Thursday, May 1, 2008

Supah Fans Web Page

My very good friend - Kevin Krueger has launched a new apparel business. he is a hard-worker. A great kid and one of the finest players in the history of the Yawkey Baseball League! give his page a look and buy - buy - buy!
Hiya, SupahFans- Spring has sprung green throughout New England.
Likewise, our famous green "Entering Fenway" (Dirty Water) products are growing too.
See our models below and click any of the images to shop the store. You will see we've added:
1) Grass green women's fitted tees
2) Irish & forest green unisex long sleeves
3) Grass green Onesies- "Dirty Water" graphic on back just like the big kid shirts.
Across the city, the street team is rallying SupahFans before each Celtics home playoff with sales of:
1) "Entering The Garden" - Legends Live Here shirts
2) Garnett Pierce Allen '08 MVP tees3) brand new Retro '86 MVP tees
4) Token White Guy (Big Scal) shirts...seriously
!Come buy our street wear on Causeway to receive a $3 MVP banner free for the game. Now I hear you asking, "How else can I get my Green ON this spring?" I suggest:Our Limited Edition ORGANIC "Legend" Manny Being Marley tee shirts. My favorite Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez is nearing his 500th home run. Should Manny reach this milestone, I will personally print and initial 500 shirts.
Check the web store for this $24 keepsake and Go Green with our first organic product. Stay fresh... and thank you for your continued support.
Kevin Krueger

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