Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boston Baseball Heads on ComCast

Dave McKay visits with Mr. Red Sox, Johnny Pesky at City of Palms Park in Ft. Myers, FLA

Dave McKay - Host of Boston Baseball Heads

The Boston Baseball Heads Show will begin taping at the Cambridge Studios of ComCast on May 17. This new concept in Access TV is hosted by Dave McKay of Boston. McKay has been an amateur baseball coach and league organizer since his high school years in the 1960's. Dave currently serves as President of the Thomas A. Yawkey Baseball League of Greater Boston and is the Manager/Franchise Holder of the McKay Club which is based in Dorchester, MA.

McKay has also been a constant figure on ComCast over the years. He began doing color commentary for Junior Park League All Star Games on Cablevision in 1985.

Cablevision/Comcast expanded its coverage from just the All Star format to a game of the week presentation of Yawkey League games. Dave joins the ComCast - Yawkey League Game of the Week as the Game Color Man. Now, under the production leadership of Arlen Showstack, McKay will develop this unique TV program dedicated to the young people of Greater Boston who participate in some of the finest quality amatuer baseball in the USA!

"The local media has long-time ignored amateur baseball in Boston", McKay stated recently. "I am fortunate to have a good friend in Arlen & Comcast Boston & Brookline. We have been afforded an opportunity to telecast a show about the sport we love on local access stations. It is my hope to focus on the Yawkey League, its players and events. But, I will not ignore the many other top quality leagues who promote positive baseball opportunities for our young people."

The format for Show One has been outlined and it should be an intersting telecast. Here are some highlites:

Segment One: Review the 2006 Yawkey League Season

We will invite the 2006 League MVP - Marc DesRoches of the Somerville Alibrandi Club; '06 Cy Young Award Winner - Sean Gildea of the Medford Maddogs and Managers of the Year - Dave Hanley of Medford & Sea Tynan of the West Roxbury Devils. An interactive discussion of the season past will take place. These fellas will have an opportunity to present some predictions for the '07 season.

Segment Two: A Look at the YBL in 2007

We will have a chance to look into the Yawkey League Season to come. Viewers will have a chance to meet the new managment teams of the Malden Bull Dogs & Chelsea Nationals. A look into the future will take place after- when Dave McKay sticks heads neck out and makes a few predictions of his own on how teams will fare in the YBL in '07.

Segment Three: A Look at Paradise - Spring Training 2006

Dave McKay embarked on a 4 week visit to many Major League Spring Training locations in Central & Gulf Coastal areas of Florida. This blissful vacation included his viewing 22 major league training games. Dave also had an opportunity to visit the Red Sox Development center for two days and meet and greet with some players/coaches and Red Sox Stars. You will have an opportunity to see some pics he took there and hear some stories about that wonderful visit to paradise.

Segment Four - A Tribute to Joe Driscoll

Boston baseball recently lost Joe Driscoll - America's Umpire. Joe passed away of a sudden heart attach at the age of 64. The man was a baseball legend across America. His good friends Peter Williams and Walter Bentson will join the show and present some wonderful stories about this great baseball man.

Program Note

Boston Baseball Heads will tape at the ComCast Cambridge Studios across from Saint Peter Field on May 17 & 31. Your comments and suggestions for future shows are always welcome.

Please send them to Dave McKay at:

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