Saturday, May 3, 2008

CUZ Stu & Al D -- On the Road.....

Our good friends Stu Sklaver and Al Ditulio have been watching Yawkey League Spring Baseball. here is an early report from the CUZ:

On Somerville & Medford

I don't know if this is something you want to use for your blog or for the site itself.

But, last night Al D and I called a high school game for Somerville against Malden...good game...but what followed is what might be of interest to you.

The game was at Trum Field and immediately following the high school game was a scrimmage game between the Medford Maddogs and Somerville Alibrandis. Al and I stayed for 2 innings and its very clear to see why these 2 teams are so good. They can lose important players, (ie, Kevin White) and not seem to miss a single solitary beat.

Somerville has a new lead off hitter in Tommy McDonough and looks like he added muscle and lost weight if its possible for him to add any more muscle. Justin Crisafulli also seemed to be slimmer and Scott Rogers looked good, but Jon Morse was incredible on the mound. If I had a speed gun, his fastball was really up there. Derek Bates also looked great, and if he can stay healthy, he can win the (whoever you name the pitcher) of the year award this year. I just have that feeling. Dave Scioli shaved his head???!!! and Sal Mendonca stole home on the front end of a double steal. Frank the Tank McPherson called a strong game behind the plate, and this is all before Desroches even got in the game!!!!!!!!!!!

Medford also looked good last night. Johnny Cunningham was his pesky old self, getting on base twice. I don't know what got into Buddy Hanley but he was lining the ball all over the place, 2-2 with 2 singles. Sean Gildea was warming up in the bullpen when we left, as he doesn't leave for River City until next week. The key for the Maddogs in talking to Dave Hanley is the return to full-time play of Marc Crovo their catcher. Of course, he was working at the jail last year and time constraints would not allow him to be there often. Jay Sablone was his own happy go lucky self too. the two innings I caught, Somerville and Medford still look like 2 very tough teams to beat, although Dave Hanley said, he wants to get out to a 12-0 start to keep ahead of Somerville.

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