Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fenway Park Declared a Disaster Area

Mayor Menino and Gov. Patrick have called out the National Guard. Fenway Park and the Red Sox plans for another trip to the World Series have been designated a Disaster Zone!

The Sox have tanked three games in a row to the Tampa Bay Rays. Each game starter coughed up home run after home run to the AL East Champs, who are in charge of the ALCS 3-1 right now. Yes - the Sox came from behind in 2004 and 2007 to advance to the World Series. BUT - this is a different Red Sox team. They are playing hurt.

Beckett and Ortiz are stymied by injuries. The Captain can not hit any more. Wake and Timlin are Elderly and should stay away from a baseball forever. The loss of Mike Lowell is killing us right now. Ellsury's lack of hitting and no hits in the lead off spot during the ALCS provide no spark to an already dead lineup.

The failure of Beckett, Lester and Wakefield in their starts have sent shock-waves thru Red Sox Nation. I had the misfortune to sit thru 8 of the worst innings I have witnessed at the Old Ball park last night. I evacuated the premises and ran for cover. I was fearful the old joint would cave in on top of me as Tampa dismantled the Sox mini-dynasty right in front of my eyes.

Time might heal our wounds, but it is doubtful that the Sox can recover from a disaster of epic proportions. The 2008 ALCS may be lost. Tampa Bay might complete its destiny and make the World Series and dismantle the Phillies in a 7 game series.

Last night was ENOUGH! I will root - root - root for the home team tomorrow. I will hope that Dice K can do the job. I will pray someone in this DEAD batting order can show some pride and just meet the ball and stop complaining about balls and strikes.

My brother Jamie and my nephew Tim have my tickets for the game tomorrow. I hope they can bring our Sox some luck and wake them up.

There is always HOPE - but things look very shaky right now!!!!!

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