Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yaz Tribute - 1967 Triple Crown Winner

Yaz - 1967 - Triple Crown Winner!
The best season ever put together by a Red Sox player and one of the most astounding seasons in Major League History. The Man They Called Yaz hit for the Triple Crown in 1967 and brought his Sox out of the basement to first place in the OLD American league. Remember, there were no Wild Cards and NO Divisional or ALCS Series to get to the Wold Championship. You won the Pennant and played the World Series.
Yaz did it all in 1967. The only thing the Sox & Yaz did not accomplish was win the World Series. They lost 4-3 in games to St. Louis. 2007 is the 40th Anniversary of that great year. Here is a nice tribute assembled to commemorate those hallowed days.

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