Friday, April 27, 2007

Willie MO --- What a BLOW!!!!!!!!!

Willie Mo Pena turned the BOOOOO Birds into Cheering Eagles last night.
Willie put the Sox ahead with an 8th inning Grand Salami @ Camden Yards. Josh Becket logged his 5th victory without a loss in the 5-2, two game sweep of the O's. The bomb struck by Pena could still be flying if it were in an open field!
Josh Becket of the Red Sox is off to a GREAT 2007 start. Let's hope this spring is a picture into the future for the prospective 2007 Cy Young Candidate!

Josh Beckett joins Babe Ruth (1917) and Pedro Martinez (2000) as the only Red Sox pitchers to win five games in the month of April. In team history, 11 pitchers have won at least their first five starts in a year:

Starts won Pitcher Year
8 Babe Ruth 1917
8 Dave Ferriss 1945
Roger Moret 1973
7 George Winter 1901
7 Mickey Harris 1946
6 Ike Delock 1958
6 Roger Clemens 1991
5 Lefty Grove 1936
5 Don Schwall 1961
5 Roger Clemens 1986
5 Pedro Martinez 2000
5 Josh Beckett 2007

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cuz stu said...

Willy Mo what a blow...what a beginning for the Commish, Dave McKay...Could you have picked a better day to begin?...Well, maybe the 4 homer in a row game, but last night was not so bad...Hey Dave, was that real blood on my stat page yesterday???? just never know...Can't wait to go this show started...had a long converstion with John Leahy in Texas yesterday. Too bad he had to find out...He is still going to try to be there, the games start early in Lynn...Anyway, congratulations, on the blog its GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1