Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Never Mention A No No -- Even In the Men's Room!

Lester pumped his fist after recording the final out, with zeros lining the Green Monster behind him.
Lester tipped his cap to the crowd after finishing the no-no. "Really, words can't describe it right now," Lester said immediately after the game.

"He's not just a good kid because he threw a no-hitter," Terry Francona said. "He's a good kid because he's a good kid."

Relievers running in from the bullpen, including Jonathan Papelbon (right), got their shots in on Lester as well.

Lester salutes V-Teck for a job well done after his No Hitter at Fenway Park.

Lefthander Jon Lester, the 24-year-old who survived cancer to pitch the World Series clincher for the Red Sox last fall, threw the 18th no-hitter in Red Sox history on Monday night, striking out nine Royals and walking two. He saluted the roaring Fenway Park crowd after the game.

Lester's no-hitter wouldn't have been possible without a great diving catch by Jacoby Ellsbury in the fourth inning.

A memorable night at the Old Ball Yard for the old Baseball Head. May 19th, 2008!

Young Jon Lester. A survivor. A man, who has taken life by the boot straps and has spit in the eye of death. A man who pitched a no hitter before his 25th birthday. A man, who excited almost 38,000 lunatics at Fenway Park last night. A man who will be remembered for being the 15 player in Boston Red Sox History to toss a No No!

The game at some points had a feel of a playoff atmosphere. At times the park was DEAD! People were doing too much thinking. After the 6th inning the wheels began to turn. Murmurs and rumours..a nudge a shake of the head..with a point to the left field score board..and a nod -- just a simple nod of the head. Everyone knew! It was happening.

Some people say they remember their first Fenway game. Mine was in the late 1950's. I am lucky i can remember what happened to me on May 18, 2008. SO, I was in Box 147 Row BB Seat 1 with my buddy Kathy Murphy last night. We never planned on the experience Lester and the World Champs had in store for us. Ohh what a night!

Jacoby made a huge stab at a liner in the 4th to save IT. Lester took over from there. Things started to get edgy in the 6th. The beer started to work and those who ran to the stalls began to chat about IT and I demanded SILENCE. "You can not talk about IT here and YOU can not talk about IT in the stands. JUST GO and get back out there!" i know that was rude, but that is baseball. Ya never - ever ----- ever talk about a No No.

Owen Carlson of the South End Astro team of the Yawkey league came by to say hi during the 7th and we just nodded at each other knowing the "code". Ushers and even the "pink hats" who were there for the night KNEW.

The 7th -- oh nooo -- the 7th. Can it be real. YES it is. After a 1-2-3 6th. The 7th is always the tough one in a No No! Well - Lester mowed 'em down in the 7th and the 8th.

Oh My GOD! I am 55 years of age. I have never seen a No No at Fenway Park. is tonight the night? The only one I saw was the Dave Righetti No No against the Sox on July 4th in 1984 in Yankee Stadium. Will this be Lester's night/ But can i share the excitement?
A walk to the lead off man - The #9 guy showed Jon was still human. What happened after that is history. A part of Fenway and Boston history that we will all enjoy speaking of for many years.

It is so nice in sports to share some else accomplishments. I did nothing other than cheer last night, but I felt so much a part of the action. Being there is always twice the fun! Now we CAN talk about IT - John LESTER PITCHED A NO HITTER AT FENWAY PARK ON MAY 19!

God Bless this young man!

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