Friday, December 19, 2008

Sox Say to Greedy Tex GOOOOBYE!

Henry: Sox 'not a factor' for Teixeira
By Lyle Spencer /
Red Sox Headlines
Henry: Sox 'not a factor' for Teixeira
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It is official: Tex is Greedy just like the rest of them!

Good Bye and a fond farewell to Mark and his arsehole agent, who destroyed the dream deal of bringing the hard-hitting - solid gloved first baseman to the red Sox. it is OVAH and OUT!

Tex was offered a rich 8 year -- $23 million deal. One would think that is plenty - enough. But not Scott Boros. 10% of that money is a kewl bit of money. Scott and Tex must think their is another lunatic in MLB who is willing to cough up a wild amount of money for the services of the talented young player.

GOOD MOVE -- the TRIO have proven they can not be held hostage by Boros and his greed.

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