Monday, April 21, 2008

And lead us NOT into Ken Maca!

Ken Macca Fills in for Rem Dog - OH MY GAWD!


My head is still spinning. Remdawg is sick - hung over or his back is hurting. Please no more days off Remy! The "fill-in" colorless ken Macca MUCKED up 9 innings of baseball on this sunny Patriot's Day morning/afternoon at Fenway.

What an amazing bungle of baseball bull shit! This guy is not even worthy of a game of the week announcers spot on Comcst Yawkey league game. He is dull - his voice quality almost non intelligible and he comes up with the most inane stuff.

Late in the game he comments how, David Murphy as played at Fenway before -- ya know why -- his is standing in the roughed up patch of grass in RF. Maybe I gotta see what JD does next inning," Come on man! Don Orsillo must have been ready to hang himself by the 3rd inning. Thank goodness there was a guest appearance or two to break up the monotony.

Why do the Sox and NESN employ these baseball rejects. there has to be an Emerson College graduate out there looking for part-time work. Macca was a loser as a manager - now he disrupted my wonderful day in front of the HD TV on my afternoon off.

John Leahy - come back from Kalamazooooooo!!!! PLEASE!

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