Wednesday, April 9, 2008

OPENING DAY --- 2008!

Bill Buckner returned to Fenway Park for the first time since September 1997 when he was the hitting coach for the Chicago White Sox. One of the classiest moves the "new" Sox Ownership has ever orchestrated. Billy Buck came HOME! All is forgotten and everyone loved Bill on this great day in Red Sox history.

The Tigers and Red Sox lineup to honor America as the Boston Pops plays the National Anthem at Fenway Park on Opening Day - 2008.

The Bull Pen is armed and dangerous. Sox arms show off their digits adorned by their WS Rings. Mike Timlin has FOUR now. Manny Delcarmen is trying to believe this all is happening. He is just a few years away from playing baseball for West Roxbury HS & the South End Astros in the Yawkey League of Boston. Okie Dokie is far from Japan and Jonathan is still on his own planet. BUT, they are united to save games for the starting rotation in 2008.

Big Pappi shows the hard-wear. Two rings. David -- there is room for 8 more. Go for it baby!

A beautiful - bright sunny April afternoon at the cathedral of baseball in the Fens. April 8, 2008 marked the celebration that all of us are wagging our heads about. YES - the Boston Red Sox hoisted its second World Series Banner at the Old Ball Yahd in 4 years. I am still shaking. The day was emotional and memorable. Pesky & Pappi did the honors -- the "old and new" of Red Sox Nation. They actually convinced Bill Buckner it was time for him to come home. When the crippled former first baseman, who helped the Sox win the AL Pennant in 1986 came on the field - the house came down. Ahhh - forgiveness!

Celtics, Bruins and Patriots Championship Trophies (the grand daddy of 'em all Lord Stanley's Cup) were joined on Monday by the MLB World Series Trophy! Boston is Champions Town once again.

Yes - that is right. We are 2007 World Series Champs! YES!!!!!

Rob Crawford - VP of Red Sox nation & Yawkey Hall of Fame Member has written a song expressing his sentiments on OPENING DAY of the Red Sox Season.

Here it is:

Opening Day!
by Rob Crawford

Well it’s Opening Day Winter’s gone, let’s celebrate Skipping school for the game Got no choice, it’s in my D.N.A.Baseball everyday ’til fall Sing Spangled Stars, then let’s play ball Yes it’s Opening Day Life’s good again

Opening Day!Opening Day!

Well it’s Opening Day Winter’s gone, spring starts today Skipping work for the game Guess I’ll update my resume From Japan to CanadaU.S.A. to Latin America Yes it’s Opening Day Life’s good again

Opening Day!Opening Day!

This is the year we go all the way - It all starts on Opening Day

Well it’s Opening Day Winter ended yesterday. Skipping school for the game. It’s a Red Sox Nation holiday. And the rockets’ red glare. The bombs bursting in air. Yes it’s Opening Day Life’s good again - Baseball everyday ’til fall

No more hot stove, let’s play ball Yes it’s Opening Day Life’s good again - Opening Day!

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