Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yankees Dumped Again!

Curtis Granderson and Gary Sheffield homered in the 3rd inning against rookie Phil Hughes at Yankee Stadium last night. By the time the 4th inning began young Philip was showered and out of the park. He was dumped his 4th loss of the season. Looked very uncomfortable on the mound as the Yanks lost yet again. Hughes is one of the Yankees young hopes for success in 2008. they neglected to chase Santana and are at a loss for that. The Tigers defeated the Bronx Bombers 6-4 and Jobba may be leaving the bull pen sooner than later. Just sit back and relax. Two key Yankee players are on the bench. Half a billionaire, A-Rod is out and (for the first time in his career) Jorge Posada in on the 15 day DL.

The Yanks are 14-14 on the young season and are 2 games out of the lead in the AL East. i predicted a 3rd place finish in the race for the yanks in pre-season. They are lving up to all the negative expectations i had for them. Poor pitching. Average middle relief. An excellent batting order with some nice young talent. BUT - a breaking down "older" bunch of has beens. The DL will have many visitors in 2008. Jeter, A-Rod, Posada and others have already been out for extended periods. As the season goes on the injuries will pile up -- accompanied by the losses.

Just one man's opinion here - Yankees loooose -- the Yankeeees LOOOOOOSE!


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