Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am PISSED off at the Sox! You are our man on the inside and I hope you can make these facts clear.

The fweather in Boston was awful today. The Twins game that was delayed and not called off until 8:15PM should have been PPD at noon.

This is school vacations week. Families are being blocked out of Fenway by HUGE ticket prices and HUGE scalping on the streets and internet. I spoke to many fathers who were irate that they were forced to go to Fenway and wait for a game that was never going to be played. they paid for parking - food and memorabilia.

Many have to work at NOON today. Thus, they and their kids lose the opportunity to be a part of the Fenway Experience. FOR THEIR ONLY TIME in 2009.

Shame on The Red Sox. Money is the root of all evil and the Sox have been forced to forget their fans and care more about the almighty buck.

I attended 10 Spring Training games at City of Palms Park in March. I hold tickets for 21 Sox games in top priced seats for this season.

I defend the Sox and promote them every day on my Blog in my person and on TV. BUT - not tonight! Shame on the TRIO. They need to be more sensative to FANS not MONEY!


Anonymous said...

Do you proofread anything you write?
Money is the root of all evil...are you saying the Red Sox are evil?
And finally, haven't you admitted on more than one occassion, that ppd games in the YBL is a tough decision.....
Are you the pot or kettle?

Anonymous said...

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