Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Good Day!

It is my hope that all of you enjoy a Happy Christmas and Honukkah!

Today and tomorrow we gather with family and friends to celebrate the warmth and importance of togetherness. Our efforts as a baseball league bring us together in warmer weather - when the sun shines longer and you can see grass. I am sure we all miss those days and pine for spring and the new year.

We in the Yawkey Baseball League in Boston celebrate the brotherhood that brings us together in baseball! As we see the greed and discontent of major league players develop into outrageous proportions -- our love of the game is PURE!

At these times we remember those who we lost this past year. Our beloved Commissioner - Dan Tarpey; our dear friends Steve George and Bill Cunningham all went to their rest in 2008. All of these men will be remembered by our baseball family for their contributions to the league and to the community they loved.

We also celebrate at this time the accomplishments of our new League Champion the Blue Fish Baseball Club! Congratulations to Sean McCarthy and his mates for winning the championship held by Somerville for so long.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to announce the 2008 Yawkey Baseball League Award Winners. It has become a league tradition to announce our winners at Christmas. it is our hope all the winners know how proud we are of their accomplishments. They make our organization stronger by their involvement. Their efforts to promote quality amateur baseball in Greater Boston is much appreciated.

Here are the winners announced by league Secretary - Dave Treska:

OK, for all of those who have been waiting for these they are now ready. My 6 day Jury Duty stint, along with my planned week vacation had pushed this off longer then we had planned. So again thanks for waiting so long and thanks for all of your help with info and voting that made this all happen. All the winners are listed; we have decided to hold off on the "all rookie team" from my email yesterday. We felt that we are rushing it and may not have the best plan to do this in place. At the next BOD meeting we will discuss a plan and get it right. So we are still doing that, just in a few weeks.

So with all of that said, here is the winners for the 2008 season. Congratulations to all of the players/teams for their honors.

Have a Happy Holidays and take care,
David Treska

Gold Glove

P - Shaun Farrrar
C – Andy McAllister
1B – Scott Rodgers
2B – AJ Bucciarelli
3B – Marc DesRoches
SS – Buddy Hanley
LF – Ted Tracy
CF – Jay Shatto
RF – Sal Mendonca

Silver Slugger

P – Max Warren
C – Tony Iafolla
1B – Mike Debiase
2B – Johnny Cunnigham
3B – Marc DesRoches
SS – David Scioli
LF – Bill Reichmann
CF – Chris Santosuosso
RF – Al Becker
DH – Justin Crisafulli

Nokona Offensive Hitter of the Year
Tony Iafolla

Carl Yastrezmeski - MVP
Chris Santosusso

Cy Young - Pitcher of the Year
Adam DelRio

Johnny Pesky - Rookie of the Year
Max Warren and Ned Coffee( tie )

Tony Conigliaro - Comeback Player of the Year
Dan Jalbert

Barbara Medeiros - Manager of the Year
Skip McCarthy

Dan Tarpey - Gentleman of the Year
David Treska

Bill Stewart - Umpire of the Year
Alberto Collata

Franchise of the Year
Bluefish Baseball Club

Steve George Exec of the Year
Kevin George

Take care all and we will meet in early January to set a plan in action for the 2009 YBL Season. Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOOD DAY!!!!

David J. McKay
President - Thomas A. Yawkey Baseball League

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