Saturday, February 7, 2009


The Greatest Modern Day Baseball Player - AROD - Alex Rodriquez has been named in a news report this morning as another member of the Balco Club. The highest paid - most talked about player in modern history is a sham. Just like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Jose Cansenco...ARod used steroids. The report filed on the MLB Network and blazing thru the talk show airwaves from Boston to Osaka say that the celebrated New York Yankee, Texas Ranger & Seattle Mariner SS/Third Baseman was tested positive in 2003.
ARod is another bold faced liar! He lied in a 60 Minute Interview after MLB released its report about the wide-spread use of performance enhancing drugs that he, "NEVER used or was tempted to use steroids".
I am not shocked, but I am upset that Arod was given a free ride while other recent baseball immortals were thrown under the bus by media, teams, fans and the League. Now it is his turn to face the music. The next six months in ARods life are very important. What he does and how he handles this matter will determine how people remember him.
I say -- fess up BOI! Tell the truth and shame the devil. Come out today and say -- yes, I did steroids. Yes, I lied on 60 Minutes. AND -- I am sorry for the negativity I have brought to the Game, the Yankees and the loyal fans in New York.
Holy Cow! What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive....this man must be made accountable. He is being paid hundreds of millions of FAN & Advertisers dollars to play kids game. He along with others have brought great shame to a cherished institution. I for one feel that ARod needs to be suspended for at least a year without pay. An example needs to be made of this man and others who follow in his footsteps.
Listen - The Rocket and Barry are NOT playing today because they have been black balled by the MLB. ARod should not be treated any differently.
Here is a report filed on related to the above story:
Report: A-Rod tested positive for steroids in '03
Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two anabolic steroids in 2003, Sports Illustrated reports. Rodriguez won the AL home run title and the AL MVP award in '03 with the Rangers. More >

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