Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boros = Grinch Who Stole Christmas for Red Sox Nation!

The deal is DONE! Yes -- the Evil Empire did it to US again. Yankees, Marc and Boros became the Grinch Who Stole Red Sox Nation's Christmas tonight. Teixeira signed for the Bronx Bombers for 8 years and a reported $180 Million. YIKES!

Boros is a total unadulterated asshole - who is destroying baseball. The deal the Yanks signed can not be blamed on them. They were in the back ground (as usual) waiting to see what the Sox, O's and Nats would do to sweeten the pot for the talented first basemen.

Boros was there whispering like the Devil in the ear of Yankee ownership as they "other" teams beat each other out of the All Star/Gold Glover.

So, once again -- NYC wins out. Great team on paper. Now these guys must WIN. They are favorites to run the table in the AL East and AL for a 27th World Championship.

BUT, this must happen between the white lines.


A switch-hitter with prodigious power, Mark Teixeira also has impeccable timing. His first foray into free agency coincided with the Yankees' vacancy at first base, and nobody spends like the Yankees. The Bronx Bombers reportedly have agreed to terms with the former Angels slugger who has hit 203 career home runs and won't turn 29 until April 2009.


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