Sunday, December 16, 2007

Roger ROID Rage!

A Man for All teams and Seasons - The "Rocket" Man -- Roger Clemens has been added to the long list of baseball cheaters, who used enhancement drugs. Roger left the Red Sox as a mediocre pitcher in 1997. The GM for the Sox said Roger was all done. Well The Rocket Man and his Trainers found a way to rejuvenate the once lofty right hander to MLB prominence. Clemens miraculously bounced back in 1998 to win the Cy Young and become the TOP pitcher in MLB History. He paved his way to the Yankees & Astros and made his way back to NYC in 2007 for his last hurrah. Thanks to Steroids - Roger was able to reach the 300 Plus win level and make hundreds of millions of dollars as a CHEAT!

I loved this man. I worshiped him and excitedly cheered him as he stood at 3rd Base when the All century Team was announced at Fenway park in 1999 All Star Game. BUT - I must state my sincere disappointment and disgust for what Clemens and many other players have done to make more money and break records set by legitimate players of the past.

SHAME on you Roger! Your great records and accomplishment in baseball will forever be tainted by what you did. All you had to do was stay in shape in the off season from 1994 to 1997. All you had to do was appreciate the $5 Million - 5 year deal the Sox gave you and show up to Spring Training ON TIME. All you had to do was be the pitcher you were before you became Fat & Lazy! It is all on you Rocket. Not The Red Sox, who you said on many occasions - disrespected you. The fans of Red Sox nation adored and loved you. You spit in their eye by not doing your best the last 5 years you were in town.

I am disgusted and upset. I will never look at you as the Basebal Icon you once were!

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