Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MLB Fiasco! Game 5 Maddness!!!!!

Balfour v Madson as Game 5 resumes in Philadelphia

The Bud Selig Era in MLB continues its downward spiral!

A TIE in the All Star Game! Steroids! Now for the first time in history a Suspended Game in the World Series! It is all about greed in MLB! Money makes the baseball roll for MLB HQ and its Dictator Selig.

I am sick at heart that Philly and Tampa Fans were put thru the agony of watching Game 5 begin and drudge along until it was halted in the 6th inning a 2-2 tie. I am sick at heart that young people - who are the future of baseball - can NOT SEE a World Series Game, because the games begin and end soooo late!

It is time for a change. It is time for MLB and its Franchise Holders to dump[ a numb nutted Selig, who looks like he is propped up in his chair to speak.

A young and energetic person - who LOVES BASEBALL needs to be appointed Commissioner. Money IS Important - but it should not rule all!

Wake up before it is too late! Wake up before the fans wise up and begin to drift away in larger numbers than they have in the past 20 years. Baseball is not America's Pastime because the idiots that run the game refuse to identify with the fans. Fans want to see clean baseball and solid competition. The "Dream Teams" that made the 2008 World Series and their fans deserved more respect than they were afforded a couple of nights ago. Making both teams and the Philly Fans sit thru a monsoon for MONEY was a blemish that will never be erased for the face of baseball.

Be gone Bud Selig - move on!

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