Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Pappi IS Poopi!

David Ortiz grimaced after yet another bad night at the plate.

It has become increasingly more evident that Big Pappi is not well. The leading RBI Machine in MLB since 2004 has gone 3 for 42 since Opening Day in Japan. He has left a platoon of runners on base and in scoring position. His knee has not healed. Being a large framed person, I know how painful a knee injury can be. Your entire body is affected and it is sure that Pappi needs more time to heal and get ready.

I suggest a 15 day stay on the DL. He should go to an extended Spring Training in Warm Ft Myers. A May return will suit him fine! Sean Casey can take the DH spot. It is time for Jed Lowery to step up to the plate or bring Brandon Moss up to play 1B. In all the Sox will not succeed without a healthy Pappi. This is only MY OPINION!! I know millions of dollars are at stake, but another turn at the World Series will be lost if David Ortiz continues to fail at the plate!

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