.

Rice was squelched by many issues. he did not have the long time years that Yaz had and others. Years where they beefed up their stats and over all numbers. Rice fell flat at the end of his career. he also fell into a trap of being so quiet and sometimes surly to the press that he made enemies who stand until today.

Rice also jammed with Joe Morgan in front of 32,000 fans and on TV at Fenway. he was pinch hit for after going 6-43 twice by Morgan. Jim took offence to being dragged out of the batters box and grabbed Morgan and dragged him into the run way to the Club House and beat the day lights out of his manager. That antic stays in the mind of many who saw it as a signature negative in the rice Career.

Forget his not reaching 500 HR's. Forget the Morgan situation. Forget his lack of love for the media. All of these issues are erased by the fact that Jim Rice played 16 years for the same team and dominated baseball like no other player from 1975 to 1986!

There will be good news in the Rice House today at 2PM. Boston will see 14 added to the right field facade in April and we can root for our newest red Sox in Cooperstown!

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