Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Drag out the OLD & Ring in the NEW YEAR!

I have mixed feelings about 2008. As a sports fan and a fan of our Boston Sports teams - I feel great. We as Bostonians and New Englanders were treated to one of the greatest years in our history.

I started with the '08 Sox back in Spring training and had an opportunity to view 15 games at Fenway and 3 on the road in Houston. I also saw them clinch a play off spot and the spot to go to the ALDS. The only downer was my visit to Fenway when Wake and the Sox got jocked big time in Game 4 of the ALCS.

Our Sox went to the ALCS. An injured team - beat up at times - always found a way to win. they cam two runs and one game short of the world series as Tampa won a thrilling 7 Game ALCS at home 3-1.

The Sox got rid of a scar on the franchise. Manny did himself in and got dumped at the trading deadline. His antics brought gloom and doom into the club house. His BS about not being appreciated by management was a boring way to send a message that he just did not care for Boston anymore. remember, this man was paid almost $20 million every year to play a kids game. He was loved and well paid. he was sent to the plate every at bat with a standing ovation from fans, who paid him WELL for his services. he left this great city in disgrace. Manny - Being Manny was fun --- but it got smelly like an old pair of sneakers after a while.

The Sox need to accomplish a bit in order to stay in contention in the next five weeks.

1 - The captain must be signed or a TOP back Stop must be found to replace him.
2 - A final decision needs to be made about the future of Julio Lugo in a Sox uniform.
3 - A True #5 Starter must be determined to back up the top 4 men who will lead the Sox to the post season once again. Beckett, DiceK, Lester and Wake are fine.
4 - A strong left and right handed bench bat needs to be found.
5 - Big Pappi and Mike Lowell need get 100% healthy now and into Spring Training.

Otherwise, the Red Sox of 2009 are just fine. They will compete and win 90 to 93 games this year. I see a hot competition for the AL east. Tampa is the team to beat and the Sox are right behind them. NY did make adjustments and added some pop at the plate and mound-stars. BUT, the Yanks have not won anything in years and are stuck in a MONEY RUT that is disintegrating their franchise. I see them as a Wild Card pic at best. Mark the words now!

In all 2008 was a fun year for a baseball fan in Boston.


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