Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A-Roid Comes Clean? Kind of.......

The celebrated Roid Head from the New York Yankees - - A-Frod came clean -- kind of yesterday in a nationally televised news conference. He admitted he did roids from 1991 to 1993 and was "a stupid kid' for doing so.

I do not know if anything he said was true, but it was a small step in the right direction for a man who has all the money in the world and all the baseball talent a person could hope for. A-Roid will face the music in every MLB venue from now until he quits the game he has disgraced. fans will give him the Brox Cheer from Boston to Tampa - LA to Chicago. Kids who emulated him will drop the name jerseys and posters in their bedrooms.

BUT - A-Rod will play baseball in 2009 and for many years to come. the 30 year old third baseman for the Yankees - will hit field well and hit more homers than any player to put on a jock in the MLB. Once his career is over - he will be a member of Cooperstown's Hall of Fame, but not right away. he will have to wait a long time for the writers to place him in the Shrine.
Let's say this --- I am sick of A-Rod, The Rocket and all the other negative entities who have plagued the Game WE love. Let's move on and JUST PLAY BALL!!!!!

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