Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boston Has an Impact on New YANKEE Stadium

John Luciani and ARod in new Yankee Club House

Boston born and educated architect John Luciani had a great opportunity the past few years. he was assigned the job of being the site architect for the NEW Billion Dollar Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY. John attended Wentworth Institute in Boston with my brother Mike. he played his baseball in Boston based leagues during his youth and 20's.

John is a fine guy. i am very pleased that such a baseball head from Boston had an opportunity to impact baseball history by helping to build the new Cathedral of baseball in the Bronx.

We are all proud of you John and look forward to beating the Yankees many times in their new ball park in 2009!

John Luciani AIA
HOK Sport
Architect Site Representative New Yankee Stadium
Tishman Speyer/Consultants Trailer
20 East 164th Street

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Dude... With all that publicity... you would think after years you would buy a new jacket... and I see that your eating well... sign of true success...